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JANUARY 29, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

A father said to a son:
“There are those who see man as troubled by hormones,
and those who see him as troubled by neurons, but they share the belief that it was something outside a man that originally set in motion the disturbing activity
(be it neural or hormonal) that now troubles him.
Both camps say that some traumatic, or quite unpleasant event, or pattern thereof involving other people occurred in a man’s life that caused the inner troublings common to man, and that the aftermaths manifest themselves primarily in
the emotions of some people, and in the thoughts of others.
If we lived in a better universe my boy, what would really be troubling is that everyone accepts this.”

When one man saw a book titled: “How Our Moods Affect Our Health” –
he leaped in the air, grabbed his temples and screamed:
“Is the whole world upsidedownnutszoid?”

“Son, we are all set in a gigantic soup — but note:
without the soup there would be no we (that is): we would not be creatures able to conceive of ourselves in such a way as to call ourselves, we (or anything else) —
so to speak in any way disparaging of the soup is to be quite ridiculous,
and do a disservice to the entire situation and all concerned.”

And one man says: “The great thing about thoughts and emotions
is how they can instantly change– nothing at all like mountains and ravines.”

“Two things my boy, motivate man: instinct and information:
instinct drives emotions, and information runs thoughts…..(well, information and emotions).”

And one man says to people he meets: “It wasn’t life that put-the-shuck on me,”
(but admits he cannot in the alternative, say who did).

In a truly civilized army, between the bazookas and the grenade launchers
would be french horns.

One man pondered: “Is the realization of what is really going on
a mental or emotional thing?” —
which spurred his brother to muse: “Are our genes smarter than us, or dumber? —
or might it be both?”

During the festivities of the week-end-Inquisition-reenactment,
one man begged that his in-place, finely manicured opinions
be ripped out by their finger nails.

In cities, the small connecting branches of neurons end mostly in diatribes.
For an ordinary man to say that his primo interest in life is to, “Know himself”
is to blatantly, though unknowingly proclaim his ordinariness.
Only he who knows nothing rattles on about, knowing-thyself;
the certain man who does know something
understands all of this fine sounding city talk to be the hollow noise that it is.
If a man truly did, know-himself — actually comprehended what he was –
you would never hear a peep from him about who/what he is
(you can take it from there).

People who physically nod their head in agreement with, the truth when they hear it
never hear the truth.

The primary purpose of talk is talk.

The greatest law of physics is: Everything Balances Out.
One day, in another galaxy, this law announced it was going to take a vacation,
and the punch line to this story is either that:
it never said this — or it did, and no one could hear it, and if the latter — why not?
Man has two ears instead of one so that he may be spared having to
hear the truth sans the mind’s, balancing-it-out.

The collective supports the ordinary,
tolerates the moderately talented,
but suffers not the independent.
Fish who fight the water are never free.

If you take the time to criticize someone else’s ideas it means that you thought
theirs were better than yours to begin with
(and just what is it about this that you find unbalanced?)
Don’t ask an ordinary man whether he would leap off a cliff just because everyone did for he will want to give you two different replies, but won’t know how to.
One day after the child had been engaged in a lengthy bout of
whining and complaining about this-&-that,
his father took him aside (and then afront) and said to him:
“It is part of my structural responsibility to offer you comfort, and may I remind you
that comfort comes in two flavors: right cross and left jab,”
and this medical finding just in: Let the dumb treat the dumb for dumb maladies.
In city affair, the ordinary mind attempts to sharpen itself
through the abrasive rubbing of: this-against-that — pro-against-con,
but the independent thinker finds little use for a keen blade
when the local game is so bereft of meat and nourishment.

Those who say that man is special unwitting oralifate the valid,
but those who say this are not themselves special enough to understand how.

This one man eventually became so busy with his PrivateProject
that he could only afford to be well known on Thursdays.

As he was awaiting test results that would indicate whether he was about to die or not, one man rather nonchalantly said in his head: “Are you going to help me out here life?” and immediately thought: “That is not very nice of me to try to put life in that position; it already is constantly helping itself stay alive, and also seeing to it that it dies,
and since I am an irremovable part of it — it is not becoming to pull this on life, (although, ‘not-becoming’ is not the right term it………..but I do not know what is —
I just realize I should not be doing it — for my sake, not life’s.)”

There are observations about life which a man struggling-to-see
is best off not making, for so doing is but a meaningless distraction —
an attempt to brush aside certain things which he needs to confront
in order to refine his requisite sight.

A man who knows what he is doing knows not to ask of anything
that which it is incapable of giving —
such an act is the compounding of confusion.

To ever see this specialized undertaking to its completion you have to be so
tire-iron-honest, and direct in your thinking that it can’t even be talked about —
— which is why today’s News stops here.


Words can explain anything —– except what they’re doing here.