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Reporting On How It Could Be Since 1853
JANUARY 27, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

Those who life leads to be passionate advocates of any second-reality activity
(religion, politics,et al) are never able to comprehend the flaw in what they promote —
not that they should — for if men could routinely see it,
this other, mental-based reality, all important for civilized existence, would collapse.

In the dense Metaphysical Forest,
looking upward from his lower position in the abstract food chain, a young twig said: “Pop, when I grow up I want to be: ‘a passionate, concerned — and yet futile — voice-in-the-wilderness’”
and the elderberry pater replied: “Kid, you’re half way home already,”
and a squirrel overhearing this pondered: “’Half-way-home’ because of what he
by nature is? — or: half-way to his goal due to his having expressed the desire for it?” and a hungry, tired hawk soaring overhead
muttered sarcastically to his self as he dived: “Talk, talk, talk!”

Whenever one man was about to say something he knew he was not going to like,
he would begin with these words: “Once — long ago, and far, far away….”

In his hurried attempt to open a can of chicken soup this one philosopher:
broke his thumb,
put out his eye,
cut an artery and pulled a groin muscle;
he was however able to explain away this sorry seeming episode in a manner quite extraordinary and successful…..but then again, he and his kin (creatures who can speak) can explain away anything……….that’s why they are in charge here and not chickens.

A man with a deadly serious attitude about his own life is already half dead.

For all animals, the habit of instinct affords the most efficient way to live;
for man, the habits of his personal life help distract him from the constant changes brought by aging, about which he alone can think.

“…and you could possibly enjoy substantial tax advantages by claiming the site of
the new consciousness you have established as a second home.”

“Pa pa, would you go as far as to say that all unconcentrated thought
is a form of death for the certain man?”

One man complains: “If it really doesn’t matter what you think,
then those who know this are having all the fun!”
(For those readers on a larger expense account, the term, “doesn’t matter”
can be more precisely translated as: “knowing the difference between what is
actually going on and what to everyone else appears to be.”)
To a man who knows, indifference carries more weight than the ordinary can imagine, and none of the baggage they think it does.

Children want to work on their soul;
adults, on their position;
rebels, on their neural back swing.
An: Off The Fairways Tip:
it always helps to keep your head down —
even if it doesn’t make any difference whether you do or not.

A real man considers a challenge to be only something that his automatic thoughts (upon hearing of it) say is: “quite unacceptable.”

A father told a son:
“Employing for a moment, metaphysical terminology:
a man who has realized how life works can learn as much when he is asleep
as when he is awake —
for what is to be realized does not change because a man’s mental state has;
what is to be discovered that will help awaken you is there to be seen
when you are asleep as well as when you are in a more awakened mental condition.”
The origins of the Doppelganger are not unknown, or based on some fantasy –
not hardly: it is the solid creation of man’s quite real Doppelganger.

Animals, having no thought, living solely by instinct, go with the flow of
ever changing conditions, without ever attempting to anticipate them.
The name of the dream game (man’s ordinary mental state) is: Anticipating.

Definition Time: The World Of Man’ s Inner Reality:
where nothing can be explained, and everything is constantly attempted to be,
which brings up one man’s motto for the day: “Hey! — why not! —
it all ends up costing the same anyway!”
which spurs a musically inclined chap to offer this:
“If you allow your inner reality to do little more than reflect the ordinary events of life — how can you not get the blues?! — (like in):
Oh I feel so bad dis morning —
woke up and found me (and oh yeah, life……. and oh yeah, my thoughts) —
still me, life and the thoughts I find in me — if I don’t concentrate and take charge.
Ohhhhhh! — lawdy! (and so on. [Sorry about the ungainly length of that last line,
but an artist must get his full message out regardless of the rhythmic consequences ]).”


Question: when would you feel best: when you’re feeling like your everyday. normal self,
or after you discovered you were wrong about a symptom you believed you had of a fatal ill?
Moral: you can be as receptive when you are in a non mystical state as you can when in one.