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Splashing Water In Your Mental Face Since 1898

JANUARY 22, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

“Pa pa: why does the question men raise of whether a human-like,
supernatural god thing exists or not, cause among them such intense passion?”
“Because would-be gods are not happy with the thought that
there may already be a fully operational one.”
Ants perceive no E.T.’s of superior intelligence for the reason that
ant perception is limited to ant reality;
even if mangos could dream, they could never dream of them picking themselves;
man’s mind is greater than ordinary men’s minds believe;
man’s mind is greater than ordinary men’s minds have the capacity to comprehend;
simply put: man’s mind is greater than the thoughts normally furnished to men’s minds have the ability to think about;
an ant simply cannot put its arms around an elephant,
indeed for all practical considerations, an ant’s consciousness cannot take in the existence of an elephant even should one be standing next to it.
What ordinary men (ordinary minds) are made to say about their mind is always either: overblown praise, or meaningless censure;
normal ants either dream they will eventually sprout wings,
or else soon be deprived of their legs;
the thoughts inherently available to men’s minds know no middle ground
concerning their own territory;
man’s standard thinking has nothing resembling an objective view of itself,
thus can it entertain and take as seriously, tales of Dumbo fantasies it has concocted, as it can the three ton elephant standing next to it.
It is as though man is born wearing funny glasses —
unseen spectacles that make things look funny — distorted, upside down, askew, undecipherable, illogical and catawampus,
and no one normally has cause to ever realize it.
Ants who know of no other consciousness save ant,
have no cause to be displeased therewith,
and ants who have never experienced a consciousness other than ant
have no meaningful basis for being either satisfied or unsatisfied
with stories they may hear of another consciousness,
therefore: a man who has never even heard it said that there is territory outside his city will never be seriously displeased therewith,
but even if he is exposed to such claims and has never been there himself,
then he has no means to determine the value of any directions proffered thereto;
a bat can be told that the Impressionists derived their style from the Cubists —
— and what does he know?!
The unfailing museum proof of a man’s perceptive vacuousness is if he will tell you what he thinks, (which in fact is): the thoughts which miraculously appear constantly in his head telling what they think about what they think they are doing there,
which is — nothing (of any consequence).
The thoughts that life continually feeds to each man’s brain have absolutely no knowledge of themselves, and absolutely no useable awareness that this is so;
they are by nature made to respond to all inquires about themselves,
saying and pretending that they have (to varying degrees concerning specific circumstances)
objective knowledge of who they are, where they came from,
and the purposes they serve:
all be uncounterable assertions, and ones with which the certain man bothers not,
for once you see for yourself the nature and goals of ordinary thought,
there is never again anything to say or think about such thought;
not unlike an ant who has achieved trans-ant awareness
coming back upon an elephant — all he can do is look at it and perhaps acknowledge its existence with an open handed, silent Mediterranean shrug of: “Hey!”,
the fuller common version being: “Hey! — what can I tell you?!” —
but in the certain man’s case, nothing would come after the, “Hey!”
for his thoughts have nothing to tell about what they see;
an elephant is by its mere existence — an elephant,
and what more is to be said beyond that?! — in the city — many things —
indeed, an unlimited number of things,
for that is how the standard thinking of man keeps expanding: endless bootstrapping:
“I think first of an elephant —
which then leads me to think of a flying elephant —
then on to a flying elephant that sings Puccini —
which takes me to a soaring, operatic pachyderm that can resurrect the dead;”
man would have no civilization, nor the physical environment which he now enjoys
had not his city mind took to the sky.

Human thought has dreamed man into the better world in which he now
physically resides –
what it has not done is dream itself into an understanding of itself,
and the meaning of what it has wrought;
it takes that certain extraordinary realization to accomplish that;
the simple realization of what is actually going on
in that ongoing thing
that in your head attempts to tell you — what-is-going-on.

The king of one advanced land declared that henceforth there would be
two classes of facts:
the first would be of all facts that are irrelevant to actually living,
and the second class would consist of all facts that referred to the first one.

The radical divide between the certain man, and everyone else is:

he wants to understand what is going on,
while they just want to express their opinion of what is going on.

In the hospital, one patient said to another:
“The important thing about dying is: don’t think about it,”
to which the second responded:
“And the important thing about thinking is: don’t die about it,”
which brought the first to say: “What the hell does that mean?”
“Think about it,”
“As I’m dying, you mean.”

One man’s favorite cliche (at least coming from other people’s mouths) is:
“You’ll live to regret it,” which always leads him to think: “I certainly hope so.”
Demise comes in many forms; ordinary men only notice one of them;
willful demise is available in several varieties, none of which the routine even suspect, (much less could conceive the use for should they be told of them).
Realizing the profit in disposing of your inherited self, and being capable of
accomplishing same is not a talent life has instilled in standard men,
their working premise is: “At all costs: let me live!”
while the certain man understands that in his unusual position,
not dropping what others perceive to be the normal costs of
keeping the thing that their thoughts call their, self alive
is what keeps him from living his life to its fullest.

The rich life of the man who knows
is poor in the things that keep others distracted, choking, and in-their-place;
for the few it is: first poverty — then death — then a whole new life —
right where you are now.

For those who live in light of the realization —
reincarnation is not a distant hole whose attraction is in its distance —
now is always the time —
if you cannot breathe now — you will never do so later.
“Okay everybody: one, two three — BREATHE!”

And from one man: “I cannot say that I am at all pleased with where this is headed” — — and was suddenly struck:
“But I don’t actually know where this is truly headed! Phew! — what a relief!”

Okay, everybody — BREATHE!