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Revealing The City’s Ostensibly Important Races As But Endless Runarounds

JANUARY 20, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

“Pa pa, if, for the independent thinker, everything in life is a symbol for something else, then what does death symbolize?”
“Everything my boy — everything.
Granted you must live an extraordinary life for this to have meaning — yet there it is — — awaiting your realization.”

“Pa pa?”
“Is the realization the gaining of something, or the losing of something?”
“As in: do you: gain knowledge — or: drop ignorance?”
“As the quality of your questions begins to surpass that of ordinary men’s best answers, you are gaining real ground on the realization for yourself.
It is an always game of both loss and gain,
which distinguishes it totally from all mental endeavors available to ordinary minds;
the thinking of the certain man both goes and comes while that of routine minds is confined to a one directional path,
an arrangement that serves well mankind’s collective march there down,
but is far too slow and restrictive for the rebel’s red hot desire to separately run —
so, my son: always be grabbing — while simultaneously — letting go;
grab — let go;
grab — let go;
grab — let go, and on like that,”
and the younger smiled mightily by his private recognition of what the conversation had really been behind the symbolism of the words.

Although it is common, indeed, deemed admirable by some,
if you cry about something in life — you do not understand life.

As per one myth:
when man got old enough to leave home (or was driven therefrom, say some)
the snake told him as he departed:
“If you take up thinking, you will live longer,”
and he did and sure enough, his life did start to seem longer (as in tedious & ponderous).

One man had a name so offensive that whenever someone called him by it,
someone else would take a shot at him –
truth be told, it was not the name itself that was so disgusting to people, but rather
what it brought to mind whenever they heard it; so, you want to know what it was? — really? — are you sure?
okay, it was: Words — (hey! come on! — don’t you take offense).

A king told a prince:
Just as the gods have given rulers the appearance of bravery and the strength for decision-making, so too have they given the people, self-pity and uncertainty,”
and the regent asked: “Which of the two did they have it in for?”

You can argue over facts,

but not acts — shorn of same.
Life can’t suck ‘less you can talk about it.

Ordinary men see themselves in myths,
the-man-who-knows sees his self in a mirror;
one man says his hesitation in trying to leave home is
a fear that he’d say: “Be sure and write.”
Men’s love of poems sad, and songs melancholy reflects their unwitting desire to lose a certain something —
a something that, were it to be realized, would be so shocking and unexpected that
their non awareness of it is quite understandable.
One man has an original motto:
“As stress is to the body, so is DIS-stress to the mind” —
(he also notes that while it is his personal creation,
it nonetheless bothers him if it to comes to mind too often).

The Certain Man’s Compensation For Not Having An Observatory.
With the righteous eye of rigorous recognition,
every local example upon which he looks,
turns out to be a synecdoche for life’s entire universe.

The evolving of collective man’s civilizing can be noted as going from
an existence governed by a public sense of what is immoral, to one of what is illegal;
the man born with the certain, non standard nervous system potential
goes through a different process, one unique, and private to him,
and not based on such concerns commonly imposed on man.
All concepts having to do with immorality have nothing to do directly with
what life is really about — only with what man seems to be about (that is):
a creature that continually becomes more civilized —
that lives increasingly for the good of the herd;
this is all that morality is about for collective humanity (which is quite sufficient) — but
for a man imprinted with an extraordinary intensity for n.s.i. (nervous system individuality)
it is not at all sufficient —
what it is is in the opposite direction of efficiency: in him it causes a — DE-fficiency.
If there is objective, good, collective men do not/cannot practice it:
the behavior and speech they display that they deem, good
is that which they are forced into;
the man who understands what is going on in life
does not have to be made to do that which is most congenial to life;

the only choice he doesn’t have is to not do that.

The special diet of the certain man could be poetically pictured thus:

You can eat too little — and,
you can eat too much — but,
you can’t eat too little.
“Dear pater: what is that really saying? — that:
you can be too crippled, but never too not?”

The simple look and see literal mud at their feet, and physical stars in the sky;
the more sophisticated look and see a metaphorical Earth and an allegorical heaven;
the man who has circumnavigated the universe sees:
mud as mud, and metaphor as metaphor —
which is all there is to see (for those who can bear to see [“bear” as in, relish]).

When his scheduled brain surgery resulted in the removal of his bladder, one man rolled in his hospital bed and reflected: “Ah! – so it comes to this!” —
mud is just mud, and metaphors nothing but intoxicating vapor;
you can lay in the faux operating room and dream through eternity of intestines,
and of man’s myths of intestines;
if you do — you will never get well,
but if you do — you will not be sick either — you will just be normal;
living forever, partially under anesthesia and partially not;
never able to clearly distinguish your dreams from what is really going on
just outside your sleepy haze.

When one man’s planned bladder surgery resulted in his mind being removed,

he leapt from the table, exclaiming: “Ah HAH! – so it’s finally come to this, now has it,” (needless to say, his HMO immediately revoked his Patient’s License).



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