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JANUARY 6, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

The exercise of proper preferences is necessary for the maintenance of the body –
so too for the preservation of one’s mental condition — so:
if you are happy with your present thinking —
just stick with your established mental preferences.

The ballroom band leader announced:
“The name of the next song is: ‘Logic Has Nothing To Do With It,’
and for those of you who would like to participate, but do not know the steps
that go with this particular tune — join in anyway,
for as crazy as it sounds — that doesn’t matter — for logic has nothing to do with it.”

In the city, 8 gallons minus 2 gallons must always equal 6 gallons;
measurements regarding the physical activities necessary for it to function,
but concerning its intangible activities which gives the city its sense of having an existence distinct and separate from its physical ones,
it has no such stable valuations;
whatever, at any moment, the city part of the mind says is true about itself, is so,
even should it violate the rationale it employs in all its other assessments.
In the mind’s inner-only, other-reality no one knows the volume of a gallon,
nor weight of a pound;
the only info in there regarding the things in there has to do with such matters as:
about the psychological causes of aggression, and the length of god’s beard.

In the open spaces outside the city’s collectively controlled areas of the mind,
thoughts are not squandered on spurious evaluations of
trolls, thoughts, fairies or words:
a man who knows is like a scientist smart enough not to try to
measure the wind with the wind (more precisely:
measure dreams of wind with but other breezy dreams).

At the conclusion of a panel debate on the topic:
“Nurture vs. Nature In Human Development” one conferee said to another:
“To the question of whether man’s chemistry has an effect on his personality, I say: maybe yes — and maybe no” and received the response:
“And I say you are correct — twice.”
Thus are things gradually figured-out in the city, (if you want to call it that — they do —
and it satisfies them.
[P.S. that is why you never find rebels running a city.])

Question: Would men be as upset by life as they commonly say they are if they could not say that they are?
Question: Level 2: Would a man be as he now thinks he is if he could not think about himself?
Next Plateau: How can merely thinking about something affect what the something is.
(“Pst — can I ask someone at that conference you just mentioned?”)
Of all the things the certain man struggles not to hear talked about in his head
the main one is him (everybody else is a close second).

Science News: There is an unrealized mathematical relationship between
the number of thoughts possible and the number of thoughts thought;
the reason it remains unknown is that (you guessed it) — no one has thought about it! — — and you see, right there is yet another example of what
the ordinary minds of men are unwittingly faced with:
every time they hear a new statement about some intangible subject,
the comment then becomes an additional feature of the subject,
something clearly ridiculous…….except to the ordinary mind of man.
Once a meaningless measurement of something in the mind’s inner reality
has been heard — it cannot be unheard,
and once thought — never un thought;
the mind may say the measurement heard is incorrect, and that it rejects it,
but it still cannot remove the measurement (faulty or not)
from now being a permanent part of the something commented on.

A couple of gods were hanging out over a couple of cold ones,
and the chillier of the two said:
“You’ll enjoy this:
a few days ago when I was doing the, ‘Day Of Reckoning’ thing
with my recently deceased creatures,
as each one would step up, I’d ask his name, and then repeat it to myself
as I began apparently looking for something in this big book I keep on my desk,
I would eventually put my finger down on a page, stare at it intently while mumbling to myself, then look up at them while gravely turning my head from side to side and say:

‘You should’ave known — you should’ave known.’”

More Science News: Within certain city-based, mathematically-mutilated, neural settings: believing that one is totally responsible is the same as
not being responsible at all.
“My mother thwarted all my natural talents;
my nature makes me blame my mother for everything,”
(and upon overhearing this, one man told his brother: “I wouldn’t go there if I were you.”)

In city ballrooms, dancing with the herd, it is impossible to misstep —
if left is not it, right will be,
and if you think right was not it,
from someone’s view facing you, it was your left foot anyway;
just another example of the efficiency inherent in urban mental life:
you simply cannot take a wrong turn in a realm where all turns are illusory.

And a son said: “What curious notions life runs through men’s minds
regarding their view of themselves,” to which his father added:
“How curious it be that life even makes men have a thought-based,
is a lion any less of being a lion because he cannot think about himself?” —
and the son mused:
“For what purpose do you surmise it be, pa pa, that life does this with man?”
“It strikes me as being a mechanism for some sort of self regulation —
but then that leaves the question:
is a cobra any less of a snake for engaging in no attempts to regulate itself,
instead leaving its fate to its genetic nature?!”
“ Same as man, huh?!”
“Bravo! junior — goddamn, Bravo!”

One man lamented into a mirror:
“Oh, I cannot tell you the number of times I have cried and suffered over my
personal predicament — well, sure Ithe person they think they are could,
but I know that you’d just laugh and walk away like everyone else.”
The proper tonic for all spells of such dissatisfaction and disorientation is to remember that everyone is the person the think they are — no, change that:
is the person life makes their natural-born mind think they are,
to which someone retorts: “Sounds to me like a difference with no distinction,”
true sir, for the ordinary — but for the certain few,
the operational distinction is as wide and real as the universe itself.
The certain man does not gain his realization of what is really going on in life
by misplacing blame and responsibility:
first, he understands that there is nothing demanding blame,
and second, he knows that neither he nor anyone else has a rat’s-ass-clue as to what
responsibility actually means, or where it begins.

In a sense, everyone trapped in the city is continually attempting a non lethal,
low grade form of mental-self suicide;
the realization of what is really going on in life puts an end to this inner auto assault.
The mind beating up on itself while using its human host as a surrogate
is part of the normal conditions within the mental dream in which
ordinary men’s consciousness subsists;
thus for the few it is noted:
if you still feel this-or-that-way about yourself, you have not yet found your real self:
the special spot in your brain that you seek has no view of you — only of itself —
and what that might be you presently have no way of knowing — and indeed,
believing that you do know is a brutal impediment to actually doing so.

As a father told a son:
“Hey, kid — lay off yourself;
you’re not smart enough presently to criticize your own stupidity,”
a comment that, if considered to its extremity,
would alone eventually arouse even the deepest of dreamers.