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Which Either Makes Sense To You — Or Else You’re Normal
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JANUARY 3, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX
(A clue to some of the symbolism herein employed is at the bottom of the page.)

In one kingdom all citizens are issued uniforms with two pockets,
in one of which is a small sized, but extremely powerful explosive device,
and in the other, badly written directions for its use.
A test suitable for all realms in which humans and thoughts are found is:
What I just heard described is symbolism for what? —
and one unbound application is:
Where in the universe that things are spoken of is allegory not a fact of life,
whether wittingly or not?

Standard minds when reading words see only words;
the open-eyed see the cause & purpose of words, which may, in any given instance,
have little to do with what the instant words purport to convey.
A man with his own ears can always hear something
even when others find only silence;
a man with his own ears can always hear something worthwhile
even when others perceive but a meaningless cacophony.
You have at your disposal a potent weapon, but its normal deployment is partial;
the certain man pushes it to its limits,

and only thereby can the realization be achieved.

According to legend,
the head of a metaphysical clan would test all applicants by telling them that
entry thereto required they find and slay a certain dragon,
and if for too long the neophyte took the idea literally,
he was deemed unsuited for the secret warrior’s life.
Everyone can be animated by enthusiasm — few by information.

Someone sent this question to the Answer Man:
“How can you tell for sure that you are dead:
is it when your body is lifeless, or your mind?” —
— which he did not waste his time responding to —– would you?!

One guy used to kick his inner partner around like a cheap basketball —
until he simultaneously experienced a blowout and a broken toe.
Such impossible events are only of value to the struggling rebel;
in the city, no one, or no thing can be two things or in two places —
but that is merely what they are forced to believe
(and that is another nice thing about finally catching on to what is going on: you are no longer
forced to do anything [well, more accurately: you are no longer forced to believe you have a choice])
and a reader immediately emails:
“Are you saying that all your so-called, realization amounts to
is a feeling that, even if men are in truth captive and helpless,
simply by recognizing it you are some how set free and no longer have any concern about the — ah, never mind — I don’t really want to think about it anymore just now.
Yours,” etc.

Life in the city area of the mind is fraught with frustrations and disappointments;
when you find and see for yourself the actual nature and working of the mind
it becomes like an open plain — wiped clean —
nothing to stumble over — nothing to complain about.
“Pa pa — why can’t I live alone?”
“How can you ever expect to while still conversing with me.”

In city business, all successful concerns are partnerships;
only in rebel camps, out on the plains, can a sole proprietorship thrive.

The rebel’s proper early employment of self-condemnation was not meant to be affixed merely to one’s behavior and temperament
(one being ultimately irrelevant, and the other initially untouchable)
but was intended aimed at one’s most difficult-to-grasp, total stupidity of
what causes men to so naturally take to the idea that they deserve and need such.
Spake the city philosopher: “I think — therefore I am due to be kicked.”
The feeling of self-censure inherent in the conscious creature man
floats in a structure of mirrors,
with all such structures composed of mental preferences
(meaningless mental preferences [which they all are] for those of you not hipped),
The commerce of these vacuous preferences is handled by the mind’s partners,
one of whom, at every second, feels put-upon, mistreated, and thus resentful.

A man with no intangible preferences has nothing to resent,
and a man free of these resentments has had all the junk blown out of his room —
now finally both giving him space to be himself, and letting him find out what that is.

For ships to be civilized and able to carry on needed maritime commerce,
they must believe in the necessity of a captain to command,
and a crew to follow;
for a man to ever see for himself what this trade is really all about
he must abandon both the ship and the belief;

only when alone in a boat of his own
can this universally immense voyage be fully grasped.

Everyone remains attentive to what is said when they are the subject —
to ever see what is going on, the opposite stance is required.

Under Earth’s normal conditions: you can feed your body and you can feed your mind, but the latter, unlike the former, will never have that full, satisfied feeling;
you have to find your own way(s) to tear your personal thinking operation away from the magnetic attraction & hold of humanity’s collective thinking —
only then will you experientially know what it is to actually nourish your mind
and enjoy it to the hilt.

There is a legend on another world that says the amount of knowledge available
to thinking creatures in this universe is fixed, and that it is from this finite cache
that they all continue to draw;
there is also the rebel’s operational position that says any tale is invalid
that puts limits on the mind.

The Realization That Surpasses All Irrationality:
even if all were darkness, the man who can see
would still see.


Oh yeah:
Even if tipped over, some facts, if left alone, will right themselves.
(Note: this is not literally so, but as is so often the case,
by the time one realizes it, it’s too late — the thing has already occurred.)


Oh yeah II:
Anyone can remain interested if they are being entertained —
but only the certain man can by receiving unspeakable, unrepeatable information with which
he can entertain no one else.


Okay, one more:
legend has it that in this other universe, the ultimate revenge is in — knowingly doing nothing.


the city: the operations of the brain that constitute man’s ordinary mind.
the plains (the open plains): the normally unused areas of the brain outside the city.
riding the train: the generally predictable flow of an ordinary man’s life.
local reality: how city minds conceive things to be; universal reality: how things are.
the authorities: the principal spokesman & manifestation of a man’s ordinary mind.
the king: the non ordinary part of man’s mind — the people: the rest.
the collective, the herd: ordinary humanity mentally (non pejorative)
the certain man, the independent thinker, the rebel: a person struggling for freedom from the city mind (aka: mystic).
civilized: the brain’s state of being firmly under city control.
the father & son: man’s on going, internal neural conversation: the brain’s cortex both speaking & hearing itself speak,
with the father representing the mind’s rebellious area (also sometimes called: the partners; the inner partnership);
the others, (such as hormones & neurons, the realization) the truly interested can figure out for themselves.