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Expanding Your Sight By Removing The Tongue From Tonguel Vision
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JANUARY 1, 2003 ©2003: JAN COX

The early way to tell that a man does not know anything worth knowing
is that all he knows to talk about is himself,
while el contraire & o contrasto: a man who knows what is going on
could not think of anything to say about himself on a bet.
“Well I must say, Godfrey: why should I go to all of the effort that
ThisThing apparently demands just so that I might someday become
a person not worth talking about! — a nobody!
What impudence for them to even think that I might be interested in such a thing!”
“Actually Your Lordship, I do not believe they solicited your participation.”

One thing about the special olympics of drowning-on-dry-land & swimming-in-the-sky
is that not only do you not have to play,
it is almost impossible to even find where they are being held
(kind of humorous really, since hardly anyone ever looks in the right direction, which may be the reason that ordinary men are left with nothing much to talk about but themselves).

Another feature you might find amusing is that in the beginning,
same as everyone else, even the few people of the human race born with
the burning desire to get to the very bottom of things, and to privately
understand for themselves exactly what is going on think only about themselves —
in fact in a funny way, they do so even more than ordinary people (which is not amiss,
in that [even though they do not initially realize it]
their thinking is at the bottom of everything that they want to understand),
but it flip flops when their secret mental eyes are opened and they catch on;
after that, any words that appear in their mind about themselves are of no interest
(and thus not passed along).

“Man! is this great or what! — up here on this high bluff, all alone.”

Man is the only known life form that lives under constant pressure:
a never abating feeling that he should be doing more with his life;
it is not psychologically caused, but is in his genes;
there is at the cellular level, a relentless vague rumbling, silently saying:
“I should be doing better — I should be doing more with my life.”
Its intensity varies from person to person, but its presence is species wide,
and at the very core of what makes man unique among all manifestations of life.

The reality of this unrealized pressure is responsible for all of man’s
collective achievements and is the engine of civilization,
and in a super concentrated form, is what drives the certain man’s special interest;
scattered brains and nervous systems unusually saturated in this pressure
are the ones motivated to understand what is going on in life
rather than just accepting dream interpretation of it as does everyone else.
While all of humanity feels the mostly unspecific pressure of:
“I should be doing more with my life,” the few experience it quite specifically, though they still can live out their days without ever understanding accurately
what it is,
but should one — he becomes the certain man —
then with the potential to actually see with his own neural eyes
the fully explanatory survey of what homo sapiens think of and call:
man, their self, and life.

“Wow! — what a view from up here! —
and with no one extraneous present to spoil it by attempting to describe it.”

“I say, Godfrey! — I seem to have hurt my back!”
“Sir, if I may be so bold as to say: no one forced you to try to climb up there.”
“Yes, you are right of course, but — my gawd man! — what fun it be!”
“If you say so, Your Grace.”

Scientific Fact Applicable Only To The Few:
If you only do what you must do in your life
you will, in a way completely unknown to other human beings,
miss discovering what your life really could have been about.
Not only are you faced with the question:
“Why, when you have this special potential, should you miss it?”
but also the fact that if you do fail to vigorously pursue the possibility,
it will cause you special displeasure unknown to everyone else.

If you are one of the few born with that certain hunger,
you either go for it with all your heart,
or run out your string feeling like your heart has been used as a soccer ball.

For the certain man: his individual mind is not just some, terrible-thing-to-waste,
but something which — does he not properly tend it — will waste him.

“O! what you see from up here where it is quiet and clear
is purely incomparable to anything you ever thought you saw with down-below-vision.”


P.S. Why don’t you tell us a little something about yourself….

From a seeming jazz lover’s perspective: one man says that losing your concentration, and having your ordinary thinking take back over
is like having to listen to a bass solo.