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December 30, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

As he was unloading a piece of a counter he had found discarded by the road,
a man’s neighbor said to him:
“Why do you keep bringing this stuff home; you never use it —
it just sits in your barn taking up space?” “Quite the contrary,” replied the man,
”It is upon that stuff that my newly collected stuff is stacked,”
and the neighbor was suddenly struck: “That’s just like with the mind and thoughts!”

One man notes:
“Some people sleep on top of the blanket;
some just underneath it, scrunched up as close to it as they can get,
while a scant few struggle out of bed and away from it so as to get a full view of
what it looks like…….oh, did I say, blanket, I meant, cortex, (sorry).”

A sure sign of a bovine mentality is the urge to quote………….(oh yeah, and hero worship).

One man observes: “If staring at stuff (such as books, movies, video games, people talking)

won’t kill you all over — it will do so selectively.”

In the city, everybody thinks they have to, be-somewhere.

Being alive this instant without mentally staring at the conditions of today
is the closest man can come to immortality (besides being an electron).

One of three possible things can go on in your mind:
something boring, something disturbing (taken from humanity’s collective mental activity),
or something you unnaturally create.

What the certain man struggles against
is man’s natural tendency for meaningless, pinpoint focusing.

One man offers: “The most apt explanation is that life is a scripted drama —

— but without the script.”

Retail News (sort of): People are only excited about buying stuff that they
do not actually need
(god alone knows if this has any other possible application ?!?!)

One guy avers:
“In the city, most important is: how you look;
second most is: what other people think of you;
third is: how you feel, and for most, there is no fourth (I mean — what else is there?!)”

Note: You can be anything you can pretend to be — except a non pretender.

How To Infallibly Determine That You Have Lapsed Into A Stupor:
You tell someone what is wrong with them (that is):
what changes they could make that would make their life better.

Ninety per cent of what people think and say they don’t really mean —
unless they’re asked if they do.

Trying to help other people causes unrealized petrification of brain cells.

One man opines: “While mechanical transmission of human speech is
technically doable — is it worth doing?”

A certain man’s mind is like stabilized chaos —
constant unpredictability —
a secret storm most exhilarating, sweet and enlightening to be harboring.

One man says: “Wanna know what I think? —
I think that no one knows what is going on, but ordinary people pretend that they do,
and the only difference between them and someone who does know
is that they do not pretend that they do. (Is that what you guys call, neat?”)

The reason that most news in the city seems to be bad is not due to what actually occurs there, but rather what occurs in city folk’s minds.

Science (the study of the physical world) is the only mental activity that helps man;
all others merely entertain him.

Ordinary men can claim to be individuals physically via their fashion, speech,
or natural appearance,
but mentally they are left with nothing.

Expressing continuing concern for others is one of man’s more successful ploys.

Statistical Update: A stupid person is killed every half second of every day —

— cellularly speaking, in an ordinary man’s brain.

Thus melodramaticizes one chap:

“Oh mundane mind —- inanity be thy name!”

The way this turns out is: a man who finally realizes what is going on
becomes the kind of person he had always wanted to meet but could never find —
and now that he is him — it no longer means anything to him. (Double neat, huh?!)


The only true rebel is a secret rebel.