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Saving The Few Useless Effort Since 1869
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December 23, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

As long as you believe that any possible escape plans will come from the herd,
you are as safe and normal as a cow can be.
You can always determine that a man is intellectually helpless if he is dumb enough,
to think that life is dumb enough,
to commit suicide right in front of his big brown, bovine eyes.

What the inner rebel is fighting against is his own unattended consciousness.
Unattended consciousness = no one home,
thus no one available to lead an escape.

In the city: since none sow — none harvest — except in their imagination;
things with no beginnings obviously can have no end,
but this is not so salient concerning things in the mind.
In the city is where arises men’s belief that they are eternal,
but it is not about their somatic selves that the brain so reflects.
If what goes on in the mind could be clearly perceived by the mind, no one would ever be talking about the kinds of things we do here.
(And you might care to note that in the city, all news other than the Obituaries is made up.
“Excusez moi, but you have some nerve to make such a claim here,
since you recently noted that all of this Daily News stuff is itself entirely invented!”

Nice to see that some of our readers have a functioning memory.)

People commonly not at home feel a need to constantly talk about their self.
The independent thinker has no desire for anyone to know anything about him,
indeed, quite the opposite.
Weird Fact: to the same degree that ordinary people believe they
know personal things about the rebel — is he weakened and made short of breath.

Those who don’t know have the continuing urge to smooth out all of the bumps in life, while those who realize what is going on, see none.

Cows with a philosophy-to-live-by are like would-be travelers with a train schedule which when seriously consulted, greases the tracks.

Staying alive is every creature’s first piece of serious business;
with man, the second piece is becoming civilized and serious in needless areas.
Corollary: In the city it has forever been felt improper for important people
to publicly display any frivolity.
(Chew hard on the real reason behind that one.)

Attention: In the city, the ignorant have all the answers.

Once upon a time a small band of men struck out for somewhere entirely new,
and soon one of them suggested:
“What we are doing is so unusual, perhaps we should make up a whole story about it that will make it sound even stranger than it is so that ordinary people
will not even think about attempting it.”
Note: even those accepted as sane have periodical snits of
crying out for the improbable……………but their peers understand it is just a passing fit.

Definition: Independent thought: orgasms of the mind
(something of which — if they were able to be aware of it —
city minds would strongly disapprove).

There is no blue nose,
like he who don’t know.

Attention: In city settings — critics have all the answers.

Men make sacrifices as they are forced to.
“Regardless of other facets,” says one man,
“I am greatly pleased that aging has brought me much wisdom” —
translation: “There go more of my hormones down the drain.”

Words can prove anything — except:
where they come from, and what they really mean.

A true independent thinker is one who might strain even
man’s normal genetic allegiances.
Ordinary thinking can put you on any path you desire —
— as long as it does not lead out of the city — away from the herd.

Words can tell you everything you need to know —
— if you do not need to know anything valuable.

Men do not like to be thought of as animals —
— which is why they changed their name to, man.

News Somewhat Connected To The World Of ‘60’s Rock Songs:
One independently minded man constructed a small mechanism with a rotating blade which fit in his mouth, and any time he started to refer to the words of another,
it would crank up & begin to: “Take Another Little Piece Of My Tongue, Now Baby.”

Men waltz,

create gods,
do deals,
forge alliances,
and seduce one another with spurious analyses of life —
— all on the vaporous dance floor of words.

City thoughts can make men say almost anything–
except the one thing a rebel really needs to hear.

The collectively acceptable ideas a man by nature has
are the aborigines of mankind’s intellectual homeland;
the dream-of-Eden remains seductive, safe & comfortable for the mentally timid,
but the would-be rebel must eventually don the normal garb so that he can depart that peaceful place and go discover his true home, where he can then remove it,
and run mentally free and naked again — this time by his own doing.

Upon passing a mirror, one man would some times stop —
look directly at the forehead of his reflection and say:
“It is you who has so bothered my life — and also made it worth living.”


(A key to some of the above employed symbolism can be seen in the News Archives at December 10.)