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Once Everyone Knew A Secret; Most Forgot; The Daily News Didn’t*
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December 20, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another presentation of: The Daily News,
but before we get into it, we would like to first take a few pages to present in depth
our personal purpose in publishing this web paper, and lay out in comprehensive detail the multiple motivations that led to the difficult and costly decision to undertake
such a daunting daily challenge,” blah blah blah — hey! — point being:

the weaker the show — the grander the intro!

…..(now on with the real thing.)

Cows are most happy at home —
rebels, trying to leave.
Note: you have not truly left a place if, when you departed,
you packed any regrets.
It is the body of a book that tells its story — not the attempted-preemptive preface;
the body of a book is the action of its tale, not the overlaid narrative
(same as with a man’s life [in case you missed the allegory]).

Staying physically alive is a serious proposition,
but seriousness of mind is totally unnecessary — oh!, not for most,
for it is mankind’s seriousness of their collective mind that holds civilization together;
herds would fall apart if individual cows had the understanding-based attitude of
the independent thinker;
to him, only ideas at whose appearance he was consciousness present, matter;
what life causes humanity-the-collective to think is to him, of no interest or relevance.
Children must be made to believe that learning the alphabet is important,
but would not you expect real mental adults’ involvement in things literary & verbal
to be a bit more sophisticated.
The head of one herd stopped everything and announced:
“Okay, all you metaphors and allegories — outta here!”

Those in the land of the constipated
do not enjoy seeing the relieved.

Those most civilized some times think that life may be too much so,
while those less, commonly think that it is not yet enough
(so what is a semi attractive cow with a satin smoking jacket,
a decent bottle of wine, and a nice assortment of lounge music CDs to do on a Saturday night?)
The man who knows is neither too civilized, nor too little so,
for he understands that everything in life beyond eating is costume:
he wears what is appropriate for the occasion with no personal investment in
the fashion involved.
Naked into life we physically come, but not so mentally;
your future garb is laid out and waiting for you in your genes —
thus, even though a rebel may find that life has outfitted him neurally in brown,
he takes it of no more significance than the size of his ears;
just another hobby — something else to overcome.
Looking back on that special affair that had been his life, the certain man could say:

“Had there not been a mental me — I would have had to invent one.”

For those pursuing the grail of independent thinking,
criticizing other men’s ideas is the digging up of corpses to commit murder thereon;
this certainly keeps civilization, the mortuary arts,
and collective thought & conversation alive and thriving — but little else.
The only fault one cow can see with another will be totally bovine in nature,
and thus two pounds short of meaningless;
even the universe itself cannot know what is wrong with it (if anything be)
without it step outside the universe to see —
the practical application of this irrefutable fact is with your thinking;
the ideas that life does, and always has, run automatically through your mind
have not the literal capacity to make any judgement or analysis of themselves
that is not the placing of a mirror in front of itself;
a red thought’s measure of itself is preordained — red (and so on) –
only ideas that the certain man can somehow rustle-up, and import-into
his normally city-controlled mind can provide information that is not urban bred;
that is why men who have this ability are sometimes called rebels,
for what goes on in their thinking is in pure conflict with
mankind’s established, collective mental order;
but unlike physical revolutions, it does no harm to anyone else,

yet does the rebel a universe of good.

One man’s periodic private ditty:
“I have pains,
for no apparent gains………………………but with no losses either…………………
if I am not mistaken, it is what is known as: being alive” — yeah,
but he was too modest to add that while that is a description of: “being alive”
to understand it at the blunt depth he displays requires that a man have lived a life
that was quite a bit more complex than merely, “being alive.”
Anyone can say they are on a train to nowhere,
but only a man fully awake to the trip can say nothing about it;
the difference between a mind that knows and one that does not
is the difference between sound and silence; action and narrative;
dreaming-while-looking-out-the-train-window, and jumping off the sonofabitch.

When a man can think for himself he always has a comfortable home, a fire to lay by, and a friend.
(As one rebel used to sing to himself: “Nothing will ever take the place of you but me.”)

Even a city thinker with nothing original to say can still write copious odes to: having-nothing-to-say
(life is so much simpler in the city……to irredeemable city-ites….even though they do not realize it)
for there, no thought or word is ever truly wasted —
since none have any substantive value, they cannot be;
in Lego Land, all structures are of equal significance —
just as long as they are made of Lego blocks.
The Collective Ship Of Mental State is unique in that
it alone can endlessly plow the inner seas by firing the boiler with its own planking.
Only thoughts in the head of a rebel, out on the open plains, outside the city
can be impersonal about how thinking works in the city,
and thus useful in its study.

Since words mean nothing (except when he is talking to his own kind)
the certain man’s are only to please himself.

You can stuff your bra –
put lifts in your shoes,
surgically enhance your pecs, but query:
how do you inflate the apparent size of your mind? —
and the answer: by being a passive part of man’s collective thinking.
(No one likes a smart ass……..well, outside the city,
a real smart ass is in fact adored by one person — the real smart ass
[though he does it in secret.])

Fact: any picture, feeling or opinion you have about yourself personally
is totally invalid.
Follow-Up Commentary: any fact without a follow-up commentary
is just a damn fact, for chissake –
(although a man who can think for himself sees little difference.)
Mental essays in the city must have a preface,
they are in fact, merely the follow-up commentary to the proffered facts
presented in the preface;
in ordinary thinking, same as in a joke: everything is in the set-up —
punch lines are fungible.
“Why is that, Helen?
“’Cause no matter how many ways you ask about it,
the description of Cinderella’s gown is always the same.”
….”Hey — wait a minute! I just realized why the city part of the mind
does not like to hear itself talked about from perspectives it did not introduce.

……..No! — jeeze! — it can’t be as simple as that………….can it?!?!”


* The man with with an independent mind receives his own personal daily fresh news from an internal source.

(A clue to the symbolism used in some of these writings can be found in the News Archives: December 10.)