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Interpreting Obscure, Overlooked Laws Since 1809
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December 13, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

The less be the depth of a man’s understanding, the greater need he feels to speak with the sure tone of authority and certainty;
without this feature of man’s mental-only-reality, little about it would ever be said.

The method of ordinary mind is to answer a question it wants to answer,
and not necessarily the one it was asked;
the distinguishing mark of the certain man is his private refusal to put up with this.

Those properly confined to city life never feel disturbed about being dumb.
(Ever wonder why birds aren’t bothered by squirrels?)
Those who dream of freedom and realize they are suffocating to death
must find a way to get fresh air to old neural aspirations.

The chief agent in limiting the synaptic connections in ordinary brains is:
mankind’s collective thinking;
in practice this equates with: the herd knows dumbly what it is doing;
individual cows — forget about it!

Local reality is what normally seems to be immediate reality –
in that it is whatever an ordinary man is immediately & mechanically inclined to think.
The roughest of hands have a better grasp on what is real
than the most sophisticated of routine minds.
Local reality is tied to mind’s sense of time
while universal reality doesn’t know from, tick-tock-tick.
Local reality is to collective consciousness as universal is to independent thinking —
thus are those of routine thought, stay-at-homers,
while the rebel is never to be found and pinned down.
Only non active combatants imagine that if they could physically see what it is that the certain man thinks, it would be a stable structure of definitive mass.

If cow minds are trees — the rebel’s is a bird.

All city talk & thought is but harmless, meaningless entertainment,
and the rebel’s forgetting of this will take much of the fun out of his life.
Being upset over others being distracted is life’s most potent form of distraction.
No bird worth his feathers has any feelings about the fact that trees are immobile,
and that you can only vote for one candidate.
All city talk & thought is but meaningless entertainment —
to make it otherwise requires the deft mental hand of the certain man.
What ordinary men say they know is secretly laughable –
but once he achieves the realization,
the rebel’s first thought is: “Who’s laughing now?”
(A wee bit of humor — “Are you sure that’s all it is?!” — Forget it.)

Local thought is by definition: limited — which explains its widespread popularity.
Why make yourself pay for a ride that everyone else takes at no cost?

(Only one who knows could answer that.)

The basic ideas of religion, philosophy and political morality
are so inherently ridiculous that in the city they just had to be taken seriously —
consequently: any serviceable escape plan – to remain viable & accessible —
must seem to the herd to be almost a joke.
Life may be the author of all Justice,
but in certain instances it seems intent on taking satire to near ungraspable heights.
“Pa pa: tell me again how only others with the potential can
understand what a rebel is talking about.”
“I can my boy, but it is mostly a waste of time.”

How Mind Works, Part 16:
People would periodically send one man crude, unoriginal insults
that always went unanswered,
which allowed them to believe that their comment was so piercing,
insightful and applicable that the man was simply unable to respond thereto.

Local thought is always biased;
local thought is always biased in favor of itself;
a universal thinker is always predisposed — predisposed to non partisan thought.
City folk (if they ever give passing notice) feel that rebels and they
speak two different languages;
a fully ripened rebel realizes why they see it this way,
and thus from his purely personal perspective —
they actually understand one another quite well;
they think they don’t (which is a manifestation of being mentally captive)
and he (understanding well the exact nature of man’s mental condition)
does not allow their misperception to impede his sight.
Whatever life directs man’s collective thinking to think be so —
is, to the herd — unquestionably so,
and getting loose from this bind is not simply a matter of thinking that
such things are not so –
what needs be done is to get away from the crowd and see from a distance
the reality of the situation — and note:

this is supremely applicable to matters inside your own head.


Another Tool: Picture the sentence that you are thinking or saying,
and it will begin to open up a whole new understanding of what is going on in brain’s consciousness .