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December 9, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX
the city: the operations of the brain that is man’s ordinary mind.
the plains (the open plains): the normally unused areas of the brain outside the city.
local reality: how things are as conceived of by city minds; universal reality: how things are.
riding the train: the generally predictable flow of an ordinary man’s life.
the authorities: the principal spokesman & manifestation of a man’s ordinary mind.
the king: the non ordinary part of man’s mind — the people: the rest.
the collective, the herd: ordinary humanity mentally (non pejorative)
the certain man, the independent thinker, the rebel: a person struggling for freedom from the city mind (aka: mystic).
civilized: the brain’s state of being firmly under city control.
the father & son: man’s on going, internal neural conversation: the brain’s cortex both speaking & hearing itself speak,
with the father representing the mind’s rebellious area,
the others, (such as hormones & neurons, the realization) the truly interested can surely figure out for themselves.

Ordinary thinking: a firing range that you have visited so many times you can:
draw, shoot, hit, miss, run-out-of-ammo, reload, and take a break —
all without ever noticing what you are doing.
(And the truly citified adult can do it all with their eyes/I’s closed.)
“Hey, it’s me — I’m home.”
“How can you tell?”
“Same way I know I think — I heard me say it.”

The certain man can tell he is in his proper place by the silence.

All collective-truth serves to protect the collective;
independent thinking has no defenses — that is how a nascent rebel recognizes it.
Corollary: If a non physical assault on the certain man is rebuffed –
he is not the certain man.
Only those with no idea of what is going on
have any interest in what other people believe they know.
In the banking system of life: the independent thinker is a blank check —
and one cashable only with himself.
(“One nice thing about actually, being-somebody
is that non hormonally you no longer need anybody.” )

Local reality is founded on complaints;
after all: what is the first stage of being civilized other than the ability to find fault;
this ability, when focused on the environment, results in benefit,
‘tis when mind turns it on its own invented inner world
that disaster befalls the would-be rebel;
it produces an endless, frustrating city run-around that makes him feel his head is trapped in a persistent, floating dream world
which the rest of humanity accepts as normal.
Local reality is what life drives mortal minds to create;
local reality is that in which humanity lives and thrives;
the universal reality in which all local versions exist is home to the certain man;
only here can, what-is-actually-going-on be realized.

There is not a battle between the two realities,
and it is not a matter of one being right and the other wrong;
all that is ever in question is whether an individual human has an abiding interest in
the normally unnoticed situation.
Above all: the minimum characteristic of the certain man
is that for as long as he can remember, he notices things that no one else does;
more precisely: the ability eventually comes to him to notice
mental things in the life of mankind in a manner that is mentally non partisan,
and it is from this individual, inner vantage point that
the realization is finally achievable.
When you have care, feelings, and preferences about reality –
you are still trapped in local reality —
the normal, civilized and slightly dreamy world of ordinary man,
but as many suspect, and few discover — it is not the final word.

Nouns: local reality;
verbs: the universal.

Info comes in,
and gets spread about,
but who is at home,
to sort it all out.

In ordinary men — humanity’s collective consciousness does the sorting,
and always in service to its own interests;
only the rebel, privately scuffling on his own,
can transform the info locally available to the herd to his individual advantage –
an advantage not seen as such by any but him.
Thus does the certain man gradually realize to look through no one’s eyes/I’s
but his own.

Nouns: hobbled verbs:
ordinary thinking: sentences damn near constructed of naught but nouns.

In a reality of nothing but verbs lies the secret;
universal reality is action — local, talk,
(and again you are referred to the silence of the certain man’s world).

What creatures but neural herd animals will condemn themselves and one another
for being sick, and excuse all for being distracted?!
Only local reality can confuse;
only nouns can point in a misleading direction,
all being activities quite normal to city life,
but worth only a head shake in rebel camps on the plains.

That which is deadly serious in a dream is laughably sad to the awakened
(figuratively speaking).

In ordinary city areas of strict regimentation,
the aspiring rebel cannot believe anything, important-people say —
you have to remember who they work for.
The voices of authority never say anything useful to the certain man;
anything the herd may hear is of no consequence to the individual cow;
this is difficult to remember in that much of what is talked about in the city
seems verbally similar to what interests the certain man –
but it cannot be taken seriously at face value:
it is the muffled and distorted sounds of the universal reality
coming through the local one.

While ordinary minds are captivated by a rose,
the independent one looks at the sun — from whence it derives its existence.
No one knows where man physically comes from,
but the realization makes you aware of where the rest of him originated —
and that info alone tells the certain man everything he always wanted to know.


P.S. The professional version of being: Pleasant & Insincere is being: Pleasant & Indifferent
(that is: pleasant to other people, but indifferent to theirs and your dreams).

P.P.S. Symbolism is to metaphor as metaphor is to reality.