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News That Is Not Real Cannot Be Metaphorical

December 6, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

The certain man could be called “The world’s smartest rebel”
in that he is so clever that no one even knows of his activity.
Those who know were the original model for the notion:
Keep it to yourself.

The question of being-responsible-for-your-own-thoughts never arises with the independent thinker;
no one has to tell an eagle to fly or a hyena to yuck it up;
from one view the difference between living in mental confusion and clarity is in how close you are to living as what you are with as few self deluding words in the way as possible.
Only a man who is himself can in any way — to any degree –
be responsible for himself;
the herd is responsible for ordinary men,
as man’s collective mind is his thoughts.
There is no freedom of any kind without you free yourself to live as what you are;
crows who try to swim are birds in a dream;
the certain man has no fat; no unnecessary clothing, or encumbering inner artifacts,
and does not burden himself with other people’s thoughts.
Having no one in your head telling you what to do leaves you free to do.

Some people by nature are pissed;
being pissed is a pronounced form of slavery;
the ultimate is — having a nature.
Conclusion: What’re ya gonna do?
Ordinary men’s brains are programmed to ignore certain apparent impossibilities in the external world (which is the foundation of civilization and all technology) and when similarly turned on their inner mental world, to also forget what they have done;
The realization eradicates this forgetfulness and leaves the certain man with the clear view of what is real in the physical realm, and only make believe so in the mental;
the dream in which man has so oft been accused of living is nothing more than
the natural failure to make this ongoing individual distinction.
Those who do not know the secret believe it to be something grotesque,
or supernatural,
but it is nothing less than recognizing that normally developed man lives simultaneously in two realities; the outer physical one,
and the inner physical and mental one, and other than for survival related instances wherein they automatically join forces,
they are two totally different realms, governed by different rules,
for different purposes, and with different consequences;
the truth of this is plain, simple, obvious and everywhere,
and by his normal nature, man is made to think and speak as though it is not so
(again, part of civilization’s foundation);
the secret that the certain man knows is one everyone knows,
but only he, via his nonstandard wiring, potential and efforts,
is able/allowed to face the fact that he knows it.
While realizing exactly what is going on, humanity-the-collective is forced to say
that it does not;
The realization releases a man from this bondage.

Above all things: the certain man is an actor.

Figuratively speaking (at least):
independent thinking has only one enemy in the entire universe:
everyone else’s thinking.
And metaphorically noted: a liberated elk has no complaint with any other elk —
just the herd (and even that’s metaphorical).

Life is circumstances;
humans (to their collective advantage) imagine it to be otherwise —
life is still circumstances.

If you want to impress somebody, here’s what you say to them —
why the hell would you want to impress somebody!

Past a certain point, searching for metaphors for life is like striking matches
to get a better view of London burning.
The certain man’s motto: “I will starkly face no situation before its time —
and it’s always time.”

Poets want to look-through-a-glass-darkly;
the religious through one hopefully;
the political though one combatively
while the certain man just wants to look.

One challenge in trying to obtain directions from an independent thinker
is that he is prone to point with three or four fingers at a time.
(‘Course the simple way to handle this is to look & listen with multiple neural connections instead of just one.)

It takes an actor to apparently speak knowledgeably about freedom with a straight face, and equally apt other ones to listen and benefit therefrom.
“Have you awakened from man’s dream?”
“I pretend that I have.”
“Smart man!”

Serious advice is for idiots — both coming & going — giving & receiving.
(“Wow! Wait’ll the collective hears about this!” They won’t — they can’t.)

A cow is recognized primarily by his mooing —
now if he kept his mouth shut……………………………………………………………………………….

Warning: Being free to think is being free not to pout.

Note to severely trampled herd-dreamers:
one’s sex does enter into it;
also one’s height, weight, body type and overall health;
what the hell did the pressure of the other cows make you think is going on?

Life is what raps at your window, and then says: “Naw — there’s no one there.”