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December 2, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

the city, the authorities: man’s ordinary mind.
the plains (open plains): area of the brain outside the city.
the authorities: the principal spokesman & manifestation of a man’s ordinary mind.
the king: the non ordinary part of man’s mind — the people: the rest.
the collective, the herd: ordinary humanity mentally (non pejorative)
the certain man, the independent thinker, the rebel: a person struggling for freedom from the city mind (aka: mystic).
civilized: the brain being firmly under city control.
the father & son: man’s on going, internal neural conversation: the brain’s cortex both speaking & hearing itself speak, with the father representing a mind’s rebel,
the others, (such as hormones & neurons, the realization) the truly interested can surely figure out for themselves.

Anything ordinary mind can know is hardly worth knowing —
that is if you want to know anything worth knowing.
Yeah, yeah — you think that doesn’t seem fair,
but it just shows how ordinary is the stuff you know.
Goats have cheese — ducks have quackers —
and life says: “Hey — don’t talk to me about, ‘fairness’.”

While physical reality works full time for life,
man’s collective thinking does day labor.
(“I say, who do I see about burning my green card?”)
Everybody wants out —
only a few know of what —
and that is the principal problem with this specialized escape activity;
every civilized human being would like to be involved,
but in that their own thinking cannot seem to present to them a precise picture of exactly what it is and where it is headed
they settle for staying in the city, standing around shuffling their feet, gazing off into the inner distance, and grumbling to themselves about the constrictions of their position
(and life says: “Hey, all you stay-at-homers —
don’t keep bitching to me about your foot being nailed to the floor”
trying to hide the hammer behind its back).
As irrational as be its sound to the ordinary:
this is another explanation for the certain escape-bent man’s
lack of plans;
only the movement of herds is stymied by an absence of leadership:
sheep need a shepherd — the independent thinker, just himself.
Corollary: If it cost a million dollars to wake-up, it would be a bargain to the certain man compared to the price he pays for sleeping
(thus does he clutch his own mind dearly and closely).

A bunch of hormones said to some neurons: “Hey — get the hell out of our way!”
“Don’t we always?” they replied — not in the certain man they don’t —
only he does the impossible and doesn’t mentally live to tell about it.

An interesting aspect of growing-up beyond the herd’s minimal and automatic level
is that after that there is little in the way of ever looking back.
Note: some prison dictionaries give a definition of the word, “interesting”
that is far different from as is herein employed;
cows fail to see the humor in the term: “We’re going to Chicago.”
“Hey!” says life: “If you can’t laugh at your own situation,
there’s always other people’s.”
(Hate to point out the obvious, but: being hog-tied is not a real problem……….unless you’re a hog.)
Ergo every morning, first thing the certain man does is remind himself:
“Today I will not squeal! I will not squeal! I will not squeal!”)
Weather Warning: many people who want to discover the secret
do not believe that words strung together like in the above fashion
have anything to do therewith;
Explorer’s Fact: in this specialized undertaking:
most of the time most of the participants are simply staggering about in
Slightly Addledville.

Those who tolerate — even enjoy and believe they benefit from being told
how wrong they are
present poor candidates for independent thinking.
Only the certain man won’t cross the street to have his face slapped and criticized.
Common it is in the city for hormones to lash out and for neurons to love it;
no escape from inner urbanity can come whilst you continue to
mentally tango with yourself;
if you’re going to mop up the floor with somebody — let it be somebody else
(and life says: “Hey sport — don’t look at me!”)

The more a man sees, the less he takes credit for.
Self promotion is a hobby for cows;
every creature’s pastimes should reflect their needs.
Note: if you can tell what the certain man actually needs,
he has momentarily drifted back into moo-moo land.

Cells want food —
humans want agreement with their ideas —
what the independent thinker wants cannot be known —
not as long as he maintains his position.
In the city (beyond the hormonal level) nothing is as much fun as learning —
on the open plains outside of town:
nothing compares with opening up learning and seeing what is inside.
A mind that never sees itself has spent a lifetime staring at a black wall.

Cells want to see protein coming in —
humans want to see in coming info —
the independent mind wants to find out who it is that has been telling it:
“Oh yeah — you’re free and independent — for sure! Don’t worry about it!”

The better a man can see, the less he mentions it.
There is not a sheep on this entire planet who likes being kicked in the ankle.
(See! — that’s why animals don’t have funny bones;
only human neurons will laugh upon being given such a blow —
ponder that one next time you are about to criticize yourself or someone else for your own good.)

Notions of intellectual, artistic, and social rewards arose within the herd
soon after it commenced its grand & glorious collective move.
The independent mind bears no medals,
but rather wears its tombstone around its neck.

No man is a true outlaw who leaves any witnesses,
nor a mind independent that allows any bovinian thoughts to survive.