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Nudging You Toward The Actual Exit Since 1887
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November 27, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

The more things change, the more that city voices will talk about them;
things appear to continually change due to city voices talking about them.

Men’s thoughts are like an on going train that did not start out from any where.

A real artist does not merely burn bridges — he is one.

The progress on this one planet could be plotted by their myths going from
fables concerning animals to ones involving technology.

The band on which their reality was broadcast to the creatures of this one world,
had immediately adjacent it a bizarro cartoon channel which, unnoticed by everyone, continually bleeds-into and mingles-with the authorized one.

Living in your head can be
so much fun
that you stay in bed instead of
go for a run;
a world out there that you
live through the skin,
and one in here that is
bits and pieces of random electronic transmissions.

Men who make public proclamations of their worth in private feel the truth to be woesomely otherwise
which is what drives the overt assertions.

If hippos believed that they should be better hippos
men would have new competition for space in the city.

One reason that ordinary men say they do not understand what is going on in life is because of the way the question is always put to them
(when life’s mind plays 20 Questions with itself it has no intention of losing).

One man decided the way to handle being human was to confine your feelings to two possibilities: allow yourself (for instance) to be either only: hungry or sleepy.

The functional reality behind the idea of, The Unmoved Mind
points not to a state of having no thought,
but to a mind that is not swayed from what it has realized by other thoughts.

Men spend their lives attempting to add to the drawing of their self,
seeking to become in appearance, more and more complex,
while the certain man ends up gradually reducing the drawing of himself,
and in the process becoming less and less intriguing and difficult to understand.

There is a certain intellectual dance-step that you are never shown
in the collective’s ballroom in the city
(it resembles a weighted symbiotic relationship between a hippo and a small bird
which was initiated by needs of the former).

Men believe it proper to offer supernatural gratitude to Earth for providing them with the food they kill and pick which sustains their life eulogizes,
yet overlook the fact that they too therefrom come.
Mortal attempts to pay homage within a closed system
is a zipper’s teeth giving way to the slide;
the certain man recognizes what is worthy and what is praise worthy,
and in that all in life is worthy, from him, no pretentious eulogies are heard.

It was recently noted here that if you have any doubt that you understand precisely what, independent-thinking is – your uncertainty is well founded – you do not;
the true indicator that you do is that you lose interest in whether you do or not
(kinda like the finish line of everything involved with this sort of activity).

It is said that the motivation for a man’s action is of supreme importance —
even superior to the action itself —
yet his actions are all that counts:

everyone says this is true — yet no one believes it to be.

The unseen-eye-in-the-beam is when you think:
“Something invisible is troubling me, my thoughts perhaps or maybe my emotions” —
the thing thinking is the source of the troubling, and the secret way out of the city.

The psychological explanations men offer for themselves
(for their thoughts, feelings & behavior)
are statistical questionnaires filled out by the non existent.

It is not really a matter of the certain man disliking his ordinary state of mind so much that he feels it simply must changed, but rather rests in his having discovered that the state can be other than it normally is:
just knowing this is what makes him pursue this kind of activity —
he wants to achieve the other state of consciousness merely because it is there
and because from experience he knows he can get to it.

You cannot be objective — only trans objective;
You cannot be awake — only super unsleeping;
you cannot be enlightened — only supremely out of the dark;
you cannot be free — only extraordinarily unfettered,
and while you cannot actually know anything,
you can be unnaturally aware that no one ever does.

To the independent thinker,
the world’s Great Ideas are like day laborers on a never ending city project.

The way the certain man comes to know what he knows
is through a process we might call: Ipse Cogitatio — He himself thought it:
a privately held certainty with no public proof.

There are, Rules-of-Life — but no one can know what they are —
— that is one of the Rules.


Those-who-know and no longer give a damn have a ploy — they never let on.