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Proving That The Ignorant Too Have Thoughts Since 397 B.C.
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November 25, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

As long as you believe that there is an actual potential pay-off
to any of man’s spiritual, artistic, or intellectual games
they will remain just that — forever never completed games;
anticipation of a specious result renders all efforts directed thereto vacuous.
That is why constantly moving to a new playing field is always so important.
(“Gosh Bert, did he say, important’?”
“Yes Ern, but he may have meant, necessary.”
“Well — Gosh, Bert — just plain old Gosh.”)

No ordinary man nor mind will undertake a challenging journey without having some idea of where the trail will end — and yet — believing that such can ever be the case in activities which exist solely in man’s mental-only reality
will bamboozle and bumfuck you ‘til even The Tops will sing out:
“Sugar pie, honey bunch —
you ain’t my bunch no mo’.”

Mind will not, cannot engage itself in any affair in which no goal seems involved — even in purely recreational ones, such as crossword puzzles, or having completed reading a particular book (“There, I’ve finished it”)
this is so experientially and clearly so that men never take any note there of –
it is simply accepted as a given, like: you inhale —
your body gets its necessary respiratory reward:
no routine mind ever gives any thought to the matter —
the never-analyzed, automatic operative assumption is that:
if something interests your mind enough to get its attention,
there is somewhere down the line a potential point, a purpose,
a pay-off to the effort that will be involved pursuing it;
indeed contraire: if you can convince a man that such is not the case in some
second reality (non material) subject of which he has just heard,
it will instantaneously vanish from his mind;
under mundane conditions: mind cannot handle any thought-based matter
of which a perceived pay-off is not unquestionably a part — and yet —
the very realization of what is really going on in life and in your intangible insides —
is to this common mortal concept — total anathema.

Every effort that seems to the beginning traveler to be aimed at taking you to
some specifically identified & believed-perceived destination
will take you ultimately no where;
even though this is how everyone must commence,
this natural arrangement within man’s mind concerning its conception of
all those things which exist only in his mind,
if not finally found to be what it is, will keep you forever standing in one spot —
perhaps quite vocal and animated (waving your arms, running in place) — but none the less,

not on the way to see Aunt Bess
(or anything else not a native residence to the neural house you were born in).

* * *

Without question the trickiest feature of successfully pursuing this kind of
anti-city activity is ever getting your mind to become unconditionally aware of
the absolute, unbridgeable distinction between the
physical reality of your body and the world outside of it,
and the reality of everything else that men talk and think about
which exists no where but in their thoughts — including this singular activity.
It is easy and automatic enough by now for your mind to acquiesce to this statement but be assured: agreeing with it, and suddenly having your own individual consciousness fully aware of it are two entirely different experiences
(that latter effecting permanent alteration in your overall mental processes).

Everything new the mind, learns-about seems automatically to it to be
something that will be outside the mind;
you hear about lightning as a child — then finally see it for yourself
and it is something outside of you and your mind:
you hear of God, and even though you never see him, the mind, just as instinctively, accepts that it is something/someone somewhere outside of it,
when it is purely an invention of the mind and existing no where but in the mind.
This is the squirmy situation that challenges and befuddles people for such a long time,
and merely having it pointed out to you over and over will not alone accomplish
what is critically needed to get to the bottom of things;
not wrestling this bad boy to the inner mat will present (sad to say)
a sticky point on your program past which even Levi Stubbs can’t dance.

Some way, some how — everyone must, on their own,
one day be instantly struck by the most clear and naked of simple facts (to wit): anything men talk and think about which they cannot touch
or measure by touchable instruments exists only because they think about it,
and that trying to get past all of the smoke, noise and confusion of your mind’s
natural born perceptions and analyses of life is simply one more thing that the mind can think about.
This arrangement of things in man’s cortex it is unquestionably in a class of its own –
forsooth — close to being totally inconceivable to routine minds –
and stands in direct defiance — even rebellion to
that part of everyone’s brain & mind that is by birth, normal, sane and part of the herd.

It is like taking the sentence: “This thought does not exist” —
— then thinking it to yourself,
and even though (let us assume for a second) it is as true as can be,
what effect will it have on your ordinary mind? — none —
there is simply no way in which it can —
but when the time is right —
it will suddenly one day be perfectly clear and will alter forever
your consciousness of both you and life (in spite of its irrational paradoxy).

Now more specifically turn your focus to the
impossible-to-talk-about-adequately fact that ultimately — words mean nothing,
regardless of what you & your thoughts (even your enlightened thoughts)
may say about the physical situations of life –

— the situations prevail — not the words.
Words help ordinary men and their mundane consciousness to deal with
disturbing tangible situations in a manner they generally find agreeable
(a man condemned to die in a month can think of the possibility of getting a reprieve in the interim),
but such unavoidable material instances are not the certain man’s real challenge —
his is in him never realizing — on his own — what mind is doing in this regard;
what trips him up is his never recognizing the ultimate impotency of all
words & ideas in the face of physical reality.

Were you to become the most awakened, enlightened person who ever lived —
you still will die on schedule like everyone else;
words will not save you — and past a certain spot in the journey —
— words won’t even help you.

The reason the idea that says, man-lives-in-a-dream has so long been popular
is that it conveys (as far as words can do)
pretty darn well a situation wherein that which is only imagined (like in a dream)
can take either preference-over, or seriously interfere-with
ultimately inescapable physical reality.
It is too easy to reach a place wherein you do see more clearly what is going on in life than do ordinary men and still not press on to individually discovering what is
herein being noted about the nature of words and all of man’s intangible interests,
(for instance): you see quite saliently that a certain item of great, widespread interest
to humanity is but imaginary foolishness,
and yet do not grasp the same concerning your mental sighting thereof;
due to the construction & programming of the mind,
it will take itself to be Eliot Ness exposing the malfeasance of
Dr. Moriarity rather than the equally fictional, Sherlock Holmes.

The ordinary mind can and will slip incessantly back and forth from
perceptions of physical reality to those of thought-only reality
without any notice on your part — unless you make it part of your plan to do so;
unless this becomes a regular part of your everyday mental life,
you will surely stay in that walking-around dream common to man, and the cause of everything that confuses a man who is trying to get out of the city permanently so that he can then get a wide-angle, full view of exactly what is going on in there.

Words are the only way you can begin —
the mind must receive some description of how to go about trying to cut through
all of the meaningless distractions and get to the bottom of things,
and it is words of course, that pushed the bottom-of-things
away from a side-by-side relationship to the mind.
The appearance of consciousness (and thus words) in man’s brain by which it could then describe to itself the reality outside of itself,
put it into the unnoticed position of then being disinterested in
distinguishing that tangible and unavoidable reality from the concocted one
existing only within the firings of its own neural connections.

At the commencement of this journey, words (the ones right for you)
are your only friend (other than the source from which they came),
but their useful friendship has a specific shelf life,
and if you allow yourself to dwell forever in the illusion that
words & ideas alone constitute the more open, liberated and lighted area you hope to find outside man’s collective mental city,
you will be stuck right where your are and miss the really best part of all this:

your own uncovering of what it is —
the ultimate realization of what the realization actually is.

There is a trick: you can take the thoughts/words that continually appear in your mind,
(be they ordinary or seemingly more enlightened than that)
and wring more from them than they were ever intended to give;
find the way by which you can force from them information which they do not
actually possess — not until you applied-the-pressure.

When you reach a certain agreeable place in this sort of activity —
you cannot settle there — but must push on;
you can not only get more out of the stuff that life mechanically runs through your mind than it ever meant men to get,
but in a sense compel life to put substance into the words & thoughts that
it puts in your mind, not normally present in mortal words & thoughts – in other words:
the entire potential is all in your own mind — every last bit of it;
not any part of it is somewhere outside of you;
not in any book, any monastery, any system or any other person —
and it is truly breathtaking when the totality of this finally hits you fully in your face.