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November 6, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX


Every man has a mental blood type,
and within each man’s blood is a missing ingredient —
which when replaced results in the realization.

The ideas contained in maps & schemes to aid a man in awakening to plain reality are no more real than the ordinary mental screen presently between him and stark reality.

The certain man is initially in the same boat as everyone else,
but he alone must bail his own ocean.

Question: why is it easy to state the problems of man,
and impossible to describe their solution?
Question # 2: why does no one realize this?
# 3: why does no one realize that they do not realize this?

Commentators are want to say:
“While such-&-such has not been statistically or demonstratively shown to be true there persists among some experts the perception that it is true” –
perception is reality — and more precisely:
perception by some that a particular thing is true is part of the thing’s reality.
The reality of a thing consists of what supports it, what denies it,
and all that seems irrelevant to it.
The power and weakness of truisms is that they totally ignore the last.

Question: why are men born with unrealized potential if their fate is to
merely feel guilty over never doing so?
Question: if there are those who know the answers to all these questions,
why do they not speak up?
Question: how long have men been unable to adequately distinguish
deafness from not hearing something?

The basic spiritual belief of all men is that —
things can go back to like they once were.
The common myth of man is The Lost Homeland story
wherein mind speaks of deliverance back to some place,
rather than the need for present effort to go some where in the future.
C.M.S.T. (Certain Man Standard Time) registers no past.

Mind has a scale requirement: if an idea is too large, it cannot be digested,
and if too small, it is worthless,
ergo does the certain man take the true measure of the lock that came with his door, and customizes a key to fit;
when your stupidity and what you need to understand match –
you are approaching certain man status.

Nouns are not part of the tripartite that is the reality of all things human –
activity — activity is the key — even when intangible.
There is no, live-and-learn — not if you perceive them as separates;
they are one and the same, and only instruction if you are aware of it.

There is great relief in realizing that in life — everything is true.
Question: if man is not life’s mind talking to itself — what is?

With ordinary men: words are now deeds, and speak for themselves, the question is: what do they mean by what they say.

To condemn another is to confess their power over you
(why the certain man goes easy on himself……..well, not easy, more like: goes no way on himself).
One man notes:
“If you don’t talk about yourself others will eventually lose interest in doing so” —
(the certain man includes himself in the term, others).

Question: how does something become a fact? such as:
“The Gambuzi is the world’s largest river.” Is that a fact because it is true,
or because men have said it is true? And what was it before men spoke of it?
(The certain man investigates: “What was I before I began thinking of me?”)

Thinking about a human thing is one third of its reality,
but to ordinary minds it becomes its totality.
(Above all, the certain man strives to defragment himself where it counts.)

That which starts off in censure will not end up in Tahiti;
stupidity goes round in circles — which is what allows donkeys,
with a straight face to bray the claim: “I do not bray.”

No radio transmission can correct its own frequency, once in motion;
you cannot now stop life from making you as you are,
but you can cease listening to it (via your mind) recriminate itself.

The certain man feels guilty for but one thing: being so long stupid.

Anger toward any idea is proof of its power…..at least over the fool being angered by it.

The certain man has no credentials — the realization, no proof.

For a long time, grasping at the realization of what is really going on in life
feels like you are on omnipresent flypaper –
whenever you lift up a foot, there is no place to put it back down that is not also sticky
(the certain man however, turns out not to be in the varmint control business).
The trick is to learn to, juggle-yourself —
keeping your mind continually in the air — with no place to land.

Ideas = energy, and the ordinary mind is constructed to only handle a finite amount — it is called: being sane;
the certain man (wouldn’t you guess it) privately has a different standard.

The difficulty in talking about the realization is that it overloads normal minds;
it is too much of a thing too drastic for most brains.
DoingTheThing prepares your system for this overload,
and stretches the certain man’s inborn pint to a quart.
In DoingTheThing you attempt to trick your neural circuits into accepting more than
they are programmed for.

The certain man has no interest in any phenomena that he cannot produce —
……………(or knowledge he didn’t make up……………………….I mean, discover).

The conflicting views of men provide the friction necessary for life’s growth
through men’s minds.
Man is hard wired for dreaming.
Anything that man (acting as life’s agent) says exists — exists.

Question: why does man have the word, experience? — ask yourself:
why in the world would he have ever felt the need for such a word? Think about it.

Never admit to life’s power over you — this is called, death
(by those who know).