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Looking Beyond Where The Usual Stories Stop Since 1864
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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * November 4, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX


There was a factory that ran fine with no supervision;
eventually management materialized in offices above the work floor,
and began to oversee the operations.
For the first time, information about conditions outside the factory was taken in,
which commonly would then affect activities in the factory,
those in the office also began to make verbal note of the plant’s day to day operations, something new which likewise was liable to alter previously established operations.
Adverse business forecasts concerning the factory’s products
could now enter the factory via management
and would frequently have a devastating impact on the morale of the workers,
and other times, bad news about some worker(s) themselves would be spread throughout the plant with a similar debilitating effect.

Overall, with management, the factory ran more efficiently and had a longer life span — but at a cost — a cost no one could perceive — until it had already been paid.
There is only one free lunch,
and that is whatever you are unconsciously consuming at this very instant.

Man’s normal, relaxed state of consciousness could be called one of:
unwitting pretending, and the realized one: willfully doing so;
in a closed system, all you’ve got is what you’ve got,
unless you remain ordinary and dream otherwise.
Question: what is going on in that you can fake an emotion and begin to experience it?
Question: how can the brain not realize that all the answers it receives to
non farming questions it asks, come from itself?

Who better qualified to judge humans than humans? — then again — who less.

Once humans could mentally see, the first thing they saw was that
everything appears either broken or in the process of falling apart;
typhoon warnings are valuable to those on the coast;
the benefit of knowing that every day will bring weather of some kind
is more problematic.

“I can think — therefore food can be home delivered” —
whether the certain man cares to participate in this arrangement is another question…….no it’s not: the question is: can he keep himself from doing so.

Where electrochemical transactions occur they leave traces which incline everything related thereto to repeat itself and remain constant.
The ordinary mind (same as the body) lives & dies by the facts of reality;
but it can dream itself exempt — which does not change the facts.
There is yet another thing the mind can do of which few avail themselves.

As much drowsy fun as it may be: it is good to know when to stop gazing out the window and get off the bus.

The mind is the last to know, but in the life of man, the most important knower —
in that it is the only one who can talk about what it knows
(to itself incessantly, is the rub for the certain man).

There are parts of the circuitry in man interested only in change,
and other areas concerned only with protecting the status quo;
in ordinary people the first is so weak that its overt manifestation in them is frightening (usually occurring due to circumstances, and not the person’s willful intention).

Even if it storms and his body jumps from thunder,
the certain man will see the way to use this
(it’s either that or the never-ending, terminal heebie-jeebies).

If existence were warfare: ordinary consciousness sees only individual skirmishes, while the certain man would be aware of the total battle.

Emotions are the octane of the fuel of human experience;
not ideas, not information, not speculation & imagination:
they set the table, but emotions make the food come alive.

Electricity comes into everyone’s home;
the certain man sometimes forces it to go back out;
a human is never forced to;
it requires unnatural effort and doing it may not change circumstances,
but it can, morale on the factory floor.

Expanding the free lunch is possible only by reversing the flow.

You do not really have it and understand how to use it
until you fully realize that you are the most interesting person you will ever know.