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November 1, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX


Men are continually disappointed in one another —
they keep expecting others to act more consciously than themselves.
Your own “I” is not the enemy — neither is anyone else’s;
only the certain man constantly remembers where the shots are really coming from – man’s mind.
There is a place in the mortal brain which secretes each man’s sense of “I” –
other areas create his impressions of those things not him (not-I):
in ordinary men with but ordinary brains: I + not-I = everything —
total reality as that man’s “I” knows it to be.

“It is not our fault that the plane is late;
it is their fault at the other end for departing it late” –
it is always the fault of those on the opposite side of the circle –
until things complete the orb — return and it all starts over again.
It’s everyone’s fault in the everyday world.
Ordinary consciousness will speak of some human behavior:
“This is obviously caused by society’s contrived social structures and not by Nature” unable to directly concede that this Nature is the actual source of all social structures;
the routine mind in normal gear can go round-&-round-&-round
and never suffer debilitating dizziness;
the certain man discovers he can put his in idle,
and rather than seeing always reality-rushing-by
watches his own dumbness take-it-on-the-lam.
He secretly and silently knows: “I am what I am —
and not even that enough to think about.”

All psycho, socio, political and religious models offer a bleak picture of man –
the certain man’s secret working operates on another basis entirely.
The Grand of The Grand Delusions:
“Humans cause other humans to do certain things.”

If you must feel: feel your body — not your moods;
experience your breath — not your philosophies.
The good thing about having cancer over having a large nose is that it can’t be seen.

Do not think: “I have bad habits,” but rather: “ ’I’ IS a bad habit.”

The creation story retold is: God (consciousness) divided light from dark;
land from water; good from evil, and most importantly: man’s I from his not-I,
making all the other mentioned things possible.
The realization consumes all conflicts.

With the ordinary the song goes: “Everybody needs somebody”
the certain man’s tune is aimed solely at himself.

In subatomic physics you cannot determine both a particle’s location and motion,
and similarly in the mind regarding “I”:
locate “I” and its motion ceases –
observe its motion and you lose all sense of its location,
and you — the observer — become it.
Thus it is said: “Be beyond mere atomic consciousness:
be mentally in no ascertainable place — with no particularly observable motion.”
He who is never where you look and never doing anything you can identify —
— believe it! — is your kind of man — if you are the certain man —
for he is who the certain man eventually discovers himself to be.

Before consciousness: reality was symmetrical.

The way steel workers, walk-the-beams in the construction of skyscrapers
is how the certain man should treat the thoughts that make up his mind.

The realization denies you have anything to hide.
To ever see what is really going on, you must not only have nothing to hide,
but you cannot believe there is something to be hidden;
only in a mind collapsed in on itself is such a belief possible.

A great error to sight is thinking of man — beyond the body —
— as being a solid.

Force new ideas into the virgin areas of your mind —
it takes effort — a strenuous effort — effort that serves no purpose — other than
its own accomplishment — for the certain man.
A man not continually kept fresh — by his own hand — is walking dead.

The cure for one man’s problem is always bad news for someone else:
to feed-the-hungry requires they raise your taxes —
see where this fits in the working of your thoughts,
and you will have cured much of your distress.
(P.S. in the inner realm, the certain man has been voluntarily paying more taxes than you and a million other people combined.)
When you live normally — you are captive labor for life;
when you DoTheThing you get life to become your uncomplaining ally.
Fans refer to a good pitcher as having, something-on-the-ball –
to throw a ball with control you must always add some spin;
mind does this with its thoughts — they are all weighted — they are spitters.
The certain man lets the game in his brain play as it was established;
pitcher and catcher are one —
as are speaker and hearer — I and not-I;
under these original rules the game no longer results in confusing play
and uncertain scores;
the play never ends, but now it is not foolishly expected to.

The certain man is comfortable in the stands —
unseen, unheard, and for all you know — not even there.

Do not say to yourself: “I am in a bad mood” but rather see: “A bad mood is in me.”

One third of reality is composed of what ordinary minds continually conceive of as —
— the irrelevant;
the dichotomously driven mind makes up the other two thirds.
The hooked fish sees no relevance in talk about water,
but were it not for the water the fisherman on the other end of the line would not have come here to fish;
you must be in the water to get caught.

Nouns exist only for creatures with thoughts, and are derived from a torturing of verbs;
this is the process by which thinking animals are able to change their
physical environment and as a side benefit, make ordinary brains, when not busy,
able to doze with their man’s eyes wide open.
The realization runs nouns and verbs into one;
what a man does is the real subject of his life’s statement,
and for the certain man, his unseen, internal actions.
(The reason Mole Man never became a super hero is that no one ever sees him
[the certain man’s attitude about his brain’s produced, self-image is similar.])

Do not think: “I am sick” or: “I am not sick” but rather:
“I do not know or care whether I am sick or not.”
The certain man eventually becomes so unidentifiable that he does not see how
the term even applies to him.
Don’t walk on the sidewalk — and don’t walk in the street;
walk on the curb.
In a manner: men mentally bleed from the particular wiring of their brain,
thoughts giving pleasure — thoughts giving pain.
There is no state of perpetual health — but there is of non-suffering.
In spite of what mind by its nature feels: what if you have no
psychological self of any sort in any way separate from a physical one.

If existence is mathematics, ordinary consciousness sees only incomplete equations;
many crashes occurred before manned flight became a reality;
all thoughts prior to the realization, crash, burn and are forgotten.
The certain man need not believe in sequential lives & reincarnation;
he lives all of his at one time after birthing himself anew in this one.
The cry: “I’ll never forget!” is necessary for the ordinary — inexcusable in the few.

There is no full awakening to what is really going on
without the complete realization that no one can fully know.
There is a fence in the brain which divides ordinary consciousness from
an unknown variety;
it marks the distinction between: separated & seamless – sequential & omnipresence;
between being only the “I” the brain produces as contrast to its not-I,
and your own self-discovered “I” who realizes what the whole hullabaloo
is actually all about.
Only creatures with thoughts hear-voices! Do you hear voices?
Are you aware that everyone does,
and that no one recognizes where they come from? Huh? —
do you ever think about that when the voices are talking to you?

There are three things: the known, the unknown and the unreckonable.
What do men believe they mean when they say: “So I told myself……..”

The certain man has no means to judge himself or what he attempts —
he just does it —– and that’s all there is to it.

Life offers the appearance of alternatives in normal men’s minds —
a choice between imaginary vanilla and illusory chocolate:
“I can think of objects flying off in any possible direction in outer space,
but cannot think of me as other than earth bound.”
DoingTheThing leads the certain man to a collectively unknown edge of reality;
a place where, because of its proximity to the outer limits,
shadows and shadows-throwers merge;
as does I and not-I — thus the mentally real and unreal,
and a man’s inner universe is set free to soar and expand.

One method is: Swallow-the-fire —
totally consume all that comes in your head which bothers you enough to
make you feel like ordinary people do;
swallow what attempts to burn you and you are set free to fly.