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October 25, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX
(Continued from 10/24/02)

The kind of change in himself needed by a man with ThatCertainHunger
to ever satisfy same comes not overall from anything he can do,
but rather from the things he abandons;
the one exception is: pretending — he can pretend, and it can be most profitable;
so today’s expediently described situation and practical solution is like this:
the certain man privately strives to give up talking, feeling and behaving like
life has him naturally born to do,
and takes up pretending to be someone else whose actions in these areas
he finds more acceptable;
it is a double whammy of combining two approaches:
Don’t! and: Pretend.

The Don’t method for the certain man is quite simple: anything you are
naturally feeling, thinking and wanting to do that bothers you — Don’t,
instead, instantly fill the void by talking and behaving like someone with traits counter to the natural ones in you (which do not meet with your approval)
by Pretending you are such another person;
note that this is useful only to the certain man with that special desire;
ordinary people can make no use of it since they cannot, do not discriminate between what is real and natural in them and the world of mental pretend,
so the whole notion of: Don’t be like you are is meaningless,
and the one of: Pretend is moot since they do so already — but unwittingly.

The combined use of the two approaches is necessary in that
simply telling yourself not to be like you are will accomplish nothing,
save a momentary interference in the normal flow of life
through your mental capacities —
it must be immediately followed by you instantly starting to talk and behave like someone without the feelings and thoughts that would make a person
talk and behave as you were just about to;
it’s like you suddenly hold your breath, and at the same time begin
breathing through your ears to take up the slack.

Also note: for the certain man the aim of this is not to become a better person — but to yourself to become a more real and personal person;
finally realizing what is really going on will not make you more attractive, wealthy, interesting, or talented, but for the person for whom nothing will suffice but the full, personally grabbed understanding of what life is about
in its molecular activity manifested in man’s consciousness, this is sufficient –
face it: he has no alternative.

Don’t Do It — and — Pretend —
two of the sweetest, most liberating sounds in the certain man’s lexicon.