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October 23, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

A certain man had a twin brother who really annoyed him –
even though they were blood kin, his genetic reflection irritated him no end.
You may first think this so common as to be unworthy of note,
but if you have that special interest — read on,
for this particular case has a curious twist.

The man was only bothered by his twin when the twin was talking about him,
and at first you may say the man should find this agreeable —
be pleased by his brother’s interest in him,
which is how it would be among the world’s general population —
but this certain man’s reaction to the situation was different.

Be clear from the outset, it was not the tenor of the twin’s comments about the man that troubled him, for they were certainly not routinely pejorative,
contraire — were his brother’s words put to paper,
reading them would give an antipodal picture;
no, the content was not the cause of the contention,
this certain man was vexed by the simple fact of his twin’s verbal activity.

And be straight about another facet of this,
it was not the actual sound of his brother’s voice that irked him,
for his twin had specialized knowledge in numerous areas which the man welcomed him to verbally share when conditions would make such of practical value —
it was strictly at times other than these that the man found his twin’s
running commentary to his life so extremely distracting.

In early years, the man did sufficient investigation to realize that
his situation with a twin was as common as could be,
and that everyone else took it easily in stride;
he also made a specific point of determining to his satisfaction that
his twin was no worse, or much different in this regard than anyone else’s — so –
the certain man was left with this apparently valid conclusion:
there was something a bit out of the ordinary about him
that was the source of his irritation concerning his twin’s constant chatter about his life;
“Okay” he thought: “I can live with that —
at least now I know how to properly approach the problem” –
but it turned out not so simple as that,
for even though the situation would be tolerable when the man was remembering that it was not his twin’s comments fueling his grief, but rather his reactions to them —
he found he had little strength — or was it ability —
to so remember what he so clearly understood:
his twin would be verbally running on aimlessly as he normally did,
and the man would suddenly be sucked entirely into the endless commentary,
and begin again his impotent, mute fidgeting
until the next time that he did remember the actual nature of the situation.

A truly curious case — wouldn’t you say.


Oh yeah:. the man eventually became a free lance entomologist,
writing a never published paper on the alternative to annoying creatures being annoying to them being irrelevant.

The supremely curious feature of human life is how talk can so easily override the reality of man’s experience.