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October 21, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

A virus got loose on one planet and to an outside observer, did substantial damage;
those involved had no such view in that what it damaged was the inhabitants’ ability to distinguish certain kinds of damage done to them, (and to be more accurate):
the virus’ initial effect was to make them start identifying certain things for the first time as being damaging, then after that, began interfering with this activity.

The responsibility of the brain’s conscious operations (which men call thinking)
is to analyze conditions, and consider actions beyond the body’s repertoire of instinctive reactions;
like other life forms and the rest of man’s body, thought is programmed to deal with both external and internal conditions posing a threat;
in the latter instance, thought works not unlike a second immune system,
except in one specific case – the case of consciousness afflicting itself.

The word, afflicting is here applied in a manner completely relative and expeditious inasmuch as ordinary men do not find their brain’s normal conscious activities
in any way distressful,
indeed their brains identify themselves as being not themselves, but rather
the man in whom they reside, and then make the usually irrefutable claim that it is
he who is deliberately directing his consciousness and thought,
and if he has any complaint therewith, he can readily remedy same.

But to the certain man, afflicting is not too strong a description of how one bundle of non routinely connected neurons react (when they temporarily take over his consciousness)
to the overall activity of the rest of his non survival essential thinking.
The perspective from this most obscure and anomalous spot in some men’s cerebral cortex pits (as it were) one area of the brain’s conscious, thought-producing activity against another
(and more precisely: a quite small one vs. the overwhelming majority).
But to such a man, the percentages are irrelevant;
he finds his heart & soul (as they say) irrevocably on the side of the small rebel band;
he feels an unshakable, natural commitment to their totally extraordinary view of life (even in early stages when he really does not know exactly what that view is).
But something in his brain tells him that this minority molecular mental activity is the one proper for him to encourage and pursue
(more on the money: this group of brain cells, when they are in speaking-&-thinking charge, have no doubt whatsoever of the value of their particular interest as opposed to those of all the rest of his and everyone else’s brains
[such common interests being felt by common brains to not have any particular value; their thoughts are just something for their brain to do until
it has something compellingly worthwhile to do]).

The situation amounts to this:
ordinary men have brains that recreationally produce and play with thoughts
which have no other reason for existence other than the fact that they are there;
the certain man’s cortex has a certain group of unusually connected cells
which generate thoughts, while still not essential to physical survival,
are not to his brain merely necessary distractions,
but an avocational call to a personal destiny;
these completely uncommon thoughts which he can tap into in his brain,
he somehow realizes give a truer picture of what is going on in life,
and are a more genuine voice of whatever the hell he actually is.

Being alive is not an objectively definable illness;
the ordinary human brain however is programmed in large part to see it otherwise;
the brain does not literally make itself sick;
its thoughts do not actually turn on themselves – but they seem to;
it is an in-house, inner-cranial illusion:

Punch punching Judy,
Satan taunting God,
Error threatening Truth –
and from the certain man’s private perspective:
laying-about vs. standing-at-attention — GLARING.