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October 14, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

On one world, to help the advanced beings advance even further,
life provided them with a system of communication whereby
one creature can say something completely non sensible,
and the others will apparently still understand what he meant.

Reality is not enough for humans, and
that indeed is the true definition of the breed.

One man had a peculiar dislike for having to go to sleep at night:
he hated his thoughts being even more out of his control than usual.
(His brother pointed out the bright side, that at least in that
non conscious condition a man has an acceptable excuse for
not being in a state of full, willfully directed consciousness –
a comment which, for an instant, favorably caught the man’s attention — but
he quickly recovered, noting:
“No, I have had access to that same excuse during the day light hours
for my entire existence;
just open your eyes and ears to the normal human activity all around you —
you are being continually, though indirectly assured that
what is going on in your thoughts is well within feasible realm (almost as though):
if you are human and you were able to think it — Hey! it could be —
especially if it pleases your brain to believe that it could.”

“No,” concluded the man in response to his sibling’s proffered proviso,
“I understand that the activity of mind I find so personally distasteful
is man’s normal one, and found by everyone else to be tolerable,
but a lifetime of struggling with it makes it clear to me that something in my brain
will never accept any explanation or excuse for its dominant presence
in the head of my nervous system.”

“I do not mind being me, and I do not mind being externally unremarkable,
but what, by my nature I cannot take is
the automatic facet of my neural activity that makes it possible for me to
think and say such things as this.”

Reality is not enough for normal humans,
nor to them can this be cold-water-clear.

The certain man is chafed not by physical reality, nor by his fellow creatures’
natural dismissal of such as an, adequate-explanation-of-things;
even those whose interest seems superficially therein
(physicists, biologists) yet believe there are intangible forces
inhabiting and influencing man (psychological, sociological);

except for someone starving — reality is not enough for man.

Reality is all there is —

even if no man can ever conceive of the full extent of what reality is,
or men ever agree on a working map of what they can perceive it to be,
regardless of everything the mind can think of —
reality is all there is
(including of confoundingly-course)
the collection of everything that human minds can think it to be
(no matter how fish try to cut it — water is it).

Reality not being enough for man is what gets non starving humans out of bed
in the morning before they have fully exhausted the pleasures of repose;
were reality enough for man, civilization would not exist:
no culture, no music, no literature, no art, no education;
all that externally distinguishes man comes directly from the fact that it is not,
so none but the pathological can fault with it find,
but for the certain man seeking that certain something
that is not to be found in the public market place,
no matter how early he arises, no matter what books he reads,
and no matter what course of instruction he pursues, taught by his peers,
even with him that same strange song remains true —

— reality is not enough —
granted that in his case it gets a special twist, but the basic fact is intact:
reality is not sufficient — even for the certain man.
This is the unrealized cause of all myths, religions,
and metaphysical musing of all stripes,
and is ultimately the substance behind the shadow-statement:
“All that a certain man knows that is useful to him — he made up.”

“Father, does this mean that I should just be satisfied with physical reality,
and let it go at that?”
“The question is: can you ?”
“It would seem apparently possible.”
“But then you come to this:
is your mental concept of, ‘apparently’ part of physical reality or not?”

The very sort of things which would drive normal men crazy
(if they tried to think about them)
are the keys to freedom for the few.