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October 9, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

In its role as the universe’s story teller,
mind looks at physical reality and plays: “What if” —
“What if we do not perish after the body’s death —
What if there is an omnipresent, transcendent life form looking over us
whose power and intelligence we (or some men) can tap into — and:
What if we can change what we are born as?” —
and the answer to all such questions is: molecules can;
the cells which alone make up every square inch of every square man
do all of these things (“Funny,” they whisper, “That you should ask.”)

From one first view it seems that mind has a job unique in the body:
that of imagining how the environments both outside of them and inside
might be beneficially different than they are,
and how such changes might be effected,
and from this perspective, mind certainly, by this singular activity,
strikes man as being something, though in his body,
yet somehow separate in quality from its other organs and operations,
after all: livers do not day dream, nor lungs invent, nor hearts theorize and speculate;
such things issue only from that part of the brain man has labeled — mind:
an unseen, unweighable, untrappable something that commonly has more influence over human life than do the basic survival instincts — and yet —
when for a moment asked to considered the matter, everyone knows that the brain is made up of the same molecules as the kidneys and that whatever comes from it does so through molecular action not unlike that in any other part of the body — and yet —
no normal human brain and the molecules making it up
have a continuing recollection of this simple, indisputable reality.

When back molecules urge brain molecules to devise a scheme for
moving heavy objects with less physical exertion —
cells throughout the body enjoy the practical benefits derived therefrom,
but when brain molecules engage in their other natural activity of story telling,
any reactions thereto (positive or negative) are confined to the cells that thought it.

(And then there is the certain man whose position is off the chart).

By nature, some men’s brain molecules find stories concerning, life-after-death, gods, and attempted psychological self manipulation to be entirely ludicrous,
and without the least foundation in reason or human experience;
some even deem supporters of same to be deranged,
“living in a dream world of foolish hopes and wishes”
yet it is not men devising and proclaiming such ideas — it is the molecules,
cells in their brain which alone make up their brain and which alone are responsible for whatever the brain does –
from maintaining your balance and blood pressure,
to writing the poem or symphony you just finished.

Life has genetically arranged, wired and programmed man to have a brain with a cellular structure and activity which produces what those same molecules
later had man label: thoughts,
and the only discernible use of this molecular activity is to tell stories to itself,
based on playing: “What if”
which no other collection of cells in man’s body can approximate.
But from the certain man’s view, a side effect of all this overall,
undeniably beneficial molecular activity in man’s brain is that,
there is the sensation created
that the molecules producing the thoughts
are different and apart from the other molecules in the brain,
which he sees clearly as the source for the illusion of there being a, me
somewhere in his brain that is doing the thinking — doing the analyzing,
and attempting to exercise control over the process —

over the process that is the only process;
over the process that is the process saying it is trying to exercise control.

The cells of your body which make up the entirety of you and who alone give you life, and keep you alive can only respond to the life other than you via the body’s senses;
muscles know the world only by the molecules which make them up — touching it;
mind knows the world by another process —
by some molecules which make up the brain — thinking — telling stories about it — telling stories to themselves,
but not all cells in the brain talk and tell stories;
the survival essential ones work in silence — only those survival supportive speak,
and when their talk is not by dint of circumstances confined to basic affairs,
their talk and story telling is unleashed on affairs universal –
on matters that transcend instant sensations of time, space, even existence itself;
the molecules which are man’s brain, and the cellular activity that is man’s thinking tells stories which, from the view at their level, are rooted in physical fact —
are, from what operationally turns out to be the totality of the human view – theories — speculations — wishful hopes and dreams,
over which the physiques, tongues and pens of men then debate and fight.

The overt manifestations of this of course, is old news,
but what is as fresh and untouched as an unborn child is the abiding awareness in men’s brains that it is the plain and simple molecular activity going on in their brains, same as in every other part of their being, that is the sole source of the stories, dreams,
and speculations, and that apart from this mundane molecular activity,
there is no you in your head witnessing, hearing and aware of the activity —

the activity is you
(at least the you men normally feel they have).
But the interest here is not in mankind — but in one man — the certain man,
and with him, what results from this normal collective molecular activity in his head,
of which he can be aware,
is always fresh news — urgent — urgent and astounding in that ,
while he can seemingly read what is going on in his molecular consciousness
he is faced with the unavoidable reality that the thing (him) in his brain
doing the reading is also what is being read,
and that the activity of which he constantly struggles to make and keep himself aware is that same activity struggling.

Is a man with molecules in his brain capable of comprehending and filing all of this permanently in present-time memory to continue fall fatuous mark to the stories which his brain’s own cells have fashioned based on reality at their level,
but which are without radical substance or immediate significance on a more physically complex one, (that is): gross human reality as perceived by humanity collectively,
(that is): by the combined molecular activity of all men’s brains? — OR:

will he fully avail himself of the potential inherent in
his brain’s non standard molecular activity?

This is why there is not possible,
an accurate description of DoingTheThing.