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October 4, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX


The two main problems facing the ghost-band of the
ever-touring, golden-oldies confederation of neural anomalies are:
one: no one has a clear grasp of the difference between the cold, hard facts of life,
and the allegories and metaphors about life,
and secondly: fewer still comprehend that there is no difference
(this is why Plumbing remains the occupation of choice amongst normal thinkers
in preference to Pre Sumerian Philosophy).
Life would not be as much fun if humans did not talk;
life would not be as troublesome if humans did not talk;
life would not be life for humans if they did not talk — SO:

what’re ya gonna do?! — who’re ya gonna call.
The so-called,being-asleep state that the certain man does not like is:
his brain taking the course of least resistance;
conserving energy — as is natural to all creation.
When the certain man thinks about a thing in the manner proper for him —
it leaves no debris;
he thinks the thought — then it is gone — completely and forever. (ha ha)
The universe’s perfect rope is thought:
it can be tied into knots which can thereafter never be untangled.
SPOILAGE: In the certain man’s house, nothing lasts much over three days.
“Let’s all get excited and pretend everything is going our way!”
“I don’t have to.”
“Why — is everything actually GOING your way?”
“No — I stopped pretending that I HAD a way.”
Fine tuning won’t help when you’re listening to the wrong radio.
When it comes to TheThing: no one who really knows what they are doing
will say outright what it is that they are doing.
(As you like to note: It’s really neat how all of this plays out.)
Without a doubt: To knock it down you first have to — set it up.
One guy’s tuneful tribute to DoingIt:
“I’m pissed,
I’m pissed,
I really do insist;
‘fore I found IT, I’s sad,
then it made me get glad,
but now I’m just pissed and confused.”
To knock it down you have to first — set it up.
What looks like things coming apart
is what ultimately puts it all together.
The closest thing to, straight-ahead for the certain man is:
a line toward a granite formation.
One man who was originally swashbuckled – now is swashstraightened.
No matter how otherwise confined, the brain has at all times the freedom to:
look at itself —
which produces something closely resembling freedom (a heightened inner alertness).
One man notes: “When I finally began to realize what my brain is doing,
my first reaction was — astonishment,
later it was one of annoyance over how it could — when so looked at —
instantly become me and cause me to forget that it was it doing it all.”
Be glad there are the two separates of: The Realization, and the: DoingTheThing; least that way you have twin potential sets of teeth with which to
take a snap at the ever-passing apple.
And one guy sings: “I once was dizzy — now I’m not;
I once was dizzy — now I’m not;
I looked in my head — when, ‘dizzy’ I said,
and everything suddenly got straight.”
Many want to kill the greyhound when all you need do is make him sit down.
And remember: Regardless of your previous credit history –
The two realities (the external physical one & the internal, intangible one)
are both required-for & important-to humans living a fully developed & normal life,
but to a man who realizes what is going on, the only inner reality of any interest,
or significance to him is the one he has uncovered-come-created for himself.
(Parts of other people’s inner reality that have found their way into his and lodged there before he took charge, are to him, nothing more than unremovable background noise.)
All men are impressed with the tricks the brain can do,
but only he of the realized mind can see and appreciate its BIG ONE!
(Phew! Just talkin’ about it gives most civilians the world-class willies.)
Trying to understand the reality inside of man’s head is like the attempt to
solve a mathematical problem by a non mathematician.
The certain man’s mind goes through two stages and lives two lives:
the first, the mechanics of routine produces and establishes via memories scattered through his brain and which cannot be altered,
the second, he creates and even though the original mind remains active
and entrenched, his second becomes the only one to which he gives serious heed.
The whole idea of psychologically-based, “mental illness”
is the brain’s attempt to give its non essential thoughts a sense of significance
they would not otherwise receive.
Men do not physically live in a dream — their thinking does.
One man privately has great affection for the normally offensive term, blockhead finding it contrarily to be a highly desirable condition.
One man speculates that he may actually suffer from, attention-surplus,
(or at least, too much attention TO his attention).
“Okay,” says one man, “I’ll grant you this much: consciousness is not so weird — IF you don’t THINK about it!”
There is Real and Phony Info: All info about man’s mental-only realm is phony;
it is only real for as long as it is privately useful to you.
The Rules:
1. When you achieve the goal, stop;
2. If you ever stop, you lose what was achieved.
The Rules — love ‘em or go back to pieces.
A man who knows what it’s all about places great value on words — his words,
and also hardly any at all.
The more intellectualized you are (from one view),
the more pretentious you must become.

There is a hot potato the hand can hold that answers everything –
but only when you are holding it.
P.S. You cannot hold it all of the time — only when you remember to.

For the certain man, The Realization is the most fun of life;
DoingTheThing the most taxing,
but apparently you cannot pick & choose between them
(you take the throwing-out along with the bathed baby).


The realized mind is like a sculptor whose best work comes from the least amount of chiseling.