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September 28, 2002 2002: JAN COX

Another opportune tool in the struggle to see what is going on is:
never look straight ahead —
— and for very good reason: there is no straight-ahead.

Straight-ahead is a meaningful concept only in farming and rope walking;
its spurious employ appears when the brain’s coreless, outer shell thinking
turns to itself, and the sundry things of its own creation
whose existence is confined to a realm not tangible.

Straight-ahead certainly can have life & death consequences concerning the body’s movement through the physical environment,
but notwithstanding man’s enforced collective thinking to the contrary —
not only does, straight-ahead have no significance in the brain’s inner environment —
it does not even exist
(which of course in mental-only matters is no impediment whatsoever – “ But still!”
let us dramatically squeal on behalf of the few interested in seeing what is really going on).
One view of explaining the constant, mass confusion and conflict men suffer over
their individual inner lives is to lay the cause on the delusion that
in that inner world there is such a thing as, straight-ahead.

The outer shell of thinking (expediently exemplified in one model used here as being the natural, automatically running, brain-waves, as opposed to the unmistakably
separate sense of a Me, which you must willfully produce & is quite distinct therefrom,
and exists only in real-time, and only for as long as it is consciously held
at the expense of what would otherwise be your normally flowing brain-waves),
due to its inherently mushy nature, looks for stability and reliability where none exists, but when it turns its attention inward, it has the in-house,
no-one-else-is-in-here-to-say-otherwise ability to pretend that it does
(straight-ahead actually exists, in Magellan seeking his way around The Horn,
but in the mind only does so when it is Red Riding Hood winding her way to Grandma’s house).

The many conflicts between men whose cause seems not physical or territorial
come from the brain’s fictional writing in its mind that
ideas-about-ideas exist in a setting wherein measurable spatial activity is possible –
that the “movement” of thoughts is subject to the same laws as that of water;
that one thought can push aside another and move past it in a manner symbolizing
its superiority in veracity (as might one water molecule, or electron another);
men collectively and commonly speak of their “moving-forward” —
of knowledge relentlessly replacing ignorance in the inevitable march forward of “scientific-and-intellectual-progress” — scientific (that is: about the outer world) — si,
intellectual (the intellect’s knowledge of itself) — nein.

All knowledge the brain claims to have of its conscious activities
(such knowledge being an output solely of its conscious activities)
is without an objective core or stable foundation;
it is anecdotal mush — fog & dreams — but, Hey! this is all old news for the few with good sight — right?! — so let us go on to today’s pragmatic point:

never look straight-ahead — period;
not with your eyes, externally,
and not with your I’s, internally.

The best orientation in the physical world comes from constant scanning;
the continual awareness of life at the periphery of your sensual sight;
do that and what ever is literally straight ahead of you will be taken into
non conscious account and properly dealt with,
and internally — well, the pay off for such incessant scanning is even better
(if you happen to find some things [okay, one certain thing]
the damn near equal of survival itself).

Everything the certain man thinks he wants to know — is off to the side;
everything he needs see to lead to the realization —
is off to the sides of where he mentally now looks —
where men’s minds naturally look when they try to look at themselves,
and their handiwork.
Ordinary minds, in all of their thinking about thought-only things,
always look — think — straight-ahead,

almost like a man who, for some reason has allowed himself to be put into a trance
by a hypnotist standing before him, and who — if he is to remain in the state —
must keep his attention on the mesmerizer in front of him,
and not let himself be disturbed by any distractions off to his sides.

To maintain routine mental normalcy on this planet
a man should always be staring (that is) — always be looking straight ahead —
both externally and internally, but for the few — especially internally
(they do so enjoy good metaphysical humor).

Hollow, meaningless thinking always moves and looks straight-ahead;
such mental activity goes no where close to the realization,
forsooth, just for fun you could say that the whole purpose of such routine thinking
is to keep a man’s brain from any possibility that it might somehow —
even accidentally — stumble upon a personal realization of what is going on with life both outside him and inside as well.

(“No, no Alice! — you cannot go into that hole!”
“Nay, nay, little piggy — you are blowing on the wrong structure!”)

To get to that secret (or at least, commonly not known) inner place of the certain man,

make your mental activity fit the generally prevailing , but unrecognized conditions (which are) — splintered & fragmented;
splintered conditions — splintered thinking about the conditions.
In the normal neural realm
there is never anything stable & solid straight ahead of you — never — so:
never look there — never send or allow your thought to take that track;
the reality (if it be called that) of the brain’s private, exclusive world of consciousness (when that feature of its operations is not engaged in some essential survival related matter)
is scattered all over the place;
the reality of thought that seems so real and, there — is actually no where —
there is no there in there — in the world of thought,
and with no there, there is certainly no straight-ahead —
everything is always somewhere else —
just-over-there — until you look over there — then it is suddenly – somewhere else;
then you have to look over there to see it for the instant in which it
actually exists — over there —- and then: on to some place else.

That is how the willfully imposed, thinking-within-thinking operates
in the certain man’s brain.
Wherever everyone else’s brain/mind is looking (and thus, talking-about) —

— look somewhere else —
(and most important of all) — wherever your own thinking naturally wants to look —
at all costs — look someplace else — any place;
that is the trick to producing and sustaining a Me in your mind instead of the
mere mechanical brain-waves,
and the Me is the only thing that will ever see.