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Beneficially Fondling Your Frontal Lobes Long Before The Civilly Erotic Neural Revolution
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September 27, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

The realization of the certain man is something quite specific,
but afterwards a singular, surprising sort of vagueness appears;
(since there is no stringently suitable word to describe it, vagueness will do;
you could expediently picture it as similar to the air all around you —
permeating every area of space in which you live,
yet 99.9% of your lifetime you have no conscious awareness of its existence —
it is just there — so, there-&-everywhere that it goes unnoticed;
the post realization vagueness is not that unlike).

The realization for which the certain man struggles so mightily reveals to him in a sudden super blast (after years of wimpy, simmering false starts)
something simple and specific;
this anomalous human recognition of what life and man is about is quite blunt,
and exact, changing radically forever his mental relationship to being alive;
yet this most precise shift in his understanding of everything is gradually, subtly invaded by an all pervasive, consciousness-of-vagueness, which
(if his original taste for the adventure persists) leads the certain man into even greater fun.

(This matter is not being herein broached to provide a new travel brochure
for your imagination, rather:
use your mind to ponder all of its possible implications to your present inner position;
a constant considering of this subject of vagueness can offer unexpected assistance
to understanding where you are and what is going on
before it ever seems that you have reached any sort of meaningful goal.
If you cannot or do not use it — it is mere entertainment, although
in the certain man’s specialized area, even entertainment is useful.)

Knowledge of the physical world, to be of use, must be specific;
likewise ‘twould seem, comprehension of man’s intangible, thought-driven one
(mark the efforts of the Social Sciences & Psychiatry’s sprouts),
but mind’s knowledge of itself (though loath to admit it
[“loath” being an attempted humorous under-understatement]) is nothing if not NOT specific,
yet this, compared-to-objective-science failure disables it not a whit.
The cognitive sciences (along with others) currently see the human brain as being
the most complex thing known to man in the universe, with its operations he has labeled the, mind, being activities of a singularly cosmic complexity.
Through Neurology and Anatomy, it did not take man long to gain a practical knowledge of the brain’s operations beneath the layer of the cerebral cortex (mind),
but in that area, everything remains guess work, speculation,
and a search for what amounts to, metaphysical statistics
(though those involved certainly use no such term).

In cognitive research is a belief in a Grand, Unifying Theory of the mind
which will tie together and explain simply everything about consciousness,
same as such is searched for in Physics regarding the physical universe,
but all that their minds see — and all that the ordinary minds of five thousand years’ worth of extraordinary thinkers and philosophers have ever seen —
is a complexity so bewildering and untraceable as to give the weak migraines,
and cause the stronger to spend more time seeking new grants
so as to postpone the feared inevitable.

The certain man and his shadowy lineage have always, by birth,
sensed a simplicity to this whole affair (life) –
either a simplicity deliberately kept secret from man,
or one of which his normal consciousness is unable to conceive —
its reality is what is herein frequently referred to as: the realization,
and even though it is not adequately describable in words (which is to say: in thoughts —
or else it would be commonly known to man) this much can be said:
what this entirely uncommon brain experience reveals to the man who has it

is a fact most simple;
simple, simple, simple, simple.
In an instant it answers every single question that any man has ever had about life,
and himself,
and in an eye blink, explains everything the man has ever wanted to know. Pay day!

As privately astounding as this be to such a man — it gets even better;
the all-explanatory exactness of what his brain realized
via this anomalous neural experience begins to give way to a vagueness;
the specificity and precision of the secret his brain recognized
morphs into a never suspected, nor heard of:

vagueness and, everything-everywhere-at-once-ness.
Do not rub the eyes of your hearing at this: your brain is not incorrect in saying:
“Wait: this seems to be saying that a man’s perception goes from an original state of commonly felt vagueness — to the specificity provided by the realization,
but now it sounds like it returns to where it began?!” — no,
you do not get your stupidity back; your eyes do get opened only to be shut again;
you do not go back mentally to not understanding what is going on; the new type of vagueness is something altogether different from what any man’s normal brain thinks of when he hears the word, “vague” — it is symbolically something like this
(if metaphorically you were a Physicist):
you begin, wanting to understanding the nature of the universe, and not doing so;
after years of reflecting thereon, one day — BOOM! — it hits you! —
you suddenly have your own Big Bang of realization,
the whole nature of the universe, in an instant, becomes crystal clear –
then comes the unpredicted third act of the drama:
the universal fall out from the Big Bang realization.

The extraordinary realization that occurs in the brain of the certain man
lasts but an instant in time (same as would have the material Big Bang in the physical sphere), and it is followed by its remnants — the ramifications-of its remnants–
being spread to every nook, crevice and corner of the man’s mind;
the explosion of the cosmic Big Bang produced and sent out omnidirectionally,
all of the materials which would ultimately make up the physical universe in which
we live —
in a similar manner does the Big Bang of the certain man’s neural realization manufacture and distribute throughout his consciousness —

— new materials of comprehension —
with a refinement and pervasiveness, previously unknown in the certain man’s
mental universe, (and still unknown to ordinary men).

The Big Bang of the simple, specific realization of what is going on in life,
and why you were never able to see it, and why the rest of humanity never will,
results inevitably (seen in hindsight) in its reality covering the entirety of
your consciousness like a good rain on a garden;
every single plant, leaf, stalk and inch of ground is uniformly soaked in water,

and when everything is wet – there is no sense of wetness —
and when you specifically realize what is going on with everything —
there comes less of a sense of what seems to be going on with any particular thing — — in particular.

The sun simply burns and gives us life —
what else meaningful is there to know about its lesser thermal activities.

When you know what is going on — you do not really know all that much —
you certainly do not know as much as you did when you first realized what is going on.


“Pa pa, what is the precise difference between metaphors and facts?”
“Those who must wonder will never know.”