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September 23, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX


You have not begun to appreciate the full simplicity of it all until —
one day it suddenly strikes you that even what you already realize
is too simple to actually think about.

You have to (as it were) — think-your-way to the realization
(more accurately: right up to the edge of it);
there is no other way;
no physical, emotional, or devotional tricks will do,
(although such can be thinking-efforts in disguise),
but all thinking about any intangible, inner-reality-only matter (which the realization be), complicates it –
that is the mind’s sole motivation for reflecting on these vaporous affairs:
to make them seem to it, increasingly complicated
for in so doing it adds to the mind’s sensation of their substantive existence,
(e.g. gods and their stories started out pretty simple, but look at them now).

So for even the certain man to ever feel he has begun making some worthwhile effort in pursuit of the realization of what is really going on in life —
just behind the obvious façade of what the collective take it to be —
he must think about it, and moreover: struggle relentlessly to find ways of thinking about it that are meaningfully to him, yet different from the thinking of
the ordinary people of the world who clearly do not share his interest.
If his birthright includes this anomalous intrigue,
he should have the potential for eventually turning out in his own brain,
unconventional, but useful original thinking about man’s intangible inner reality;
it is this private endeavor that will see him through the
valley-of-the-shadow-of-idiocy, the mental house of mirrors wherein:

many go in but few come out — not helplessly disoriented for life.

This time (ranging [non statistically] from thirty years to thirty lifetimes
[for fans of such multiple grabs-at-the-ring notions]) is for the certain man,
one of extraordinary secret fun & excitement —
as he alone (so far as he knows with absolute certainty),
with his loosey-goosey mental eyes & fingers, unravels an endless, deeper reality
to what is going on in life than the rest of world displays having a clue to,
and for years does it pragmatically, and experientially seem to him that he is incrementally learning the truth about everything, one piece at a time,
which undoubtedly is leading to his ultimate understanding of the complete picture.

This thinking — no matter in whom it occurs, and regardless its verbal specifics,
and no matter how necessary it be and how close it takes you to the realization —
neither this thinking nor any other will get you over & past the edge,
and into the heart of the all consuming, full realization –
its totally unexpected nature slips up on you before you have the time,
or mental wherewithal to validly suspect what is going on and about to happen —
if you persevere (and salutary planetary alignment and good karma be with you).
As nut-city as it can sound to unshaken urban squirrels:
if you still believe you are thinking about what you have uncovered, and now see —
— you do not have the whole picture;
if you can acceptably still think about the things you now privately & definitely know — — you do not yet get it.

The full realization of what is going on is too simple for the mind to think about,
and you do not have it until you realize this for yourself.


Yes, it can sound to be — and may be — something awfully close to, impossible,
but do not discount the unencumbered recognition of the, impossible —

— for therein could await an unexpected lightning flash.

…it is not unknown for additions to be made to a day’s News even after it goes into the Archives,
(especially at the bottom).