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September 11, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

For the certain man:
if you did nothing other than cease reacting mentally to what other people say —
— that alone would take you home.

Doing such a thing is decidedly unnatural;
the human mind (in its free time)
is programmed to constantly react to the output of other minds:
this is the heartbeat that keeps alive man’s inner reality,
and also the activity which, if he stays involved,
will keep the certain man from ever seeing what he seeks.

The thought part of the brain not only is wired with the desire to react to
thoughts outside it,
it has an innate drive to seek out sources to which to react
when such are not immediately extant,
and in times of drought, will call on its own memory therefor.

Mind’s explanation (if asked) for this would be that it is engaged in a proper,
and on going critical analysis of what it hears so as to separate facts from fantasy —
truth from error —
a neural activity beyond any reproach when focused on the physical world,
but when turned on man’s inner one — a realm extant only in neural activity –
what results in the brain is what keeps a certain man from catching on.

As evidenced by life all around you:
this other world of reality that exists only in men’s brains
is a necessary feature of his existence as we now find it,
and being non physical in nature,
there be no physical food to sustain this world;
what does is one mind reacting the noise of another mind.
The ceaseless running of man’s non essential mind is like an endlessly whirling vortex surrounding his brain — invisibly encompassing his head,
and every ordinary man/mind & head is instinctively drawn to every other one,
and when they touch, through speech or writing, the spinning of each mind
gives to the other, a momentary input of fresh energy;
each spinning mind contributes to keeping the other spinning mind — spinning:
this is what all words, ideas and conversations concerning man’s
thought-only reality are for: to keep active (and thus apparently alive) this inner reality;
from a certain view: the content of what is said is without any relevance –
all that matters is that this special, cortically confined world be talked about,

and the talk reacted to.

All forms of entertainment (movies, books, video games, spectator sports, gossip,
web surfing, serious debate and reminiscing)
are minds seeking to be spun by the output of other minds,
and this is only accomplished when your mind reacts to the products of another mind;
mental pastimes and nervous distractions are what they are,
but mindless spinning is their essence, and this incessant whirling
bars any coherent view of what is actually going on outside — and inside —

the mind struggling to see.

The way ordinary minds feel alive and active is like children in a swimming pool, pushing off of each other for greater fun in the water –
men’s minds likewise push off of other people’s minds and ideas
to maintain a sense of aliveness and excitement — often meaningful, they feel.
Ordinary minds (in their non essential mode) experience no greater sense of being alive, and purposeful than when reacting critically to the output of other minds, which,
(from a certain perspective) no matter the words,
nor commonly accepted seriousness of the subject being spoken of,
is never anything other than a critique of Darth Vader’s political views.

For a man with the hunger to see what is going on outside the distorted view
from within mind’s standard whirling vortex,
reacting mentally in any way whatsoever to what any other human’s mind has
ever said or written
is a form of real time, self inflicted, sticks-in-the-eye;
there is no possible reaction to anything ever said about man’s mind-only inner reality that is not instantly blinding (to the certain man),
so there is your choice:
flow with your mind’s innate, near irrepressible taste for
reacting to the flows of other minds and be reasonably entertained,
and neurally distracted for your remaining years — or,
make your new pastime the willful interruption of the natural mental flow,
and thus the conscious creation of a you —
which then undertakes the fascinating aim of ceasing to react in any way — at all —
to anything you ever hear or read;
then you can find your way to the grounds around the realization —
but never while you are mentally reacting to the routine mental life of ordinary men.


“Regardless of any other considerations: is it not good to at least know what to do?!”
“Yeah — unless you don’t wanna hear about it.”


One man notes: “I used to be commonly outraged and embarrassed by things other human beings can say —
now I only feel such emotions when I catch my own mind reacting to the meaningless things they say;
there is nothing in the universe I personally find as shameful as that.”