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Salubriously Standing On Your Toes For As Long As Anyone Knows
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September 6, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

A Trans Pacific Nursery Rhyme:
“I have a me, and I have a thing that talks about something it calls me —
but it is not the me writing this;
I am not convinced the other me exists…..but even if it does — I have no interest in it.”

– – –

How The Mind Works, 2764:
A father told a son: “I read that shaving is easier
if you swirl the lather around on your beard rather than just patting it on,”
the next day the son said: “Swirling the lather around does make shaving a lot easier; where did you hear about that?”
“I didn’t — I made it up. Now try it and see if it works.”

– – –

In one complex institution was a section on the top floor
whose purpose & operation was mostly a mystery;
periodically when a wave of unusually, serious seeming activity would sweep through the place, the section would participate in doing what was necessary to restore calm,
but other than for these spasmodic occasions —
what went on in that section up there was known only to those up there,
but here’s the good part: even they didn’t know –
their overall purpose & operation was a complete mystery to them also.

– – –

On one planet — the children are in charge;
they make adults play ceaseless games of make believe;
they have them dress up all business like,
and pretend to be involved in quite serious affairs;
but the most fun they have with the grown ups is
forcing them to talk as though they know what they are talking about.
(Of mild surprise is the fact that hardly any adults ever object.)

When you are baffled in childhood, you will be baffled as an adult — BUT,
if you become a proper adult — you’ll forget about it.

– – –

After years of struggle, one man managed to move into a fancy high rise,
but discovered he had the sort of unsavory neighbors he had worked so hard to get away from;
initially he was much annoyed, and tried to reform them,
or at least get them to be quieter — with no success;
then the entire universal scene of what was going on,
and how he should be handling it, struck him, head on:
“After all I went through to get here,
I will not now lower myself to the totally irrelevant level of even acknowledging their existence (much less noticing or complaining about any of their specific activities).”

While what occurred was more subtle than words can convey –
what is described is not far removed from the attitude that naturally ensued from
the man’s fought-for realization that brought him to the place where he now resided.

– – –

On one world, all that is required to be considered intelligent
is the ability to point at ant hills and say: “Ant hill” –
what there is taken as the proper exercise of this intelligence
is trying to stamp out the ants coming from other people’s hills;
what they do not realize is: they are actually attempting to stomp on
the bottoms of their own feet.
One man’s motto is: “I would not live any place shabby enough to have me.”

Such is the silent slogan of a man who knows.

It doesn’t really matter where you live —
as long as you understand how to live there.

“Hey bub! — you don’t look like such a big-deal to me –
you don’t even look much different than me.”

Such is the final humorous recognition of the man who sees and knows.