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Rigging The Neural Elections Since 1899
September 4, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX


“Son, there are three possible states of mind: you can be blind, sighted, or critical.”
“I would have expected you to make being blind & being critical the same state.”
“I was just being nice to the blind.”

– – –

On a planet of lizards, they continually licked one another,
and when one lizard would lick another it would cause the licked one’s
inner gyroscope to spin around, which would then make him want to lick yet another lizard which, when he did would make that lizard’s gyroscope spin and cause him to want to lick still another one, (and so on).

……Oh yeah, for the licking to have this effect, a lizard has to pay attention to it.

“Son, one approach in a totally unrelated matter is: Don’t trail after sentences.”

– – –

In one organization there was a department of Planning & Review –
planning & reviewing — that is all it did —
under the appropriate circumstances, profitable activities indeed,
but it damn near took over the whole operation!
(“That’s probably not a good thing, huh Dad?!”)

– – –

One man was never in — to his brain’s pulsations.
….well he tried to never be.

If circumstances are not giving the brain reason to be doing thinking willfully,
the brain has no reason to do such.

The certain one’s quandary: How to consistently motivate your brain
to make willful efforts when there is no reason for it to do so.

– – –

“My boy, in the mind’s dog & pony show, the truth is…”
“Wait — I know: the dog and the pony are the same!”
“No — the show and the audience are.”
“Aw — why do you always have the final word!”
“Because there is none: that is why our conversations always come to an end.”
“You mean we pretend that they do?!”
“Okay — we go along with it.”

– – –

In the original version of one travel film there was an on going voice over;

one independent producer later changed it to an encyclopedic review of
everything in the world.

– – –

In a move of apparent desperation, one man tried to turn-himself-in —
only to discover that he was the only one qualified to take custody.
“Kinda leaves you back where you started, huh Dad?!”

Boys & girls, do not let such a thing happen to you!
critical are same state

One man’s doppelganger considered the man his doppelganger.

When there is no where to turn — a knowing man turns loose.

– – –

“Lad, whenever you think: ‘I am being pushed around by my thoughts’ —
the pusher and the pushee are the same.

The certain man does not allow others to describe who he is, for good or ill, –
and ‘others’ includes the thoughts continually trying to visit his brain.”

Lying about things in the inner-reality will do no harm,
but believing you can tell the truth about them will.

“My boy — ugly is as ugly is seen, and ignorance is as knowing imagined.”

For a man who wants-to-know — there is no friend like silence.

– – –

“Son, in case I die before you, there is something I want to caution you about:
the most pathetic activity in the world is to try to explain a man-who-knows;
don’t let this happen to you.”
“It won’t Dad — ’cause I’m going when you do.”

Moral: Ignorance dies all at once.

Moral II: Being normal will keep you from recognizing anyone super normal.

– – –

And in perhaps the strangest case of all: one man was blinded by his glasses.

“Dad — is that really all that strange?”
“It is when you take into consideration the fact that
you must be wearing the glasses to ever realize the fact.”

………”I don’t get it?!?”
“Only a man-who-knows does.”


When the bloodhounds run out of prisoners to chase — they get run down,
and when the ponderers have no more puzzles to solve — they themselves are exposed.

– – –