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August 30, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

A bottomless hole into which all men by nature step,
and about which no one gives notice is:

success in the strictly mental realm is impossible to determine.
Men are misled by their mental plotting of changing something in the physical world which, when if it comes to pass,
they take as mental success, and it certainly is success of mental constructs
in the material world,
but as always, this is not the focus of these daily writings;
the interest here is pertinent to the person with that certain hunger
who at least has the growing suspicion that all he needs to be ultimately satisfied
is tumbling about somewhere in his own brain (via its direct connection to life),
and in this personal area is where the eye popping significance lies of the simple,
yet nearly inaccessible fact that:
success in the strictly mental realm is impossible to determine.

We leave the physical world all around you, outside of your mind for the intangible one which exists no place but in your mind;
this is the realm in which man alone operates –
the one from which he is able to creatively exert his singular influence over the physical one as he finds it,
but also a world in which he mentally roams which exists solely by
dint of his mind having created it;
a place where his thoughts are not on things material,
but on things which are but thoughts;
it is a part of his mental reality that his thoughts have invented,
and thus all that takes place therein is, by any objective comparison, fictional – contrived — imagined – dreamed up, and in such a context,
actual success in any activity is impossible to determine –
success is whatever a man’s thoughts say IS success;
verily for the Earth’s six billion men, there are six billion measurements of
mental success, which individually even shifts in time:
one moment a man is satisfied that he has mentally succeeded by
his adoption of the idea that the purpose of life is to serve your fellow man,
and the next he is suddenly outraged at something someone said,
and curses humanity’s very existence,
and feels this righteous condemnation of his fellow man to be
the success of his discriminatory mental activity.

Success of mental activity applied to physical matters is easy to judge:
it is what works — what works to accomplish the material end desired;
there is no comparable way to measure your mental activity regarding matters mental:
one man says god lets evil exist to test man,
another says god is helpless to stop it,
another says there is no god, and the existence of evil proves it,
while yet another man says that political conservatism is our only hope,
and another that, in his heart, Nero meant well,
still another that movies are destroying humanity’s morality,
(and everyone’s favorite) that everyone but them is nuts.

Men are constructed so that their mental reality seems to them — somehow —
to be ultimately of more importance than the physical one –
it is programmed in their neural genetics to say that;
when a certain type of strictly mortal pushing meets up with a particular sort of
solely invisible human shoving,
man’s thinking — his inner (sometimes called, spiritual) life
is of more significance than his physical one — his very existence and survival –
men are made to say and be a receptacle of this thought
(albeit more commonly than its execution to end),
but the fact remains that species wide do men by nature have brains which are as unresisting media for the idea that somewhere — somehow —
under some sort of conditions,
the unseen, untouched, invisible activity that goes on in a man’s mind
is ultimately of more importance than his physical life,
and forsooth, success therein is perforce of supreme significance,
and ergo determining same, relevant;
thus do the institutions his thoughts have created (such as religions,
intellectual professions [History, Psychology, Sociology, Cultural & Literary Criticism],
and secular organizations [governments])
proffer various valuations;
they afford an aficionado thereof an assessment of his efforts
via the awarding of titles, degrees and other forms of public recognition which, by man’s tacit common consent,
are taken as official-proof of success in the particular mental activity.
Without such, the only gauge a man would have of his success in his mental-only endeavors would be his personal satisfaction there with —
and but glance around you — only open your ears,
both to the world outside you and the one inside of you, and ‘tis irrefutably obvious that such satisfaction is foreign to the minds of ordinary men —
the only thing verbally resembling and taken to be success
in their mental activities in their mental world is
whatever they, at any given, fleeting moment say IS success,
a claim readily denied by simple objective observation,
both of all other men, and of your own mental life.

In the common, routine mental-only world in men’s brains,
not only is success impossible to determine — it does not compute –
the whole idea is two million light years past insane (from a certain view);
a man who was born into a mental-realm environment wherein the belief was that when you die something in you continues to live,
and ends up in Detroit, and whose thoughts for whatever reason, resist the idea,
will later take as success-in-his-mental-activity
the abandonment thereof in favor of the thought that
you actually spend eternity in Jakarta
(or that all of your life long mental efforts finally paid off when you relinquished
the false and failing notion that Snow White was a virgin,
and achieved refreshing mental success when you ultimately concluded she was a slut — or:
“I succeeded in outgrowing the thinking of my [blank] religious, political, social, background and previous beliefs,
and now hold to, follow, accept, trust and believe in the correct ones – as determined by, [thank-you-very-much] — my own thoughts.”)

The true bone-marrow-transplat simply is this:
success in matters which have no existence outside of man’s thoughts & words
can in no wise be measured or determined — it is literally impossible — in fact,

even were it not — so what?!
If your desire is to see for yourself what is actually going on here at The Ball,
of what use (or even sanity) is it for your thoughts to finally be satisfied that
they have succeeded in guessing Cinderella’s real dress size?!

A man who says that he has succeeded in that SpecialActivity
is dressed up in Cinderella’s gown and blowing harmless smoke up his own skirt.

There is but one success possible in man’s mental world:
realizing that success in man’s mental world cannot be determined.

“Professor — did I pass the test?”
“No, but since you stopped taking it — you are free to go.”