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Rooting Out The Roots Since The Tree Of Life First Took Sprout
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August 28, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

Men know two sorts of things:
things they can prove by demonstration,
and things they can only argue;
a man who knows that water will extinguish fire
can physically show the validity of his knowing;
a man who knows that Zarabuddachu is the scion of god can only insist it is so;
everyone knows this when with it confronted,
but men’s minds are programmed to both ignore it, or when necessary,
explain it away to its compelled satisfaction.

In things men know that do not matter,
it does not matter whether they can be proven true or not,
but in things men know that do not matter and cannot be proven,
not remembering that you know this is downright disastrous
for a man with TheInterest.

If something you know can be demonstrated to be true,
that is proof of its usefulness;
things you know which cannot be demonstrated are thereby shown irrelevant —
if your aim is to see what is really going on.

Life for man is arranged so that this matter is not by the majority
perceived at all thus — nay, men are made to mentally bristle at its mere mention;
thought takes serious umbrage at hearing the undemonstratable impugned
(quite understandable, thought being by nature what it is) —
the tongues of normal mortals are directed to zealously protect the reputation of the things men know which cannot be proven by showing, after all, these things are the very foundation of civilization, and man’s walkway from the feral life.
“What is a man without his beliefs and commitments?!”
commands the authoritative voice of mankind the collective:
“Men whose lives are only of the flesh are not fully civilized men!” they pronounce —
and within the standard context — this is so by proof of operation.

A man with that certain non standard brain blip,
privately driven to grasp what is going on far beyond what life has everyone else saying they know is going on,
does not have such a perspective of this matter;
he (like everyone else) clearly recognizes the usefulness of things men know
which can be demonstrated (since, in one way or another they always
add to his comfort, or aid in his survival),
but what he recognizes that others are born blind to is the actual nature,
and function of the things men know which they only know because
their thoughts say they are known,
and whose proof of existence is only that they are thought of;
a man with this uncommon approach has no personal use for
the knowing of such things —
while he is attempting to clear his cortex so as to cleanse his sight,
the knowing of such things is like fog pumped into his head.

To ever view what is going on in life and in you (which is what you think you see
going on in life) in a way life obviously does not intend to be man’s norm,
you cannot allow the conscious part of your brain to do naught but
ride the common, collectively fed neural waves which sweep through
all men’s brains, and which treat the things men know which cannot be demonstrated, but only talked about,
as being something other than they are — entertainment — distraction;
the clacking noise a train makes as it speeds along the tracks.

Much of what the rest of the world calls useful
is to such a man but pastime.


One man did not like that he received telegrams,
and at first blamed the telegrams;
then, in what he considered as progress, he began to blame the delivery man;
he ultimately realized that his attention should be on the delivery man’s heart pumping.


“Son, life is the message; we are one of its mediums;
that’s it; get over it; set yourself to living with it (since you’re going to anyway).”


It is not a problem that confounds the certain man — but a process.

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