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August 26, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

Everything’s life makes perfect sense to man, but his own;
he perceives a proper place in the scheme of life for everything
from the most exotic creatures outside him, to the common bacteria inside him;
from mold to morning-glories, rats to whales,
man readily sees how every form of life naturally and beneficially
fits into an all encompassing, complex and balanced ecological net —
every life form that is, but himself.

The more civilized (thought-centered) men become the more do they apprehend man as being out-of-step-with, indeed, in-conflict-with the natural order of life;
the fact that this does not strike their minds as at least curious
is all the proof you need regarding life’s intended likelihood of large numbers of
homo sapiens ever catching on to what is going on with thought.

There was once a man who spent his life floating down a river;
most of the time he simply relaxed and drifted with the current,
only periodically did he run into obstacles which required him to stop —
become alert, and stand upright while he figured his way out of the problem,
but after doing so — it was immediately back to: relax and ride the wave.
(Story courtesy of the EEG News Network.)

Men living amidst technology (the fruit of their thoughts) have no difficulty finding examples of the damage they are doing to life by their lives;
to the water, the atmosphere, their food supply, their fellow creatures, the planet itself,
and to their sane, normal thought-perception — the evidence is incontrovertible,
yet no one’s mind is able to ask: “How can this be?
How, from human view, can no other form of life do anything that does not seem
to human view to be natural and necessary for it,
no matter how destructive it may at first blush seem?” (at least after investigation)
“What is it about man that makes him alone able to work against Nature?
Renders him capable of coming up with things to do that are so
antagonistic to life itself as to be actual threats thereto?”

From a certain perspective, what could be more totally insane than this notion.
Can fish foul water, or termites, forests?
Do snakes and vultures insult nature?

The overview of this is that humanity commonly feels itself at odds with life itself;
the more localized shot is that each common man feels himself at odds with himself;
this is the normal state of things with man, and ordinarily stirs no notice;
it seems to men’s thoughts that this is simply how it is —
that man tends to run off the natural road suitable and intended for him,
and that making continuing note of this is part of his responsibility as the intelligent, supreme creature of this planet,
but a man who can see outside the standard neural limits of
humans’ self perceived responsibilities, sees another scene entirely —
a view of things far more expansive than even the most expert of earth bound ones.

There was once a species of monkey which made such a terrible sound
that even they became disturbed by it,
and turned mighty effort to stopping same.
There was once a species of monkey whose nature caused them
to make a sound they found disturbing,
and also drove them to try to stop it.

When your thoughts only think about things in the effortless way natural to man —
the way you presently think about you, life and everyone is the result;
however it happens to be with you — that is the result —

— the natural, predictable result.

There was a man who kept bumping into a fence he could not see,
and had he been normal, he would have continued doing so while
his thoughts made up a myth to explain/excuse the situation.
There was a man who experienced the same thing, but he instead,
realized his motto-of-private-destiny: Get over it!
(that is, after he finally saw the invisible fence.)

When the prosecutor is made to examine his own actions
many things previously unclear suddenly reveal themselves.