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August 21, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

Perhaps thought’s coup de maitre was its combination creation of an illusory version of itself along with the invention of an active opposition to this sham structure;
a delicious edition of this is the religious’ notion of there being an Enemy
(Satan, Lucifer, The Evil One) whose sole mission is to thwart men’s honorable plans.
All over the world, all over history do men’s thoughts weave a persistent, floating scene of men seeking certain metaphysical, spiritual goals
while being relentlessly opposed by contrary forces, even personalities.

For reasons no one knows (no one even knows what the word, reason means in this context) thought never honestly identifies itself as the entity it says is being opposed,
but rather refers to itself under a variety of noms de guerre: I; me; my desire;
my aim, and in the non personal, man,
thus do men’s thoughts (once their stomachs are full) speak incessantly about
what they say they want (in disguise), and how their goals are constantly
opposed by this or that enemy, or contrary force.
The religious say that they (remember this is their thoughts speaking, not their stomachs, not their lungs, not their endocrine nor immune systems, nor their bones or muscles) wish to live, think and feel a life as described in their holy texts,
but are continually kept from doing so by The Enemy (forces & figures of innate evil);
the secular say that they want to improve the political, social and economic life of man, but are prevented from doing so by the opposition of less enlightened people;
individual men express desire to change themselves :become a better parent;
better marriage partner; be more tolerant, more compassionate,
over all: to correct perceived flaws in their personality which would make them a better person — a person (apparently) more accepted to itself —
it all sounds fine and familiar, but it is at heart a hoax,
for it is not a man’s, soul or, spiritual-concerns, nor his, personal-desire for
some sort of redemption or enlightenment that is saying these things,
it is misleading to even say it is the, man making these statements,
since they come from but a small portion of him — of his brain —
it is non essential thoughts which occupy most of his mental life who are
saying these things using their host’s tongue and lips,
and with the programming of ordinary brains —
his consciousness has no defense thereof:
a routine man’s thoughts say that his most fervent desire is to achieve such-&-such, but that he is constantly opposed in this effort by them-&-those forces and/or people,
when in no meaningful sense is the man expressing any desire in any non survival related matters — it is the thoughts incessantly in his head — them alone –
who are saying such things.

There is nothing wrong in this (although no one really knows what, wrong means;
it is just a word and fanciful notion thoughts cooked up one day) –
your own eyes confess the world turns nicely on this,
but thoughts expressing their recreational interests and desires while not truthfully identifying themselves is at the center of what confuses the few
born with that CertainInterest.

When men’s stomachs growl from hunger, they all know where the sound came from,
but when men’s cortexes speak from boredom — no one realizes what is going on.

From a certain view, it is as though men live by a roaring river whose presence,
in one way or another, influences every aspect of their lives,
and the river has told men that it is a cloud bank,
and a young boy strolled up and asked:
“As per your picture:

to what in man did the river announce that it was a cloud bank?”
“A river.”

There is but one thing that keeps thought from achieving its desire — thought.