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August 19, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

Most of what people call problems have no actual consequences in their lives —
other than the mental agitation that accompanies their talking about them,
(and providing justification for them being so).
The apparent significance of things which mentally bother men
comes from the fact that they experience thoughts ‘round the clock, all of their lives,
while in comparison, all other activities are come and go.
The only worry those reading these words have regarding food is whether it is
too late to have your pizza delivered;
neither good nor bad, but mere fact is that little mental attention is required of most people in essential matters of survival today,
thus is thought widely free to play in any other corners it can conjure,
and thought being the brain’s supreme problem solver — surely its raison d’être,
it should be no surprise that it is to this area that its attention is so naturally drawn even with no pressing circumstances extant.

Scientifically stated: mind is made to worry —
but only when this is manifest in someone to an extent uncommon for the times
is this fact given notice;
from life’s imposed, majority view:
you must become neurotic before being deemed to worry too much;
the endless, low volume fretting going on in all ordinary men’s thoughts
is passively accepted by them as just the nature of the mind, and more specifically, reflective of their individual cares & concerns.

When a routine man says that he is greatly troubled by the changes in
standards of morality — he means it, as far as that term has any meaning
(which it does only among the routine);
the mere words automatically appearing in his brain and triggering expression thereof by his tongue: “The world is going to hell!” at that exact instant causes
in him an appropriately concerned sensation,
and if he be challenged or questioned thereabout, his response will but
prolong the echo of the feeling
which gives illusionary density to a matter without material substance to begin with.

Scientifically put: the more that mind thinks and speaks of a
“problem” it conceives – the realer and more bothersome it becomes,
until the point is quickly reached where it is not possible for
the White Rabbit to tell the Cheshire Cat that he is not really there in the story;
no one is there in the mind’s non essential stories but the stories;
the stories (the problems) are the characters, their motivation, the plot,
the projected conclusion.
When the perfectly normal thinking part of a man’s brain says that such-and-such
a matter is a problem, one threatening perhaps not only his own personal welfare,
but even that of humanity — it is true for him — to say otherwise is to be blind,
to miss everything,
but the internal curio of this, the focus of today’s News, is the glaring yet
never acknowledged fact that the problems about which men are made to constantly express serious concern almost never have any consequences in the life of the individual venting them.
Starving people have but one problem: they are starving;
full people have an endless supply, and none of them about food or survival,
but concerns about matters intangible:
things political, religious, artistic, moral, fashionable, philosophical,
(and of course, worst of all: what other people think about them),
any of which an agile mind and athletic tongue can weave into theoretic scenarios wherein the matter could directly impact a person’s life —
but possibilities and what actually occurs in men’s lives are not the same thing, any more than is Fiction and Technology,
indeed that is why men have created the category of the former so to have a place of clear dreams — though based on the physical reality of being a human being.

But thoughts, once in their own grip and under their own spell,
cannot make this distinction;
The Queen Of Hearts does not and cannot realize that
she is but a made up figure in a made up story — she has no means to do so,
and no amount of thinking about the matter will ever allow her to;
doing so requires you be like Alice, able to go into and then leave the story world.
A person must have a neural ability to do what sounds impossible:
to have thoughts that can get-the-goods on thoughts;
have thoughts that can look up their own skirts, and see their own backsides;
have thoughts that can stand face to face with the disappearing cat,
and understand where it came from and where it goes when it seems to leave –
all of which (need it be noted) results one day in the sudden – astounding —
startling & staggering realization of — the obvious:
most of what people call problems have no actual consequences in their lives —
other than the mental agitation that accompanies their talking about them,
(and providing justification for them being so).

In life’s great carnival, men not only enjoy watching the trained fleas,
but most of the crowd, helplessly,
also enjoys being infested therewith;
the anomalous man with that CertainInterest alone (standing just outside the tent)
sees that the fleas are imaginary — the fleas are thoughts –
real enough when you have them — if you take them seriously –
real enough when they pass through you — if you take them personally.

One man has a private rube router:
”I take no thought seriously and personally unless I know for a fartingale fact that
I thought of it personally.”
…..(he says this approach has almost wiped his mind clean.)


*Subject to dispute in some parts of the world.