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August 14, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

Besides your hair color, gender and height,
in your genes is a pattern of behavior, thought and feeling for your life;
the mind is made to ignore or deny this fact for reasons that serve man well,
but misdirect the individual with that CertainInterest.

No psychiatrist, psychologist, neurologist, or sophisticated civilian will, or can
offer any verbal support to this reality, for the thinking that occurs in ordinary brains is physiologically unable thereof to perceive — literally incapable —
the nearest it can approach is to debate if genes might play some determining factor in the supra noted activities,
but this cover-ruse has been going on since the beginning of man’s history,
to no conclusion nor progress, which none involved note — nor should.
Routine minds (professional or laymen) arguing the influence of
Nature vs. Nurture; heredity or environment might as well be comparing
baseball to basketball for all it will ever lead to in their milieu.
There is no question of which is more important:
one’s genes or the environment in which one is raised;
there is no doubt whether a man’s nature or the nurture he receives
is of overriding significance:
to a man with clean ears, just noting what has been covered in this sentence
up to this point is something between needless and useless:
in standard circles, being interested in this debate over the relative importance of man’s genes contrasted with his environment
is taken as a sign of one’s intellectual depth,
when, from a certain non standard view, simply accepting the question as having any relevance is an unmistakable mark of understanding nothing.
To be recognized as a harmless goof by a man-who-knows
does not involve which side of the genes vs. environment argument you support —
if you attend the query — you have been plainly paint-balled.
(This would sound most strange to routine minds, how just taking a question to be serious,
and pertinent makes you a fool,
with no regard for which of the two possible answers considered feasible you choose,
but this very thing strikingly exemplifies how far away is this special mental adventure
from the neural areas and situations populated by common humanity.
Look at it: An “answer” to the apparent question is meaningless —
figuring out why the question appeared & seems important in the first place —

— now THERE is where the prize lies.)

Set within your genetic template as surely as your skeletal size,
lung capacity and digestive quirks is a schematic for the pattern of thinking that will automatically take place in the conscious part of your brain
(and also its personalized, verbal interpretations of how you feel
[no need to mention behavior any further, for as has been previously noted here: if your behavior is in some way a problem in your life, you are so far from any grasp of what this is all about that anything said thereabout is wasted on you any way]).

No normal, sane mind in any ordinary human will or can accept the statement that
what it thinks is as genetically determined as is the skin color of the body it is in;
the neural wiring and programming of the standard human cortex is such that the very idea is supremely repugnant — if not dangerously insane
(another one of those facts that should give a man with that CertainInterest
something else to nibble on for lunch),
and least you let yourself slip through the preceding paragraph (which you likely did), here (put blunt) is the cut off line: a single query test:
Does this question make sense to you:
“Is a man controlled more by his genes or by what happens to him?” —
does it strike you as a valid, serious problem?
(Though, be not unprofitably offended: in the beginning everyone/mind finds the question meaningful, and potentially enlightening —
but be advised now: there is no better dividing mark between the six billion, normal, properly-thinking humans on this planet,
and an individual man with that CertainView — no…………………………………….wait up;
you have read this far — why not let you have the REAL test:
“Do you believe there is an answer TO the question?” —
this is the true separation of a man with a mind from the imitation kind.
Does your thinking tell you that there is an actual answer to the question:
“Is a man controlled more by his genes or by what happens to him?” —
there is the battery acid litmus, linus,
and no subjective interpretation of the moonlight-sonata (no matter its passion or poetry) will turn it lemonade.
Do you not find that exceeding neat: that you are able to clearly identify yourself
as still being in the dark by the mere fact you believe that
a quite rational question — with equally reasonable, dual possible answers —
HAS an answer.
To a man who knows (who has been though all of this) —
such things are a delight — way more fun than any film you’ve ever seen,
book you’ve ever read, or wise-man you’ve ever heard speak.

It cannot be proven, it cannot be shown, it cannot even be usefully talked about
any further than is so here today, (and in fact, is not actually true),
but what goes on in the apparently personal, and individualized world of your mind (under all ordinary conditions) is determined genetically,
and the thoughts that naturally and effortlessly pass constantly through your brain
are no more “personal” to you and indicative of you than is the shape of your nose.
But you must remember:
in the normal scheme of human life — this statement is not valid,
it is not even authentic in the old, natural born part of your own brain;
what has just been stated in the previous sentence is not so —
it is not so any more than the question:
“Is a man controlled more by his genes or by what happens to him?” is so.

Do you get a whiff of what is going on behind the smoke and flames that
every man’s routine mind is told it sees?
Those who don’t know — ask questions:
those who don’t know believe that questions have answers;
those who don’t even have a dog’s clue believe their questions are valid,
and six billion of your family, friends and neighbors never ask of such questions
that appear in their mind:
quod hoc praesentia vuh? (rough, made up translation):
what does your being here represent? —
what should I be seeing and learning from the mere fact that
you naturally exist in the human mind?

If catching on to what is going on is a Quiz Show
then it is one in which the Host has been murdered,
all the questions thrown to the wind,
and you are the only contestant,
whose sought prize you’ve already swallowed.

“Yes my boy — it’s all in the genes.”
“But you once told me it was in Pittsburg?!”
“Well…..yeah — some of it is.”