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Listening Through The Din — Since No One Remembers When
August 12, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

The reason you do not let your thoughts play with those of ordinary people
(if you reasonably expect to ever catch on to what is going on) is that
hallucinations, mass accepted, are to those involved, not hallucinations.
A tribe’s expressed, collective belief in God X
(an unwitting creation of their own combined minds) is no hallucination,
but not so with an individual therein who claims communication with
an otherwise unknown Deity Y;
under whatever definition you care to employ,
when the neural conditions are in place for a group of homo sapiens to live together
in a stable community (civilization),
the beliefs that naturally arise there from, ranging from those of
nationalism and economics to those of morality and supernatural powers,
are in no fashion perceived as hallucinations, or even as enforced products of
the people’s passively involved collective minds —

only to that randomly born MentalOutsider
is the blunt reality of what is happening apparent.

When a collection of humans have been mechanically, instinctively,
genetically pulled together into a cohesive group,
identifiable by others extrinsic thereto as distinct there from,
there will quickly arise therein, a predictable list of beliefs
which the group will adopt as the valid descriptions of the other reality in which
men live besides the physical one of their external environment,
and all xenolithic critiques thereof are the zenith of true irrelevance,
yet such verbal assaults, one group on another, in large part
sustains the viscidity necessary for all groups’ collective survival,
but for that individual with that CertainHunger, even dallying at this verbal table
(much less, nibbling there from) is temporarily terminal;
if you are such a person, letting your thoughts rough-house with those
common and prevailing in your community — in the world, ultimately —
is absolute assurance of you remaining blind to what is actually going on —
just beyond — just a wee bit beyond — where your natural-born,
community-based thoughts can see.

Whatever a group of people believe is true about the world of things
that cannot be touched — is both true and necessary for them,
and anyone who expends mental/verbal energy in reaction thereto
wastes their thoughts, words, and time — totally;
only people who believe Batman is real poke fun at Superman,
and only those who think that Robin Hood is Greek, scorn The Sheriff for being a Turk.
Electrons make the physical world go round — collective beliefs, man’s inner,
and a person born within a group, but with that anomalous hunger,
early feels internally estranged from this mental environment,
and the natural progression there from is: criticism of his non physical surroundings — his thoughts find the prevailing thoughts which purport to explain and describe the tribe’s collective sense of man’s inner, verbal-only reality — inefficacious —
yet in the opening stages, his mind is unable to supply meaningful alternatives;
thus be he left — if not careful — being merely a frustrated critic of the clearly
hallucinatory beliefs upon which his own home tribe, community, nation, or group
is founded and survives;
not at all, for long — a beneficial, or even tolerable position.

A man and his mind “fighting-the-illusions” of his place & time
is a man blowing his breath back into the wind.
In a manner of impertinence impossible to describe to ordinary minds,
the thoughts & beliefs of a man’s family, friends, neighbors which define their conception of man’s inner (often called: spiritual, moral, or cultural) reality,
is not right or wrong, true or skewed — it simply is what it is:
a mass accepted hallucination necessary for large numbers of individuals
to live together in relative peace, and with collective efforts,
make their lives more survivable and comfortable;
it can be viewed as an inescapable, non toxic by product of civilization
(which no sane person wishes to destroy or hamper),
but if you, the unusual individual here & there, have any hope of ever catching on to what is actually going on constantly all around and through you,
you cannot waste your mental life absolutely in waving your verbal arms about,
faux coughing & complaining about the pollution of your environment’s hallucinations;
the mental & belief environment in which you find yourself born and raised
is in no way faulty, and has nothing to do with your own potential to finally see for yourself what is actually happening — unless you play tag with it;
you cannot in any fashion useful to you, find fault with the prevailing beliefs
any more than you can in supporting them;
only idiot children play, “Gotcha!” with tar babies;
only trolls debate elves.

If trying to SeeForYourself were pictured as a battle,
then the initial tactical challenge, past which few ever progress,
would be the correct identification of the opposition;
a warrior, no matter how dedicated, chasing after the wrong opponent
is clearly going to get him no where,
and what ordinary humans are made by life to say they think and believe
is not the true adversary,
then wrangling — even for a second with such — is just another second wasted;
another moment of being kept blind by your old mind’s purely illusionary efforts,
“to see” (as it is wont call it).

No one can see what is going on in life, and specifically in the unique,
inner life of man, looking through the thoughts and beliefs that surround,
permeate, and hold together every collection of humans on this planet;
humanity needs these mental fabrications –
just to operate normally, the minds of ordinary men require these hallucinations,
and to SeeForYourself (not unexpectedly) requires something entirely otherwise.

The normal members of every identifiable group smell,
from the beliefs of different belief based groups,
a rank odor about which they instinctively rail, and argue with
in their own individual minds,
but via such mechanical, predetermined neural activities — no joy is to be had;
from that one liberating view for the few: the fault lies not in the aroma,
but in the failure of the nose which smells it
to realize what a nose actually is.

Seeing and grasping that
is all there is to be seen or grasped;
a wee little thing — but a thing that literally contains the universe —
— and the people do not realize it.