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For A Better Grip: Roughing Up Your Handle Since He Settled In London
August 7, 2002 ©2002; Jan Cox

Here is the supreme grumsticker: you will never catch on to what is going on
as long as you believe that something wrong is going on in life, you and other people,
and by nature: so do men feel.

No one thinks of repairing machinery that is not broken,
and no one will try to fix something not malfunctioning,
so, “Certainly — obviously!” says man’s mind, “Something is not going correctly
with me — clearly with other people, and in large part, with life itself;
something is not right, and many things so in particular.”
Such a sentiment seems to civilian ears, unassailable, and a contrary view either insane, or criminally uninformed —
and in the ordinary world, no such perspective presents itself seriously; simply stated: all sane homo sapiens recognize that many things about the life of man are not right;
if you are conscious, normal and thoughtful, you understand that something is wrong.

From that certain view of a certain kind of man — men understand no such thing;
part of their nature is for the thinking part of their brain to say that it positively feels —
that something is definitely wrong about the person in which it resides,
and for whom it thinks and speaks,
and every rational human’s mind sees how untoward do others speak, think,
and conduct their lives,
which (even sans specific philosophical contemplation) results in the combined minds of man-the-collective positioned to find life itself amiss.
No otter living in and totally surrounded by swamp gas can be told that what it breathes is anything other than what otterdom has declared it to be;
the ordinary thought workings of a normal brain can see nothing about itself other than what it has been told by life that it sees (which is all worthless [from that CertainView]).

What a brain needs see to catch on — it must somehow show itself;
a waiter without hands attempting to serve himself *
(well, the word, “somehow” does appear in the sentence, you will note) —

— but the thot plickens!

The effort & interest in, getting-to-the-bottom-of-things seems to be a search for a cure: a cure that will straighten out all that is wrong —
but it is not a cure that is the destination — it is a realization,
and a realization cannot be described to someone not with it,
for if they could comprehend a description of the realization they would already have it,
so the realization goal is called by and thought of in off center terms,
so that inexperienced participants conceive of what they do as an attempt to learn a cure for all that they feel to be wrong about life, others and themselves,
which irrepressibly leads the mind to what it calls: study and analyzation of the problems — of the wrongness (and here the quot gets even pluirkier — for):
to ever achieve the kind of change needed by a man with that CertainHunger,
he must abandon how things are with him now — not analyze or discuss them;
not languishing in his naturally fed mind’s fine sounding efforts to “find-the-causes”
for how he is and the motivations for what he thinks, feels, says, and does —
every man starts there — but it goes no where (yet a torpid rube can stand forever
at the fairground gates, and feel himself to have a lifetime of wondrous adventures
while never moving from the spot [another of the mind’s many singular talents]).

The reality of what a man with that certain innate, potential view does,
whether he be so aware or nay,
is not a search for a cure for what is wrong,
nor an attempt to discover the personal causes for what he is —
what in truth he is up to cannot be told, for truth be told —

he does not realize up until the very instant when he realizes it.

* ( Remember too that anyone who offers to serve you in this magnificent dinner is also limbless.)

“Pa pa — you’re beginning to fade away!”
“Why that’s the best news I’ve heard all day.”