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August 5, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

Ordinary minds are made by life to say that motivation is of supreme importance —
when it is of none — only behavior counts;
even man’s religions insist that good deeds mean nothing unless
a person’s thoughts are in accord therewith.
In his mind a man can rehearse a million times him telling a bully at school or the office to, go-to-hell, but every time he comes face to face thereto,
he demurs to the aggressor without a word —
and the latter cares not a wit what the frightened one thinks
as long as he behaves submissively.

For very good reason (in common men) does the mind to itself attribute a primary role, indeed, concerning man’s inner reality and his own sense-of-self — the defining one;
the mind says to itself (the operational result, [as always] being man feeling that he arrived at some piece of truth through his own active, mental effort):
“What I think about life, things and other people that motivates me to act as I do toward them is actually more important than whatever it is that I may actually do” —
— meaning well counts for more than doing well,
in fact it can compensate for not having done well.

Only among people not aware of where they are and the precise nature of
the life they live inside their brains (the world’s general population)
is this picturesque mirage sustainable;
its purpose is to promote in the mind (the cortex) a feeling of it being-in-charge —
of it being the ultimate authority and source of what occurs in its domain;
the part of the brain extrinsic to consciousness has no such thoughts of:
“Who-is-in-control?” and: “What-is-the-motivation-for the-action-I-am-about-to-direct?”

Behavior dictated by the non conscious part of the brain is always already under way before consciousness (mind) is and can be aware thereof,
but having no opposition party in its parliament it can uncontestedly claim otherwise,
and accept same as the queen’s-honest-truth.

When forced momentarily to confront the matter, men know that they do not know beforehand what they will be doing, thinking or saying one second from now —
and especially in the realms of thinking, and talking,
but ordinary brains/minds can hold this awareness no longer than a hand, burning coal.
Should a routine man attempt to do so, the effort will shut down the normal operations
of his mind for as long as he can maintain the effort — 8 to 12 seconds,
during which time he & his mind will sense no purpose-to, or possible profit-from such an unnatural, and uncomfortable condition in his brain.

Forget about the physiological, survival-concerned workings of the brain
outside the consciousness of the cortex, for in a healthy person they are taken care of regardless of what is going on in the latter —
but focus on the fact that it is only therein that the subject of motivation appears;
only in that never-seen, intangible inner reality confined to man’s thoughts does
this matter exist — and note — it does so solely in words;
no one has ever seen, motivation —
no man has ever witnessed human, intention —
they constantly speak as though they have, can and are quite aware of
what it is in other people in any particular situation,
and most certainly at all times — within themselves (v.):
if asked: every man knows why he is a Hindu, Democratic, Christian or Republican;
when asked why he said what he just did — all men can reply,
and if asked what motivated them to take some previous social action —

everyone can explain — to their mind’s satisfaction.

Humans who are satisfied with the normal explanations for the lives of humans,
should and will remain satisfied, and an anomalous man here and there,
born without this capacity can never be satisfied with anything other than
a full and frank revelation of what is actually going on behind the
commonly available verbal scenes which attempt to explain life and man —
a revelation that does not exist in words anywhere:
it is written down no place — and no one has it.

What ordinary humans do to stay alive has but a single motivation,
and man’s thinking is not its source (though it may assist);
only in non essential cultural, intellectual, spiritual matters does
the matter of, motivation appear in consciousness and become important —
and to a man who realizes what is going on — it is of no importance;

only in dream games are the rules meaningful —
only in imaginary pursuits are directions significant.

Only people (6 mil) who do not know why they do what they do — know why they do;
only those with no conception of what thought is know why they think what they do.

Only an empty man is full of the knowledge he needs.