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August 2, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX
(Extension of 7/31-8/1)

Familiarity breeds disinterest,
everyone knows this about eating the same menu constantly,
and everyone is aware of its impact on their sex life,
but concerning their mental — men are oblivious.

Familiarity breeds disinterest,
and the former’s sole father is repetition — lack of originality.

No matter how repetitious the fare — men may complain, but men still must eat,
and regardless how habitué the sex — men may moan, but men still will take it;
the numbing lack of interest in familiar ideas however — men let slide — indeed,
appear to not even notice.

Food is necessary for a man’s survival, as is sex the species’,
but other than when thoughts are engaged in matters related thereto —
of what need be they?
What purpose do the thoughts that fill your mind
99% of time

That being the case: who expects a man to complain about a malfunctioning shower
who never takes a bath.

All goes well with the stomach digesting food the same way all the time,
as with the lungs breathing, and the heart pumping,
and with men experiencing fear, anger, and all other emotions, redundantly,
and all apparently works acceptably with the thinking part of his brain processing
the same limited number of ideas (jumbled bundles of images & words)
over and over again (after all): reality itself sustains itself via habit
(appears man learned from the pro).

The familiarity of the ideas passing through an ordinary man’s brain bothers him not, indeed if an individual says to the contrary, life has provided his neighbors
with a psychological diagnosis to speciously explain his condition,
thereby assigning the anomalous situation to the field of instantaneous forgetfulness –

— idée fix —
if a man complains of having incessantly reoccurring thoughts about the same things, he is simply adjudicated by the community as being, mentally-ill
(his actual problem was in mentioning it — not in experiencing it).

The familiarity of the thoughts endlessly passing through a man’s consciousness,
and which (for the ordinary) constitute the extent of their mind,
are neither here nor there; not true or false; good or evil; accurate or otherwise;
men have to think about something, and what they are commonly thinking about serves one purpose — it gIves them something to think about — that’s it.
Life is arranged for man so that it seems otherwise,
and to meet the qualifications of being, “sane,”
an ordinary man, if asked,
will seriously assert that what he thinks about has significance,
but the only time a routine man will ever think about: what-he-thinks
is if he is asked point blank (rare to never) –
he will apparently do so in that he is always ready to argue,
and his verbal counters to another’s attack on his expressed thoughts
are passively taken as tokens of his prior examination and refinement of
his argued ideas.

Normal, sane minds can hear nothing to the contrary, but a man
dropped off at this party, bringing with him a certain harmless, strange-turn-of-brain
becomes aware (first through himself, then clearly by everyone around him)
that the human mind gives no “thought” to what it thinks —
a statement which, from any normal view, is an absolute absurdity —
impossible by its own description:
how could the mind give no thought to what it thinks?! —
— clearly an insane idea.

Familiarity breeds indifference to what goes on recreationally in your mind
(the times of no survival significance, read: 99% + of your mental life) –
mind’s free time existence is protected by a built-in, circular safe-guard system
whereby the thoughts continually passing through it are so familiar
that it gives them no conscious attention,
and by giving its thoughts no conscious attention,
they can be redundant, imitative, and meaningless in safety
(like a child’s gambit: “If you don’t tell on me — I won’t tell on you”).

If directly challenged, a perfectly normal man and his mind will vigorously insist
that the thoughts they have on whatever subjects are of accidental interest thereto (politics, sports, religion, other people’s lives) are to them of great interest and significance — but from one view — no such thing:
not only are the thoughts commonly thought by ordinary men
of no significance to them — they are not even of any interest to them –
which you could say from that one perspective,
is why they do not ordinarily give them any specific notice. (“Well, yeah –
my sister is ugly as hell — but we keep her locked away in a closet so we don’t have to see her.
……in fact, I’ve got a cousin who has really got the whole thing whipped:
he is able to pretend that she doesn’t even exist.”)

But a man with no such viable relatives, nor closets he tolerates
understands privately, just for himself, that all of this is like a Balinese shadow-play performed behind an extremely wrinkled screen,
and while what is observed bears some resemblance to what is actually going on behind it — it is distinctly distorted, and not accurately representative — but:
no matter: it is just a harmless puppet show —
mere entertainment and means nothing:
true for everyone — and so for the few;
the former never realize it — the latter cannot get away from it.

What goes on in an ordinary man’s mind for seventy years — day and night —
day after day — is boring, beneath contempt;
the saving feature being that normal men give it no notice,
and as supra flagged: if queried directly thereabout, will all,
unfailingly and enthusiastically — just for that brief instant —
profess sincerely to the absolute contrary;
if the idea is put on their mental counter — all it takes is their mind’s immediate,
and instinctive grasp of what is going on
for it to vehemently denounce it, and seriously proclaim their deep personal
affection for, and intimate commitment to — their ideas –
but a man-who-knows (and it might be added: those who don’t know)
know that the thoughts that populate and constitute the inner world of mind
in all men individually, and in humanity-the-collective
are so familiar that “boring” is a totally inadequate description;
the thoughts of routine, un original minds are so uninteresting to the people having them that they could have them “in-their-sleep” (which some think is what is happening).

Something being familiar facilitates its handling — see blood and the heart,
air and the lungs — routine thoughts and the mind,
but a man born with the itch to comprehend things
not normally available for comprehension
has no native interest or respect for this mechanical neural facility,
nor the needed natural tolerance for a mental life of never ending repetition,
caused from his perspective (once he has it stabilized)
by lack of his originality-of-thought.
From one verbal angle, what bothers such a man could be described as:
his innate mental dissatisfaction with the familiar —
with the things that everyone else “knows” —
with all of the things the standard part of his cortex appears to have
“learned” from others —
which is to say: uninterested in all things derivative, plagiarized —
— anything not original with his mind.

Passively accepting the feeling, the attitude that is built-in to the normal,
automatic operations in the thinking part of your brain
which urges each man to take the thoughts which appear in him as his own –
personally chosen by him, based both on their validity and his interest therein —
will keep you (and anyone else) from ever being able to realize
what is going on all around you – right in front of you — and of most importance:
all IN you — which as it turns out for that CertainMan —
is all that is of any consequence……and to which you will forever remain ignorant — regardless of your self deluding assertions to the contrary,
unless you develop the CertainMan’s potential for originality-of-thought.

It does seem quite the conundrumous situation:
there you sit trying to figure-out — attempting to think-of:
what would be — originality of thought? —
how can you even begin to approach it? —
how can you even know if and when you have accomplished it?

Accept that it cannot be described, but that what it is not can,
and from a sure and precise process of elimination, you can find your way –
and the ultimate destination,
and here is a place to begin:
if what you are thinking at any given instant does not give you full satisfaction
regarding the subject of the thinking — it is not original;
if the thoughts you have concerning a question do not completely answer,
and do away with the question — your thoughts thereon are not original:

how much clearer and simpler can it be.
…”Well……yeah…..but — hey! I didn’t bargain on it being THAT simple!”

So, what d’ya want back: your money, or your old familiar thoughts?


*Ask yourself: Flood of what?