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Making Fun Of Men’s Facts Since 1893
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July 31, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

While the less civilized areas of the world depend on physical toil to survive,
the sophisticated ones depend on ideas,
(you might note this is also true in the individual case of your own physiology) —
the latter also engage in an on-going felony — incest —- idea incest.

In a life of mere sustenance, there is no need for originality —
to feed and maintain oneself requires only that you do what your parents did,
while in a technologically driven life, new ideas are a daily necessity,
and the further removed is a city activity from those of survival (farming, herding),
the more intensely is this true (or so men are made to pretend it to be).

For you personally, or a tribe collectively to sustain life,
there is no need for any originality-of-thought,
indeed, in feral conditions, men do so by pure instinct,
but once a man (a people) leave this first world, and begin to rely on their ideas
as much as, or even apparently more than their animal intuitions,
cities arise — both materially in the physical world, and invisibly in man’s inner one —
and they are based entirely on ideas
(never forgetting that at the base of all human activity is the drive to physically survive,
but in this instance, the experiential distinction between the world of thought and the world of toil
is so acute, relatively speaking, that the use of the word, “entirely” is forgivable).

The modern, civilized, sophisticated and comfortable world in which readers of this daily page live is totally dependent on ideas, and what is little noted is that
for it to maintain itself: totally dependent on a constant supply of new ideas,
for should even an excellent example of an idea-based, advanced society cease to constantly rejuvenate itself in this area — it will first stagnate — then degenerate;
an idea-based-life, be it an individual’s, or a nation’s,
is the living model for the proverb noting the danger of
ever dismounting from a ride on a tiger –
but even the appetite of a large cat pales, contrasted to that of the human mind.

In city circumstances (using “city” both figuratively and literally),
a company with the leading-edge, most popularly used product or service of technology cannot maintain its fiscal health and position does it not constantly “improve” its offering (or at least be perceived to have done so by the consuming public),
for there will also be up-start competitors presenting what they will claim to be improved versions of the leader’s product or service —
this constant pressure to apparently, improve (or at least, change)
is what keeps all idea-based-enterprises, be they a corporation or a person, viable,
but in the case of the latter — it is a matter of total, “apparently”
for while all ideas in both the world outside a man, and those inside his own mind
are products of incessant incest —
men’s minds completely delude themselves regarding their own ability to be original:
ordinary minds not uncommonly comment on one business’ appropriation of
another’s either actual work, or their advertising claims of same,
and even do so regarding an individual’s theft of another’s intellectual efforts,
but the ordinary mind of a normal man is not wired, nor programmed to perceive anything similar taking place within it — in other people’s perhaps — but not in it,
and yet (with censure not the intent — simple observation being),
incest come cannibalism, plagiarism, and outright, theft-for-survival
is the real name of humanity’s intellectual game — this, for a simple reason:
the ordinary mind is incapable of original thought — and
incapable of realizing it
(or for those of you wearing terrorist-proof underwear & headbands: incapable of, facing it).

All supra said would be wasted on perfectly, normal, sane, even educated minds,
for it takes one capable of true originality to hear and digest the facts regarding
same’s absence in the routine world of man;
the only value and use of this instant verbal limning of man’s non physical innards
would be for a person born with that insatiable desire in their brain to know
(if that indeed even turns out to be the proper word in this instance),
desire to know that which no one else anywhere seems to, (precisely):

Is there any explaining and understanding of what is going on in life?
Unprovable, even un evidencable, is that no idea heard in the public forum
is original to its speaker — or to any man;
to a rational, sane mind, the idea is irrational and insane,
but a man with that special, innate interest will eventually — suddenly one day —
be struck full-force, full-monty, smack-dab in the middle of his
embarrassingly naked and out-of-shape mind
with the clear and irrefutable fact that originality-of-thought
is not a native talent of man’s normal mental processes.

The entire matter is so foreign to the mind that its exception cannot thereto be told;
actual, originality-of-thought cannot be described to an ordinary mind;
a mind able to understand the situation would be capable of originality,
and thus would not have to have it described —- but know this:
all ideas that come from normal men and their minds are never original,
and the only significance of this is that without an idea be (quote), “original” with a man — he understands it not — even should he be publicly heralded as its father,
and the human most cognizant of all its implications — he yet has no actual understanding thereof (not as the word, “understanding” is specifically,
but un definitely employed by a man with TheView).

This unseen situation is the normal one for man-the-collective,
and via same, human life accruementally flourishes, and ordinary men’s minds believe they experience an endless access-to and self production-of new ideas,
not only concerning the technologies in the world outside of them,
but fresh, increasingly explanatory ones regarding their own nature,
and the world inside of them;
a man with that potential, ExtraordinarySight– who nourishes and activates it –
comes to clearly see this is all but a mass illusion — so mass that
it is the collective’s reality.
But such a man of whom we speak is blinded by immersion in this reality,
and to sighted-survive he must extricate himself there from,
and one tool there for being to scrutinize and realize the normal human mind’s complete inability to generate original thought,
and yet that being the very thing he needs to satisfyingly pursue his life’s course.

What actual original-thought is cannot be described to you,
but you can be informed of the fact – and encouraged to see it for yourself — that
all ideas that naturally & automatically flow into and out of
ordinary men’s minds — including the ordinary part of your own —
are not original — and thus are never understood by their mediums —
and are ergo of no value to you
(if you are accidentally one of those people to whom these daily writings are actually intended) —
so what you can do is objectively, sans rancor, sarcasm, smugness or criticism –
set aside permanently and ignore every idea that any other human has ever expressed as being completely unoriginal,
and work solely on figuring out how — discovering how —
to think originally for yourself — in the privacy of your own brain.

While the ultimate pay off of ThisKindOfActivity can be described in various ways
(as witnessed constantly in these daily writings),
yet still another one can be ingenuously offered:
to think originally is to be able to understand what is going on —
both in life — and in the thing you call, you.

Aren’t living autopsies — with sandwiches, sodas & softball stuff — in the park
great fun.