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July 26, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

The cause of men feeling victim of conditions both external,
and those of themselves psychologically, is self absorption — not vanity,
but absorption of consciousness in the self of thought.
When the thinking cortex is automatically pulled into assisting the
non consciousness part of the brain, thought is engaged in something worthwhile
(aiding in survival) and is as content as any other physiological function,
but at other times, thought is left to entertain itself,
and in this circumstance, becomes absorbed in itself,
and in this state, creates the entirety of man’s inner reality.

When thought is helping the non consciousness part of the brain in the solving of some survival related problem, it always involves conditions in the environment for which thought commonly finds a solution, and in this situation, men do not feel victim of conditions, but rather master of them and fully satisfied with their efforts,
but when thought is not engaged in such meaningful work, and is absorbed in itself,
it looks upon the conditions of the physical environment as an ever present threat,
and with magical, spiritual, metaphysical abilities which are completely beyond man’s control and in constant danger of overwhelming and destroying him.

Such are the dreams that arise from self absorption.

A plumber busy working on leaking pipes
feels not the same dread as a preacher idly thinking of the tale of Noah.

This is why supreme warriors have historically been told they must be ever,
and fully alert to conditions in their physical environment,
and that allowing their own feelings, thoughts and fears to impinge on their alertness can be fatal.

For a samurai — self absorption is a no-no.

For those not full time warriors, and whose life does not require that
their thoughts be in constant motion helping to solve immediate problems of
merely surviving (everyone reading these words),
the never-stop activity in their brain’s cortex is left to find its own things to do
(that is, not actually to do, but to think-about, which to the mind is its form of doing),
and inasmuch as thoughts cannot go outside the brain and unlike the hands,
explore new conditions, they are like a child forever confined to his house,
who must make up tales of adventure to keep himself occupied:
this thoughts can do with a skill even it cannot appreciate;
unlike in the physical world where a child has an adult to remind them of
the distinction between what is real and what are their day dreams,
in the cortex, thoughts are alone and free to conjure up whatever notions they like
with nothing to note to them the true nature of what they are doing.

When there is only you — it is hard not to become self absorbed
(the alert read, apparent you).

In their free time — to amuse themselves and to keep from going stir crazy —
men’s thoughts have, from scratch, created a whole other universe and reality
besides the one in which they physically live,
and the less a man is faced with the daily challenge of simply surviving,
the more will he live in this self made realm which exists only in his head;
this is one feature of the situation, easily observed,
but less obvious is a side effect of thoughts’ invention of this other inner reality –
to creation of an impression that there is a conscious, willfully directed somebody
in the brain doing the creating — a self,
a teeny invisible person inside your brain — you (to be precise).

This situation is the norm for Earth’s human population,
and is responsible for all of the many conditions in which men live,
which they find preferable to the ones existing when they got here,
and to keep it all stable, and for each person to maintain a tolerable position therein, their thoughts stay self-absorbed;
their thoughts are not meant to be ever alert to external conditions —
the non conscious operations of the brain normally take care of that,
no, their thoughts need to keep their attention on themselves,
so as to forever be adding-to and supporting man’s collectively created
inner, mental-only world — without which the conditions he calls, civilization
would not stand, and thus would the salubrious changes he makes to the environment be not possible.

By rational, objective judgment of this affair — men’s thoughts
(when not engaged in survival related problem solving) — should stay self-absorbed;
a man should not be expending willful effort to be constantly aware of his environment — neither the external one — but especially not his internal one.
a feat which, in ordinary brains is improbable at best anyway — so,
why even be interested in the matter? — there is no reason to be,
and ergo do normal people’s thoughts never even think about the situation;
men’s ordinary thinking-operation never thinks about itself — oh, if asked about it, many will insist to the contrary, but a man who can actually do it,
can actually recognize — on sight — those who cannot (read: everyone
[if you can handle numbers that large]).

Being in your thoughts, totally self-absorbed, and thinking/feeling/believing
that there is a self in you consciously responsible for the thoughts
is the human thing to do — the proper way to be,
but if your brain happens to have a certain funny quirk to it,
there is an entirely different picture of what is going on to be seen,
but it cannot be brought up on your screen of consciousness as long as the electro-chemical activity in your cortex that men call, thoughts
stay locked-into and stuck-on themselves;
the things constantly passing through your cortex that you & them call, thoughts,
are what keeps a man with the quirk from utilizing its potential,
and being able, in a totally extraordinary (and unnecessary) way TO think.

It does no good to tell ordinary thoughts what real-thinking is,
they cannot understand what you are talking about —
if they had the capacity — they would be doing it.

For the few with the meaningless aim of understanding what is going on,
special with man, this be true:
if the thought is not about something in the physical environment –
then whatever the thought is — whatever subject it seems to be about —
it is not only totally a dream and a complete waste of neural energy,
but is also a door you allow to be closed on your potential mental room,
trapping you in there with no one — with only your apparent self —

which, as was just noted, is with — no one.

The thoughts life mechanically furnishes to every man
cannot think their way out of themselves — which means they
cannot figure why they cannot figure out what-is-going-on —
and specifically regarding: what is going-on — in them;

the trap is the release, but a caught fox, absorbed in himself, will never see this.


* You make ’em up as you go.