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July 24, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

CHALLENGE: PART 3 (if you want it to be)

Ordinary men laud the ability to, deal-with-your-conditions —
while a ManWithThatCertainHunger ignores them;
routine people measure intelligence, even sanity by
a man’s ability to, deal-honestly-with-the-conditions-of-his-life —
and a ManOnTheQuest laughs at them;
everyday humans have concluded the preeminent influence upon their lives to be, the-conditions-of-their-lives —
and a ManWithTheAim tramples on them.

There are of course two sets of conditions:
the outside, physical ones, and the invisible, inner ones
which mundane men see as either requiring two different modes of coping —
or the same one for both (depending on the conditions extant when they make such a judgment).
Normal minds say that the physical conditions in which a man lives can
make or break him, and should be beneficially changed ,when possible, and when not, the man’s psychological interface with the conditions, altered:
quietly and impersonally a man with TheDifferentGoal in life dryly ridicules this –
not the people who support the idea, but life’s gambit of forcing them to do so,
and his own innate inclination to join them;
even a man born with that anomalous neural potential, and thus SpecialInterest
still comes with (by and large) a routine brain,
and thus has (even though to a lesser intensity) the same reflexive mental proclivities as everyone else (and with just the slightest relaxation, can easily be just as good as them),
so what he privately scoffs at is not the natural human-condition, but his own
ever present potential to succumb thereto, and thereby totally (for the time)
lose his mental grip on the one thread that might lead him forever there from.
(And as is especially true regarding the News of the last two days: if this sounds like foolishness to you, you are correct — forget about it — you must have read this far by accident.)

externally: everybody experiences rainy, gloomy days,
and internally: everyone experiences feelings of the blues;
ordinary people spend much of their life and mental energy trying to learn how to,
deal-with-these-conditions — particularly to deal-with the way their inner self
wants to deal-with-conditions (wanting to retrain an already unlicensed physician);
externally everybody experiences conditions wherein by other humans they were
lied to, betrayed, cheated, assaulted & abused,
and internally, they predictably suffer mental/emotional conditions of great grief,
and to ordinary men and minds, there is nothing funny about any of this –
it is the core of the unique heartbreak that is: The Human Condition.

A curious man with that secret curious desire,
on a cold, cloudy day, wakes up to the same cold, cloudy days as everyone else;
on mornings when his nervous system is in its Ratty Mode,
he awakens to find his nervous system in its Ratty Mode,
same as everyone does when their Ratty Mode is in temporary preeminence;
both the ordinary and the curious man awaken to find themselves in
dark, dank external conditions,
and they both awaken to find similar conditions in themselves;
both conditions are (witnessed by their presence) natural to the time and place;
ordinary people if weak (by their peer’s standards) lay there and suffer,
but if intelligent, they arise and try to deal-with-the-conditions –
a man with that mutant synaptic potential does neither
(not that the normal part of his brain is not capable of directing him to do so),
what he does is difficult to describe, but he does more or less scoff at the whole scene into which HE has just awakened and discovered his SELF ,
and right here, with these two capitalized words, is the reason this matter is so
tricky to explain,
for people with only normal brains lack the sense of having a self separate from
the one that under ordinary inner conditions says it is them,
and thus they follow its lead, e.g.
if it says you need change your conditions — you try to do so,
while a man with the extra brain part has the extra part telling him:
“Ignore what that other part is saying” which is exactly what such a man does —
to (it might be noted) his great delight and benefit.
This is not a description of some mental pathology,
or, multiple-personality-disorder — it is in full fact
something which men’s normal minds cannot comprehend;
it is not simply being dissatisfied with what you are,
but is a native disinclination to accept man’s natural state of being dissatisfied (mentally).

Everyone gets sick, injured and dies –
everyone has dreams of acquiring things non physical –
everyone is disappointed therein;
normal brains & minds are wired to take all of the above personally & seriously;
a brain with the aforementioned non normal part has a different reaction to
all of the above — “all-of-the-above” being in fact of actual,
but conditions of the brain;
certainly the reality behind the words, sickness, and injury are physical matters,
but without the words, a man experiences no “sickness or injury,”
and indeed, disappointment is as real an inner condition as an ordinary brain can register, but that other anomalous part with which some men’s brains are equipped finds the entire concept laughable (or perhaps, childish, a better word).

A person born with ThatUniqueItch, and who learns how to scratch it operates something like this (n.b. either exactly like this, or nothing at all like this
[let’s just pretend we are inside his head and this is what we hear as he awakens in bed on any morning]):
“Yuk! I feel like crap…..hey! — and it even looks crappy outside;
what day — what a guy — what a life and load of crap,” (etc, along such lines),
and he would not be ridiculing it, were it not there and apparently so —
in the old normal part of his brain, which is the part in which he awoke,
and returned to day time consciousness
(you have not forgotten to stop reading this if it sounds insane to you?!);
“Boy O boy! Another day of standing in the town square
gushing emotional and mental blood from my poor old, inner, personal wounds — ohhhh, laudy miss scarlet — what a mess I’m in — what a mess I am! —
and what a load of dazzling crap it all be! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, me!”
Outside its experiential context, the pragmatic humor of this is obviously lost,
but the way it is exercised can be described (just ‘tween us) in the quite jocular phrase: “Fuck conditions! — ALL conditions! Fuck-and-never-mind the conditions I seem in, and especially fuck-the-ones that seem in me —
the way my routine brain tells me I feel —- fuck ‘em all!”
As crude as it may be, that is not a disingenuous telling of this matter;
regardless of what words could be used, the neural energy that is behind the
obscure activity about which these daily writings are entirely devoted
has such an attitude toward the conditions in which men are born, live and die,
and about the conditions in them which run a lifetime, voice-over
meaningless analysis of the external ones;
this extraordinary brain part has a totally different take on life and on the brain
of which it is an extreme, and more or less, useless piece,
and it’s view of the whole schemer is not un represented by the words:
“Fuck conditions!” and its ability is to live thereby, which is to say,
treat all conditions, both external and internal, as irrelevant, passing happenstances, which have no bearing whatsoever on its special interest, to wit:
becoming totally hip to the normal brain’s game.


If you want to you could think of the secret, silent, active approach to this being that
you are fully aware of conditions and of your would-be own condition,
and you treat it all thus: “Yeah, yeah,” and you — MOVE ON:
the real grabber being in the, move on —
and only you can find out what that is appropriate to you personally —
— but do keep in mind as you look, its name is —- MOVE ON.

* and your delusions will only be fully dispatched when you are their executioner.