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July 19, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

To ever strip away the distorting haze and see what is really going on
requires two things, one: that you be born with the desire to do so,
and, two: that you uncover it for yourself;
the first part is easy (obviously for those so born),
the second, (if not actually impossible), at least a wicket so sticky that
the pitch itself comes commonly taken as a run (the playing area mistaken for the goal),
and even though it is all just a game (and great sport at that),
it can be disheartening to players with their mind made up to score
(staying on the field forever and never getting anywhere).

Men are born genetically knowing the rules to all the other games humans play,
but this one threatens to split the seams of the word, “exception” –
the few with a connection thereto are born only with the latent interest therein,
but not only do they have no natural knowledge of the game’s rules —
they do not even know what the game is — all they have is a feeling —
a hunger for a competition clearly not extant in the commonly pursued sports.
With a bit of looking they will eventually stumble on descriptions of some quite old,
relatively obscure games, one of which will draw them to become a participant therein.
They learn that the particular game to which they are attracted had its rules
set down many millennia ago, and that it is still being played somewhere,
with someone in charge of refereeing and enforcing same —
all good and delightful news for the novice:
you can’t play the game if you don’t know the rules — so now you’re in business.

As long as you play-the-game — the rules are the game,
but as long as you are playing the game you can never realize this —
it is impossible, spelled: i – m – p – o — oh, you know how to spell it.
No matter which of the games you find yourself playing and trying to conquer,
while you do so, you cannot (that is):
you cannot conquer the game in the sense of participation therein leading to the achieving of your goal to satisfy that certain hunger that caused you
to undertake it in the first place;
this is why the concept of, “exceptional” does not come close to covering the situation, wherein the pursuit of a clearly defined goal,
via clearly described rules,
proves the ultimate bar to scoring.
Playing this game, by the rules, keeps you on the field forever;
never scoring — never being thrown out –
just constantly trying to play the game by its rules.

In this normal and predictable predicament,
before any player can be aware of it,
the rules become the game you play, and without this eventually be realized,
you are stuck on the wicket and will never see what is really going on in life;
your sight is restricted to the mental/verbal field on which
you attempt to play TheGreatGame.

Initially adopting a game, and devoting yourself to following its rules
is what gets every player started,
but unless you finally discover the need-to, and how-to — step-off-the-field –
you starting point will also be your ending one.

For the few, the game is great — wondrous, marvelous — indescribably scrumptious;
there is simply nothing else in all of life like it,
and they cannot imagine living their life without it — but it is an illusion —
— a real enough illusion – just as real as are words —
including the words used to describe their game, its goal, and its rules of play;
this takes absolutely nothing away from this most special game,
but if you actually want to score a run and get off the viscid mental field on which
your thoughts now struggle to play,
you have to somehow boogaloo yourself about out there until one day you are in
such a non standard position relative to the playing field
that it suddenly becomes unconditionally clear to you that
your thoughts being on the field — following the rules of the game —
has now become the problem, and no longer the assumed solution —
and there is no way this can ever be pointed out to you —
the rules of whatever game you follow forbids you hearing it;
you have to find it out for yourself —
but this is not possible while your mind continues to be fixed on the rules of the game you undertook, which will keep you eternally confused about that most
plain and simple of facts: that you live in and by two realities:
one that is physical and outside of you,
and one which exists only in the human brain — as words — as nothing but words —
endlessly gamboling on the sticky wicket of routine consciousness.


Why is the story:” Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” more popular than one entitled:
“Dr. Jekyll When He’s In A Pretty Good Mood, and Dr. Jekyll When He’s Not”?


One man’s ridiculous idea is that even if you do look in a mirror
all you will see is you looking at yourself. (“And what’s the big deal in that?!” he adds.)


First the irrelevant news: everyone is irretrievably on the road to destruction, (you are going to die);
now the good news:
you can be on the willfully chosen road, personally thereto.

On one world was a secret Warrior Class (well, at least one guy)
who flourished best at their hidden trade — the less pleasant their personal conditions.


If you will but incessantly pretend to be left handed, everything will open up for you……………………………………….(unless of course you are left handed).