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July 15, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

“Think how much happier everyone would be if people would only listen to me.”
“Would they really?!”
“Well — I would be.”

“Why, in your assumed role as a social commentator
do you employ the ad hominem, insult approach?”
“Because I do not understand well enough what is going on in life
to do it any other way.”

“Hello, our host pointed you out to me, and I have long wanted to meet you:
I am Dr. XZY, and as you may be aware, for the last several decades I,
along with a group of distinguished colleagues have been searching for the ultimate, unifying theory to explain everything, and after stumbling upon your writings and considering them for some time now, I have a quite strong suspicion that you may actually know what it is we are looking for.”
“For a moment, let us pretend that I do, and I say so,
but then tell you that it is not information that one person can convey to another —
of what use is my knowledge to you?”
“So you are saying that even if there is an understandable explanation for everything,
the description cannot be put into words.”
“That is not the problem — it is not transferable.”

It is like man is born with a special examining apparatus whose lens seems
originally clean, and by looking at things through the device he is able to understand their structure and workings to a depth that would be otherwise impossible.
At times when they have nothing particular to examine,
men begin trying to examine the examining apparatus itself,
but a quirk appears that zips right past men’s awareness:
for some inherent reason they are unable to realize that they are looking at the apparatus, and have coined various pseudonyms and stand-in-phrases
to describe what they are doing,
and while this does not necessarily interfere with their continued examining of
other things, it does cloud their attempts to examine the apparatus itself.
Calling their efforts in this regard, something other than what it is,
acts as an apriori, smudging-of-the-lens they must look through;
in a way most subtle and unrecognized, the situation then is not unlike a scientist
who undertakes to examine an unknown process,
but goes in with partial preconception of what he will discover —
but in this case the damage is worse in its uniqueness, in that biased examinations
of things are subject to having their bias spotted by others and corrected;
a flawed description of a physical object can be refuted by
the mere physical reality and existence of the object,
but in man’s oblique and smudged examination of the examining apparatus,
which has no physical reality outside of itself — no such self correcting occurs.
Apart from flea bites and famines,
all that troubles man comes entirely from this situation:
his native inability to realize when he is looking at his examining apparatus;
every complaint & confusion registered by man, not a direct result of a physical ill,
is an improperly identified whine arising from his examining of the examining apparatus while being forced to say/think that he is examining something else.
If we lived in a different universe (and elephants could thread needles, and drummers do their taxes), men would realize that apart from physical ills and injuries,
every complaint they have with life, with other people and with themselves
is due entirely to their failure to recognize when they are looking at the examining apparatus in them through which they examine life, other people, and themselves.

“Just imagine how much smarter the world would be
if everyone would just think like me.”
“Is that what would really happen?”
“Well, maybe not, but it sure would make me happier.”
“Are you even sure of that?”
“……No, but I do not know what would, and this is the best I can come up with.”


“Does realizing what-is-going-on deserve such names as: ‘waking-up’ & ‘being-enlightened’?”
“Yes, as does also: ‘finishing-the-milk-run’.”
“Uhhh………I don’t get it.”
“Can you conceive of that being the point?”

“A real man, even when dying, would refuse to admit it.”

“Nay — a real man, even when dying, would refuse to die.”