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July 10, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

Everything is perfectly clear — until you start analyzing it —
and as soon as you say: “Everything is perfectly clear” you have begun analyzing;
thus: when you did not know — you knew —
but of course you did not realize that you knew — and moreover,
before that (even after that) there was nothing you had to know to just live,
but analyzing things made life more enjoyable — ergo:

mor fan: the cie was dast.

There is no question as to what is going on — not until you ask about it –
and you do not ask about it until you have thoughts about it,
(and we know who that narrows the field down to),
“Hah!” scoffed a mule to a raven,
“How does it feel to be the only creature who wonders what life is about?!” —
said the raven: “How does it feel to be unable to wonder?”
“Hummm,” reflected the mule, “I do not know how that feels –
there is no way for me to know.”
Given a choice: which of the two would you prefer to be?

There is a mezzanine in the brain, below which it handles matters that
require no comment — they are analyzed automatically and in silence;
above that level, brain functions as mind, to deal with naturally occurring circumstances which, were they altered, would benefit man,
an endeavor that requires otherwise, unnatural analysis,
which to operate maximally, needs symbol come comment to form a new type of
non muscle based memory.
To wit: to be a fully performing human, the mind part of your brain is continually
analyzing conditions and filing away potentially useful information in the form of
personal comments thereabout.
To note: within the environment in which you exist,
conditions sufficiently pertinent to be analyzed are quite limited,
thus there is not a lot useful information to be commented on and remembered,
but with mind being a round the clock operation, this does not stop it from doing so.
“Jones! why do you keep getting entangled in all this meaningless,
nit shit work on company time?!”
“Well sir, since most of the time I have nothing real to do,
and since I have to be here anyway,
I figured it was better to do something than nothing.”
“Hummm — good thinking, Jones, I like your attitude — carry on.”

The sounds and smells that determine the building’s daily pitch come from
sub mezzanine, but they are analyzed above, “And don’t forget: commented on.”
that is correct: commented on…….humm?!? “I was just about to say that.”

The koopabarri has eyes in its head and in its belly;
analysis is what it is, but analysis is mostly what it says it is
(leastwise in certain creatures other than the koopabarri).

“I say, Jones — who checks on the Quality Inspectors?”
“Well sir……..uhhh, the question has never come up.”
In the Smith Plant, the plant: for the Smiths; by the Smiths, and with only the Smiths:
everything is always — just Smithy.
Question: can the mesmerized be unionized?
Can a cyclops develop stereographic vision?
“What I wanted to ask is: can you analyze without drowning in thought?”

Hold your horses and monsters — we’re getting to that.

On one world, in a herd of one eyes was a mutant who gradually gained the ability to watch its own sight,

thus did everything become clear to it again,
“But before then it did not realize its sight was not clear — right?!” Correct,
for it is not that, “everything” itself gets unclear;
everything is always as it was and is — only sight of it becomes unclear,
and things being as they are in the universe,
the sighters blame what they are looking at for the lack of clarity,
and not their sight.
“Is that the way it should be?” Should up be so opposed to down?
“…..Uhhhhhh?!?………………….” If we may continue.

You can stand so close to the railing on the mezzanine that your sight is made fuzzy, like how pushing your eyeball against a window pane distorts what you are looking at on the other side:
this happens with mind’s analyzing of things — inside the building:
it stands too close to the analysis;
analyzing a tree is one thing; analyzing a thought, quite another,
“I never thought about that,”
and latent mutants (the ones who wish to fully realize and enjoy their special condition)
must discover this distinction for themselves in their own unexplored
neural wilderness; dive into it from a high cliff, then stay swimming in it no matter how they are coaxed ashore by those on the shore (“those” being their own old, citified ideas).

Everything is perfectly clear until a creature can think about
whether things are so or not — and then by gawd! — they are not clear!
What happened? “I’s just about to ask you that.” How does that work:
one moment: everything is clear as hell, then — Bam!
as soon as you think about it — everything becomes unclear,
“Yeah, it’s almost like you can see real good ‘til somebody asks you
what it is you see, and then you go all wanky-eyed” — not badly put,
amongst the normal of the herd, the situation as herein described is inoperative —
this is not how they see it: they see what they think they see, (which is to say ultimately): they see what their mind’s analysis of what they see, sees;
the koopabarri who finally gets the full picture,
first must look at his mind’s own analyzing rather than the things it is analyzing —
“My mind doesn’t want to do that” — no one’s does……………….well, not readily,
but that’s part of being a mutant — you gotta be firm with yourself,
“Yeah — not take no shit off yourself — right?!” Okay — point is:
to ever see to the very clear bottom of an otherwise quite cloudy inner world
you must look at your looking and not at what the sprites “You mean, thoughts”
all right, not what the thoughts in your city mind say you are seeing,
via their kind (and free, it might be noted) analysis.

Your Warranty Card: Mind simply cannot work except by analyzing things;
analyzing things enables you to live longer; overcome formerly fatal ills;
enjoy man produced, sensual pleasures otherwise unavailable; all in all:
mind’s analyzing of things is what makes human life the grand ball that it is,
(certainly, from our view, compared to rats and worms), and a tad more specific:
mind’s analyzing of things outside of itself is what we are talking about here,
but then: mind’s analyzing of things inside of itself gives not the same satisfying results — but the general herd is not troubled by this rather insignificant fact –
their minds enjoy nothing more than a good game of pretend (which in fact is
the very basis of all the various man-made pleasures and diversions)
so they readily accommodate themselves to this situation;
what they see about life is unclear, via their mind’s analysis thereof —
but their minds (commonly having nothing better to do) are entertained by the analyses,
even though they often appear to be railing there against (just more play acting).

Everything is clear as hell — if you look correctly,
“You mean — in the right direction — right?!”