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July 5, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

Regardless of what is proposed through the institutions of psychiatry, philosophy,
and religion: people who feel aggrieved by life will always feel so,
and nothing can be done in their thinking to change it
since the feeling comes not from the mind.

There are a couple of things ordinary mind does not directly deal with:
one is that no one knows what the point is (if there be one) of life,
and the other is that no one knows why they feel the way they do about life,
and in both instances, no man knowing — all men conjecture — which is one thing,
but then forgetting what they have done turns it into a whole other thing.

To be firmly in the camp of the civilized is to feel to some degree, aggrieved by life,
(at least by your particular circumstances therein),
indeed any who do not sufficiently feel so populate, in civilized realms,
the criminal class: people who do not take the rules of society seriously
because they do not adequately feel that simply being alive is serious.

All of this has always, and continues to, play itself out nicely
(or at least as you see it play itself out), and gets no further instant comment;
the focus herein is on individual men’s interest in and efforts to
alter their personal feelings of aggrievance in being alive;
mind, doing its rightful duty, says there must be a reason you feel this way;
something has been done or said to you that is the cause of your aggrieved feeling;
something that happened between you and some other human(s)
has colored and spoiled your relationship to life, and thus with yourself.
Normal thought, doing all it can, looks for culprits and causes:
“Who and what events have made me feel opposed, injured, annoyed
just in being here and being alive?” — and expects to find same –
but when it does not — it conjures them up; it says: “This could be the cause” –
and in its unique domain: anything it can think of can seem to it as possible,
or it would not have been able to think of it to begin with.
Every person’s thoughts can easily weave scenarios wherein
certain things were said and actions taken which clearly could have been the cause of the person now feeling a particular way about themselves, and about life itself;
a feeling that perhaps, by others’ judgment is overly angry or self pitying,
but one understandable — at least by you — given your individual circumstances.
Just because this does not change the feeling or answer any question
does not stop man’s involvement therein:
a guessing game is all they have…….well, that and seeing what is going on…….
…….which ordinary mind is in no manner fashioned to do — so:
conjecture it is — along with forgetting that it is all conjecture —
— combined with ignoring its impotence.

Badgers are born badgers; nothing that anyone can do will ever change that —
— poor old badgers.
Canaries are born canaries and nothing can be done that will ever change that —
— poor old canaries.

– – –

The other larger, more brilliant facet that mind does not directly confront
is the question it has brought with it:
“What is the purpose of life and of me being here anyway?” –
not only is no one able to answer this — no one is able to accept the fact,
and everyone offers conjecture — lets it jell institutionally —
then accepts back their collective conjectures as facts, forgetting their origins.
To be minimally normal and civilized is to give this question scant conscious attention, but those who consider themselves true-thinkers, and spiritually-aware
find it to be a most captivating subject (as momentarily does every person –
when they deem their own dick unjustly caught in the wringer of life);
philosophers, psychologists, sociologists, biologists, mystics, social critics,
political analysts, et al all believe in one way or the other, that if the purpose-of-life could but be ascertained, the answer to all of the puzzlers regarding man’s behavior, thinking processes and feelings about life and himself will become clear,
and to that end — they have guessed and made up stories to suit their conjectures.
Any religious person worthy the title knows the purpose of life,
and also any up to date professional in any of the social sciences
perceives present research to be to the point that quite valid presumptions there about can be reasonably made.
Whether or not you think in these specific terms:
the more you seem to naturally feel aggrieved by being alive,
the greater your susceptibility to: “What is the purpose of life? — O, I know.”
Just because men saying that they know-the-purpose changes nothing in them,
and answers no questions — does not deter them.

Before they know what is going on (and can only conjecture)
those who believe they want to know
uncritically feel sure that knowing involves — “knowing” — but they be wrong.

In the BigGame — knowing is nothing;
that is what your years in the minor leagues are for: knowing, knowing, knowing.
The rare mind that ever realizes what is really going on does not do so by knowing-something — but by — facing something;

….(in one curious sense, it is more a matter of bravery than smarts —
….[although it takes a lifetime of smarts to ever get this brave]).

Disclaimer: The use above of the word, “brave” is an act of verbal desperation.