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July 3, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

With humans — the hustle is always on.
Man is the only substance that seeks materials which serve no essential need;
with humans — the hustle is always on.

To be normal is to want more than you have (more specifically):
to be normal is to want stuff you do not need (refined even further):
to be normal is to want something from other people — doesn’t matter much, what,
just something — and by no means need it be anything useful to you –

just as long as you apparently got it from someone else.

No plant, animal, insect, or atom takes from its peers anything not useful to it;
normal men literally thrive on such activity, indeed deprived thereof — they wilt…
….and sulk….and suffer ennui to the point of mad distraction.
Even if a man is sufficiently supplied with the essentials of survival (food, water)
he will be found constantly engaged in trying to weasel some useless trifle from his neighbor, or thinking about how to do so.
As the norm: this activity is so second nature to humans that it passes untagged,
but a clear glance and listen-up readily reveals its ubiquity.

The relentless human hustle is not at all confined to things physical:
a man attempting to get another man to give him one of his material possessions
is the childish version;
what men most passionately try to obtain from others are things you cannot touch;
in fact from one view, the struggle to get some material object from another
is done as a desperate substitute for not being able to obtain the incorporeal one actually desired (that is):

hustles commence for the palpable when the metaphysical ones fail.

If you like, you can privately consider that which the public does not:
“Why are men continually trying to hustle one another concerning matters which do not matter?
First off, they attempt to hustle others out of material stuff that does them no good,
then moreover — and even more seriously do they try to hustle other humans out of useless stuff that you cannot even put your hands on?

What is going on here?”
The hustle is on.

A man with no plans is two men:
he is a non standard man (speaking normal-wise),
and he is an abnormal man speaking distracted-wise (and cut even finer):
a man with no plans for you is two men:
the one you see and the one no one sees:
the one who has secretly fled the city.
Normal men engaged in the routine hustle have plans for everyone they meet –
they plan to hustle them out of something — first choice always
something of an intangible nature (but failing that, anything will do);
ordinary men know no exceptions to this; no one is off limits:
parents hustle children; wives, husbands; friends, friends;
if you see two or more people gathered — the hustle is on;
amongst the ordinary — it cannot be helped — the situation is unavoidable,
and it is not nefarious nor condemnable — it is part of man’s singular nature.

As per the purpose these daily writings:
the interest here is not in a man’s relationship with others,
but rather his with understanding,
and the hustle noted supra of men constantly trying to get something from others,
primarily of an intangible nature,
is something that is also going on in your mind;
some part is forever trying to hustle other parts into giving it something,
indeed intangible, but quite apparent — agreement —
agreement and approval.
Going on within the never turned-off consciousness of ordinary human brains
is a never ending hustle wherein seemingly different parts of your mind are continually trying to win over other parts –
attempting to talk them out of their present possession (which is their position);
it is like the Consummate Conmen’s Carnival;
a round the clock marketplace of hustlers — ‘cept there are no marks available —
they have no one to hustle but each other — and none of them have anything.

In a knowing-man’s-head — he has no plans for himself in this respect;
he is no longer trying to mentally hustle himself;
he wanders not back down into the bazaar wherein one thought is always attempting to con another, and to no end or purpose.

When you realize what is really going on — the hustle is no longer on.