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July 1, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

The only explanations that will help you get to the bottom of things
are those you make up for yourself;
not make up to disseminate nor debate — just make up for your own use.

The explanations of human life known to others, expert and layman alike,
are those with which ordinary men’s minds are perfunctorily provided,
and lead to nothing satisfying nor conclusive as humbly witnessed by man’s
kindly overlooked record.

Mind may ultimately be able to explain to its own satisfaction, the physical world,
but limited to its operations as up to now,
understanding of man’s inner world (itself) is a non starter;
objectively considered from all the info: humans, collectively and individually
have no more comprehension of what goes on in the consciousness of their brain today than they did five thousand years ago — not any more, which is to say – none.

An ordinary man’s mind can with no effort delude him otherwise in that
much more is known today about the physiological workings of the human brain
than in times past, but his mind’s grasp of itself has not increased an inch or ounce,
and this fact can not be shown nor proven to those minds which are not naturally wired with the potential of seeing same.
An ordinary, sane man would consider the statement:
“Men have no understanding at all of what their mind is about” — insane,
and from the requisite, majority view — they are correct, and will never be able to see it otherwise — and with no harm to themselves;
how the majority at any given time in any particular locale perceives a thing to be,
is how they are supposed to perceive it to be, and indeed is — how it is.

This, how-it-is is what throws, trips, buffaloes and mentally stuns a man
born with a certain neural, minority-wiring-scheme:
while something in the ever-changing, going-no-where-explanations-of
man’s inner world which are constantly appearing in mankind’s brains
meets the needs of everyone else,
nothing in any of them does so for one with this outsider’s perspective;
the best and most widely accepted explanations of what is going on inside
a human’s head that is manifest in what they label, thought,
from this minority view are not simply wrong — it is something much worse,
grotesque & choking than that — the explanations explain nothing yet are taken to —
and from this obscure angle just outside the city, this is what is initially weird
to the point of causing adolescent neural staggering –
that the explanations are entirely vaporous and account for nothing,
yet the six billion surrounding mouths insist that one or more of them do.

Common among these uncommon few-brains is never getting over this paradox,
this irony, this, at-first-blush — total foolishness — if not outright idiocy;
but a would-be explorer will never see the inside of Kubla Khan’s dome if
he can not get past his initial negative reaction to the sight of Xanadu.
This innate anomalous mental perspective tells its possessor that
everything men profess to believe about themselves non physically is not valid,
so to let yourself get hung up and tied down by just the first recognition of same
is to take yourself out of the race as soon as you have discovered the track.
If such a person will but mentally press on a bit and not fall into cynicism,
and, I’m-smarter-than-everyone-else ism,
the non local, entire invalidity of everything ordinary minds claim to know about themselves becomes evident and he can escape a life of impotently railing at droplets, and move himself out of the overall fog.
If you allow your thought to stop and linger at a spot that
your mind immediately judges an example of stupidity —
you instantly become as stupid as your perception of the place;
this is as certain as gravity and as inescapable;
indeed, that, other-men-and-their-ideas-are-stupid, is the most common of
the vacuous explanations about man which you are attempting to transcend.
Only the world class stupid will stand in one spot,
continually shoot themselves in the foot and bemoan the inane injustice that befalls would be world class runners (like yourself).

Sarcasm, cynicism, and criticism are all respectable, common human hobbies.

From the functional vantage place of the determined, neural adventurer,
not only are all of the explanations of man’s mental, inner life –
wrong-beyond-being-merely wrong,
but there is nothing to be done with them to ever make them meaningful –
certainly not wrangling with them;
no matter your wrestling prowess — you can never pin a leprechaun.
To ever move forward in your secret expedition you must walk away completely
from what is verbally going on in man’s routine explanations of himself mentally;
do not even bother seriously strolling into the common agora —
it is but the babelff-high-rise laid down on its side —
it can be entertaining, but never enlightening;
if a man-with-the-potential is to ever realize what is actually going on
mental wise with man,
he must, in a quite solid sense, as non sensible as it sounds – enlighten himself,
but everyone knows that you cannot teach yourself something that
you do not already know —
but getting to the bottom of man’s inner reality
(which is what the true anomalous few are after, whether even they realize it or nay)

ultimately entails not an informing of yourself of something you do not know, but rather the realization and understanding that you know nothing.
No one likes that last line —
but no one is immediately smitten by Xanadu when they first glimpse it.

What is finally necessary to cause your mind to see totally afresh –
is to make up for yourself, strictly original explanations for what is going on
with man’s mental reality, and just as soon as your mind has one that is
meaningful to you — drop it and move on to a new one.
This procedure, pursued by the proper pursuee,
will ultimately result in something other than an endless inner trek:
one day, after years of relentlessly making up — then abandoning —
then making up anew —
your own totally original explanations for man’s inner reality –

the one — big — unified explanation will suddenly grab hold your brain
like a monkey hand a banana.